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 What's the best cure for a hangover????

yf g
I am thinking of trying lsd. any tips?

try visiting nearest lunatic asylum thanks for points

Rude 4 U
Yes. Weigh out 0.1 kilo and take it with milk and some cereal and sugar. It tastes good.

Hopefully you won't bother us again

ive done it once or twice.....
word of advice.....just dont do it...
not worth all the hype

Jules la Muse
Here's a tip: Don't try it.

If you're going to try it, make sure someone is with you because you don't want to trip alone. That can be very dangerous if you do something to yourself while tripping. You also might get a bad tab. I took 2.5 tabs and I didn't really trip, just talked for 24 hours straight. I lost my voice for 2 months and can't sing anymore because I damaged my vocal chords. Worst drug experiment I ever did. LSD has a different effect for alot of people.

If you want to experiment with halucinagens, do mushrooms. They're less likely to f*** you up; or try ecstasy and keep hydrated. It's the dumbazzes that don't Hydrate that die from it.

ask Jesus 1st see what he says

One tip, DON"T DO IT

I wouldn't bother. Get ready to right off at least 16 hours of your life.

Lisa T
do what you want, its your life you ruining. Hope you don't pick out the killer one.

don't even go there

Bindesh M
my tip don't it no good.

M Jon Viduya
yeah, DON'T

All things considered, you are basically trading a questionable experience against damage to the mood centers in your brain. Plenty of people report that they "tried it just once" and had a good trip, but while studying Psychology for years (De Anza College, Argosy University, New York Institute of Technology), I have ran into just enough people (while interviewing for papers I have written, as interviewing their doctors) who now suffer from permanent mood disturbances (and all are on anti-depressants and, in some cases, anti-psychotics) after using brain altering chemicals, including LSD.

My advice is don't. Why gamble with the stakes so high. And I say this based on my observations of the risk well out-weighing the reward.

Lauren E
its not good.


Hmmmm.... well, first off make sure you are with someone you trust, and that they stay with you the entire time. It can get very confusing, especially if you start to get paranoid- you'll want someone to talk you down. Secondly, don't overdose. One to two hits can give you a body buzz, two to three can make you trip, and really anything after that is *not* a good idea. Don't drop them in your eyes!! Best if dropped on sugar cubes and then eaten.

It takes about a half an hour to kick in, and you'll feel anxiety coming on. This is when you make the decision whether or not you are going to relax and go with the flow, or freak out and have a bad trip. So just relax. You'll be awake for about 8-12 hours, but won't be worth anything really, so don't have any prior commitments like work. Don't try to drive either. As you are coming down, you're stomach may hurt. Mylanta helps, but doesn't really alleviate the pain. You'll feel very tired (and possibly dirty) but you won't be able to sleep because your mind and body are still buzzing.

It's not something you can do all the time. Your body builds up tolerances to it. So if you took 2 hits on Monday, you'd have to take 4 on Tuesday just to get the same effect. Also, if you have a family history of a chemical imbalance, stay away. You don't know what you might unleash.

Shrooms are so much better. There is only an initial nauseous feeling at the beginning, but it dissipates, and the high lasts for only 4-5 hours. Besides, LSD contains so many chemicals- it's cut with rat poison, so you really don't know what you're putting in your body. It stays in your spine for life.

I, personally, would never do acid again, even if someone paid me an obscene amount of money. I don't regret doing it as a teenager, but as an adult I wouldn't touch the stuff. My advice, hold off for some shrooms if you are that curious.

the lsd of today is quite expensive and mixed with all types of additives.....unless the connection is real good you will be disappointed ectasy is a drug much more recreational to do and much more popular so it is easier attainable if you r not a pothead (meaning aneveryday user) you will find smoking a joint or 2 very strong and safer than a lsd trip but with similar highs and lows.itsnot that lsd is bad but i tend to doubt its authenticity in todays times .

I am drug and alcohol counsellor. My advice don't do it of course. It can affect your life in so many negative ways. A very bad idea. I agree with the others find other ways to spend your time doing healthy thing you enjoy. Drugs do not only effect you think of all the people in your life who love you. You will be causing much grief to them as well.

Your parents especially.
Good luck to you and really think about what you are about to do. Please!!!

Wai Cheung
1 tip: Don't

Err.....I have done it in the past & urm.....I thought it was great but I was a young stupid teenager!!!

I wouldn't suggest doing it now though, the thing is u neva quite know how it will affect u....so your better off just not doing it!!!

Try http://www.idoser.com. They sell CDs that emit the same brainwave frequencies that you'd get from doing a drug.

It has the same effect and is much cheaper.

I am 39 years old now. I could in no way handle a trip at this point in my life. however, I did a lot of acid as a teenager, starting at 15 years old thru about 21. It is definitely NOT a recreational drug. I am an artist, and found it to be complimentary to that pursuit, as well as a philosophical/soul searching journey. Be prepared to look DEEP inside of yourself. You might not like all you find there. It isn't going to send you to an asylum, or turn you into an addict . The first time usually , you start by laughing your *** of for extended periods of time, then it begins to take on an inward journey. It definitely isn't for everyone, but in the right situation, it can open doors within you.

I totally agree with the majority - DON'T GO THERE!!!

yes,....dont do it.if you are bored get a hobby

If you must know - (1) do it with others, you may need to be talked down if it's too strong. (2) Do it outdoors, and on a day where you can hallucinate for at least 8 hrs. (3) Also, it is better to start a trip at 9 am versus 9 pm, remember it could last 8 hrs or more. (4) If you have enough do two hits for each person. (5)Don't do it angry, it will be a bummer. (6) As a rule no knives or guns, just doesn't play well with acid.

(7) Also, don't do it with Salvia or you will overload your brain's hallucination-visionary modules.

If you are going to take a dangerously powerful, illegal hallucinogen you need to be careful, and will run the risk of permanent radical mental illness. I am not advocating LSD, but if you're going to take it be very careful, the first time is total insanity.


I have tried LSD three times and every time was really a big waste of time. It can be very intense and confusing. I much prefer mushrooms. The high is for four hours, not 10 to 16 and I have always had better visuals and a better time with them. On LSD I have had to tell myself it's ok you're just on drugs a lot of times to keep from freaking out and I have never had to do that with mushrooms. Be careful. Make sure you have a babysitter around no matter what you do. By this I mean at least have someone who has done the drug and is experienced or someone who is sober. Also go out into nature during the day. I think this is a way better experience than sitting around some dirty city. Don't bother watching stupid movies like Alice in Wonderland or Liquid mind. It's a waste of a good drug. Also check out www.erowid.org for information on the drugs and dosing.

erica w
yeah, don't do it

No, no and no! Its a mind altering drug that can react to any chemical in balance in your brain. You could get psychosis. Hallucination are a very bad side affect and you can self harm. This happened to my brother and he never recovered.
Think again please

Don't bother, it's not as good as the stuff we got in the past.

If you do though, lock yourself in a room and ask a mate to let you out in 4 hrs.


try lcd instead and watch telly

joe d
Do it up dude just be careful. Don't do it by yourself and what ever you do don't get scared. Don't take it and think about it to much (it take about 20-40 minutes to kick in) if you get to worried you will have a bad trip and believe me they aren't fun. If you stay relaxed and just chill out then you will really have the time of your life. Also try to do it like on a Friday because you will trip for 8-12 hours and wont be able to go to bed for a couple hours after that. Also you don't want to go to school or work the day after you are kind of tired and stuff but believe me it will open your mind up so much to the world. Great stuff but don't do it to much as it is not very good for the brain.

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