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How do you cure motion sickness??

if you want a natural remedy, crystallized Ginger works. It's almost like eating candy.
The wrist band does work, too. I take aerial photographs and have always had motion Sickness. The wrist band was $80 but the best investment I made. It has 5 settings, so if I'm feeling a little nauseous, I crank it up a notch!

Tommy x Irish
I use to just chew gum and it helped alot.

It takes a long time to get over motion Sickness. after I went on a cruise it was about two week before I really felt that my head was ok.

Being Me
I heard that Ginger helps.

close ur eyes! :-)P

take motion Sickness medicine and sleep through it

stay velly velly still you dwatted rabbit. grrrrrr!

I fly planes and I got a bit sick in my first couple of lessons. I was told to take Ginger pills and they work pretty well. I've also been taught some "motion Sickness" exercises that, apparently, the Russian airforce uses. What you do is: spin yourself in a chair and tilt ur head slowly from side to side. Then you imagine that you're on a seesaw. He told me to do these exercises every day for 10 minutes until I start sweating. Eventually, you just start getting so used to the motion that you enjoy it.

Stay very...very....still.....

1. Sit in front of the vehicle. Sit where you can see where you are going. It relieves anxiety and gets your eyes see the view (if there is).
2. Don't move your head. Stay focused on the road. No moving sideways, especially downwards.
3. Don't eat carbs before traveling. Carbs are heavy in the stomach and depending from what you have eaten, they usually take up much of the blood for digestion. That leaves little blood supply to your brain.
4. Do not cover your airways (nose and mouth) for fear of throwing up. Little oxygen, big nausea.
5. Bring citrus fruits. And I mean not eating them. Just slowly tear the peel to bring out the odor of the fruit. Some people get noxious because of the closed space smell of the vehicle. The citrus odor helps relax the nerves of our olfactory organ.
6.. Don't think of getting motion Sickness. It's all in your mind. (Or is it? Well, the other 5 should work.)

Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate) is an over the counter drug for preventing motion Sickness. It works very well and has always helped me out. In particular I went on a week long cruise once and the slight rocking of the boat was making me feel sick, taking this medicine took away all the discomfort and I was able to enjoy my vacation. It has also helped me with long car rides as I sometimes get motion sick from that to. Keep in mind that it may make you a little drowsy but there is a non-drowsy version availible that I'd recommend for use during the day.


i would not waste your money on any pills!!
the best relaxant there is and ever was is a [natural] free!!
it is called sasafrass tea. it is derived from the roots of the sasafrass tree.
i believe you boil the roots and use the remaining liquid. now if it is boiled right anmd long enough it will have a sweet smell and a pinkinsh color when ready to drink. you can even sweeten to taste.
and this is a nerve relaxant and will totally relax you to where you will not even think of getting sick.
i will guarantee this for anyone who has this problem and also have trouble sleeping.
cause when i have one cup i am out like a light!!

Take a Gravol

Vernors Ginger Ale is a good remedy for nausea because it contains enough Ginger to do the job. Also, one can put a pinch of powdered Ginger in a cup of hot water and sugar if desired. Let it cool and sip slowly. I'm not sure that there is a "cure" for motion Sickness, but it can be treated as stated above. If a child gets motion Sickness while riding in a car, this can be changed by putting the child high enough to be able to see outside the window.

Either keep your eyes on the horizon or take a Dramamine before you travel.

I use an over-the-counter product of Bonine, or Dramamine. You can also purchase those niffty wrist acupuncture sweatbands that work great and no medicine required.

you can get these wrist bands that have a plastic ball on the inside that press onto your pressure point and some how they stop you from feeling sick... it worked for me!

♦ Snitsky ♦
There is a motion Sickness pill you can take it's called Dramamine it's for children and adults and pediatricians recommend it it will make you drowzey but it works

I travel all the time and used to get sick every time I was in a plane or boat. I was advised to consume Ginger within 24 hours or departure, and during the ride. I drink ginerale and eat Ginger cookies. I know it sounds crazy, but it settles your stomach. It worked for me!

soda crackers - front seat - window open - sometimes club soda or seltzer help.

Sea Bands worked wonders for my DH on our cruise.

ginger capsules from health food store

veronica c

a good way is taking Ginger pills or eating ginger Root. it tastes like pepper but it actually helps. and is healthy for you but not in big doses

Our family goes on VERY long car rides (we drove to illinois from california 4 days straight) so we all have had really bad motion Sickness. What helps me the most is rolling down the window in the car and getting fresh air in. Also look OUTSIDE the car and drinking cold water helps. Chewing gum also helps me, or close your eyes and lay back. A nap REALLY helps.

Powdered Ginger under the tongue or Ginger Ale or Ginger Altoids. All work very well for motion Sickness without any side effects.

I can sympathize with you, whenever I am a passenger in a vehicle it's almost unbearable, but oddly enough, it doesn't bother me when I am the driver, go figure. Here are a few things that work for me, Ginger like many people have suggested, I get powdered Ginger caplets from a health food store, gravol helps, having something cold to hold and drink (usually water) works - as long as it is very cold. I have also found that having something to concentrate on to take my mind off of the movement works well - I use a Quartz crystal or ShivaLingham stone (cause I'm into that stuff) but anything will work, I just rub it with my fingers or roll it around in my hand. My pharmacist suggested this, she knits or plays with a rubiks cube, as long as it is something to distract you it seems to help. I don't know what kind of motion Sickness you are affected by, but with me I am getting people I know to drive me places that are further and further distances to try to get used to it, driving a courier van is part of my job so this is something I need to get over - and the weirdest part is it came out of nowhere, it never used to affect me.
Good luck, I hope one of these things helps.


There is an accupressure point on the inside of your wrist.

Turn your hand so that it is facing palm up. Place your thumb on your arm just below your wrist. There should be a place where you can feel a sort of indentation between the structures in your arm. Place Gentle pressure. This should help.

You can also purchase wristbands that have a sort of bump that you can put on that area. It can really help and is easy to try.

Dust in the Wind
You can buy Dramamine over the counter. Its very safe, but will make you a bit drowsy.


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