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Patrick B
I need as many ways as possible to cure a sore throat?
list any ways you know not many of the things on google are working

chamomile tea
gargling salt water
sore thraot medicine
tea with lemon and honey
Peppermint tea
vitamin c

snow r
well I had sore throat most often..either because of cold or when I worked with old papers because of fungal infection from them...in all cases I made warm milk and drank it....and also hot shower.....just drink hot fluid.remember a lot of pain killers are harmful...these drugs can kill you..they can damage kidney significantly and can also cause bleed...these drugs can block sythesis of prosthanglandins which control everything in the body....the less drug you use in your life the better....taking these drugs do not help you at all it just makes the drug companies rich

hot tea with lemon and honey, gargle with salt water

gargling with salty water is a natural way to numb your throat. It's hard to get used to at first so stand over a sink while you do it.

gargle with warm salt water every two hours
drink a hot tea of lemon and honey
try antibiotic

drink lots of water
medication (but that only gets rid the pain)
warm drinks tend to ease my throat
but as for actually curing it im not sure theres a way... u get a sore throat because ur body is fighting the infection

gargle warm salt water

Gargle with salt water, drink lots of unsalted water.

Tea with honey.

Drink a glass of sweet sherry

rosie cheeks
gurgling in salt water

Hot tea with lemon
Gargle salt water
Drink juice
Mouth wash

those sweets
or ice cream tasty and nice on the throat!

iono about you, but I usually eat or drink something really hot or spicy...
sometimes eating Ginger helps too (cut off the skin first though*)...hot thai tea...etc..

gargle with peroxide

you might need an antibiotic ~ tea, with lemon as hot as you can stand it. honey and lemon juice ~ (take by teaspoon full) no smoking, no dairy products! antiseptic Mouthwash (listerine for example) good luck and feel better! oh yeah ~ and change your toothbrush

there is many ways but here the best there is something called a herbal pack filled with Rosemary.or make sure to take talking easy for awhile.

Boil some water and add a tsp of honey and half a lemons juice. Try not to talk as this could strain your throat and keep warm!

Get well soon!

Angel Of Darkness
eat chili

Zicam... chew that nastiness for three days and it will be gone
water and lemon
citrus of any kind always helps
no talking
spoonful of honey

that's all I can think of... good luck

If there is a Trader Joe's near you they have the MOST wonderful juice called "Lemon Ginger Echinacea" that really helps. If your throat is sore warm up some water and put a little lemon and honey in it. Take some Tylenol.

Freaky One
cut up about 4 lemons in chunks and boil it in a gallon of water. mix it with some honey and you'll be good to go.

Marine Wife
hot water with lemon and honey. works like a charm =]

u can drink orange juice it sometimes works
or honey w/ Ginger ale

Cough medicine.
Lemon drop.
Cough drop.
Lemon tea, with honey.
Any kind of herb tea.
Cough strips.
Mint gum.
Any gum with Menthol.
Any cough drop with Menthol.
Basically anything with Menthol.

(Menthol is good, it sooths your throat and heals it)

Salt water gargle.
Throat losenges with Zinc(health food stores sell them)
Fresh Ginger tea with honey.
vitamin C.
Vicks Chloroseptic throat spray.

Rose du fantôme
a good tablespoon (or three, it tastes good) of honey'll kill off a lot of bacteria that may be giving you a sor throat. *nods* and it's true, drinking liquids DOES help, but only if it's water, juice, or milk.

cough drops work too, but i'm definetley not reccomending Menthol ones, they seem to dry you out more for some reason. i personally prefer ricola, it just tastes better. ;D

sore throat spray works well with me, it kinda numbs it.

hard candy, like jolly ranchers or cough drops works well too!

or a really cold Ginger ale.

feel better!

There is no way to cure a viral sore throat, you can only relieve the symptoms temporarily.

Gargling with salt water does absolutely nothing except increase your sodium intake.

If its a bacterial infection, go to the doctor and get some anti-biotics, but by the time they kick in, your sore throat will be mostly gone.

Best thing to use is Chloraseptic, and then take some Nyquil and go to bed.

Nurse Annie
Gargle with warm salt water which will help reduce swelling and relieve discomfort. Gargle at least once each hour with 1 teaspoon of salt in 8 oz of warm water. Fluids can help thin secretions and soothe your throat. Hot fluids such as tea and soup can help decrease your throat irritation. You can also try using a cool humidifier or vaporizer. Lozenges and decongestants are also helpful.

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