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I went to the gym yesterday and my muscles are so sore. How can I relieve the pain?

Massage, or go to the chemist, superdrug, boots etc and look for some muscle relief cream.

Remember, always have a day off after an intensive work out otherwise the pain will be dreadful.

a massage ;) xx

stretch and rest

Rui C
keep going it will go away

the pain is so deep that you wont fully relieve the muscle pain. try icy hot rub or patch and some Advil. remember no pain no gain.

The pain is simply a message telling you to slow down .... it is not pathological on this occasion, just a little warning to rest. Of course it will fade .. give it a day or two ... try ibupofren for simple relief today ... but not on an empty tummy! Your body is clearly using muscles that are not used to it! And muscles were built to use .. so keep up the workouts .. but pace yourself .... rest the muscle groups between workouts ... and you will feel and look great!
As they say ... no pain ... no gain ...

the only way is to have a mild exercise to reduce the pain, this paining is caused by the production of a chemical in the body. .. have a mild stretching, it helps.

I use Aleive when my muscles get sore. Try using it before you go to the gym next time. You will be surprised when your muscles don't hurt so much after wards.

a535, or just have a beer or two. relax.

Have a hot bath. But the important thing about exercise is that you MUST warm up and cool down before & after exercise. Stretching your muscles prior to exercise is vital, as is cooling down post exercise. Just 10 minutes of each will make the difference. As your body gets more used to exercise it will get easier and less painful.

starting over
Man, there is so much garbage in the answers about toxins and stuff. Not true,

When you worked out you caused tiny little tears in your muscles, the next day you are sore because of them. As a result you should not exercise the same muscles two days in a row, you need to allow one day between to let the muscles heal.

That is how you develop muscle.

Take some Aleve, you will be fine.

It's probably too late to help you for this event, but in the future when you have exercised to the point that you know you might be sore the next day...drink lots of water for 24 hours. That helps your body flush out the lactic acid more quickly.

The other advice you got here is good too. The water is a preventive measure.

I had the same problem, I found that if I did a good stretching session at the end of the exercises and plenty of water helps but the best thing of all is not to sit down but keep walking and when you can stretch the muscles you have worked for the rest of the day. Works wonders

I think the best way is to take a loooooong HOT shower. It helps alot. Then a couple of Ibuprofen. After you go to the gym a couple of times it'll go away.

this is perfectly natural..all this means is you did what your supposed to do..the only way to build muscle is to tear/scar the muscle fibres (hence the pain)..rest for today and then go to the gym again tomorrow or tuesdayand start with light weights to streatch your muscles and then continue as you did yesterday

Try Icy Hot

Get some regular old, white rice and a clean cotton sock. Fill the sock about 2/3 full with the rice, tie off the open end, and throw it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

Perfect for any part of your bod, and will stay hot about half an hour.

that's good pain that means u worked hard and your muscles are getting a good working no pain no gain the more u do it the better it will get.

Oil of wintergreen massage.

heat, massage and Gentle stretching

The pain is caused by excess production of lactic acid, which is a byproduct of cellular metablolism. About the only thing you can do is take hot baths, stretch gently and take something like Ibuprofen. It will go away by itself.
You did too much exercising for your fitness level. When you go back to the gym, put in less time for each exercise, and do a greater variety of exercises.

Jayden Chic
you can try icy hot or BenGay patches and it will relax the muscles or you can take a muscle relaxer!!

Try taking a warm bath with Epsom's salt and alcohol in it.

benil t
No gain without pain. However have hote water bath for few days and tkae steam bath.

Stretch. I do not endorse the website but it does give you information to help to get started and understand the process. You do not want damage your muscles in your enthusiasm to get your program up and running.


Your muscles have a buildup of toxins from your first exercise. Lots of water flushes out the toxins. Aspirin will ease the aches and pains. A hot bath or shower will Loosen you up, too. More exercise will first feed the pain, then flush out the muscle cells with fresh blood, then cause new soreness tomorrow. After a week of exercise, this soreness phase will pass. Exercise every other day to allow your body time to rebuild. Drink lots of fluids every day (beer and cokes don't count!) and while you exercise. Stretch before and after to push the toxins out of your newly exercised muscles and to stretch your muscles so you don't turn into a clenched fist all the time. Stretch first, then start slowly in your exercise, build up a good heart rate (you will be shiny with sweat and on your second wind) and keep that for up twenty or thirty minutes to an hour, then finally stretch again to end the session. Work to perfect your movements in your exercises. Work out for 1-2 hours three times a week. Keep a diary.

Yankees Chic
there is this product called biofreeze....its a gel that cools the soreness down and it will relieve it. When I sprained my arm...I used that every moring and evening and it works. sometimes the icy hot works but i dont recommend it becuz sometimes it culd have a reaction to your skin (happend 2 me be4)

Shirley B
Hot tub, whirlpool, or earth's fuller mud bath.

Arnica Gel from your local health food store

Drink lots of water to flush out the lactic acid and take some Ibuprofen to take the edge off.

What you need to do is first of all drink a lot of water! When you get any kind of body work done like massage or you work out you need to drink half of your body weight in 24 hours. It might sound like a lot of water but you will actually re-Hydrate your muscles and flush out toxins that was built up in your muscles. So you can also try to go get a massage to help increase the circulation to the areas that are sore, you can take a hot bath that will also increase the circulation. And to add a little something for your muscles you can add Rosemary oil in your bath-it's great for muscles! Good luck n remember it's a good sore so go back to the gym!

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