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Queen of Halloween
How do u get rid of a really bad headache? (besides pills that dont work)?
...any remedies? im pretty desperate rite now. thanks.

Drink plenty of water, after it is boiled out to remain 75%.

Breakfast take 4 dates soaked for 3 hours.

Take 11 leaves of Tulsi, 1/2 tsp dry Ginger powdered and simmer 15 minutes with 1 cup of water. Add a little crystal sugar and drink twice a day.

The headache that does not go away with pills is due to impurities in blood. What is told here is to remove impurities and add RBC to blood.

tina l
Massage it & go to sleep, Aslo pray to God to take it away. People forget about that

Drink a lot of water, and get plenty of sleep. A lack of either of these can cause a headache that pills won't cure.

Try pressure points.

did this and it worked for my coworker. he did it on my suggestion. his wife always got migraines. i told him to tell her to rub aromatherapy grade essential oil of Lavender on both temples during an attack..this was 2 years ago and as of now she always does it and it always works

their is no real solution cuz it sometime stress can bother the nerve in your brain which leads to the headache so the best thing to do is relax more and talk about what bothers u cuz pillz are a waste of money


go to a dark room, turn on A/C, take phoone off hook, lock the door...and rest

If aspirins or other Headache Relief pills don't work than I strongly suggest you go see a doctor. You could have something serious.

hope you feel better soon!

Laughter!!! Check out--Patch Adams or Norman Cousins

I have suffered from migrains since I was 8 yrs old. I am 20 now and the best thing I do is to go to a room quite and dark and lie on your back with an eye pillow on ....

Lavender helps too

Squeeze the area between you thumb and your index finger for about 5 min.

try some blood thinning foods
bannanas, vitamin C
stress free things like a bath in Lavender, a warm soak in the tub is good for much
stay away from bright light and flashing lights and noise
sqeeze the middle of your palm really hard where the nerve is


peppermint oil sometimes works for me.

Try soaking your hands in a sink of hot water for 3 minutes.

Joseph K
Energy healing worked for me. True energy healing is not taught. Healing is a gift. Your head aches should go away and stay away, after one fifteen minute healing session. There is no physical contact, you are fully clothed and there is no fee.

Mika Twoleaf
The two muscles that run from your skull to the back of your shoulders often compress lymphatic conduits running under them, thus building pressure in your head.
Try pressing hard in a downward sliding motion from the skull to the shoulders 3-4 times. Press hard like pushing a marble thru a tube. This often releases the pressure and cures the headache. Works like a miracle.
It helps to oil the fingers to prevent pulling the skin or hair downwards.

put a little toothpaste (yes, toothpaste!) on ur temples and rub it in, then fall asleep in a cool temperatured room. when u wake up you'll feel so much better!

Try squeezing as hard as you can between your finger and thumb. That's a pressure point that's supposed to help with headaches. It helps me sometimes.
Good luck, hope it works!

3 excedrins and sleep

clear your mind and just relax thats how i do it

The best ways of relieving headaches is by using Asian products. Cuz im Asain I know that theres a lot of stuff that works like these balms and oils yu put on ur head and rest that relieves headaches. IT can also relieve any bruises, sneezing, congestion, pain in muscles/joints and other stuff. American stuff dont work. You can get this stuff by looking for an asain friend that has grandparents living with them or u can go to chinatown LA or san fransisco or any asain place where u can buy for cheap. If u want something easier just sleep or drink tea or some thing that doesnt work. Another way is to make oolong tea that can help lose weight or add old dried Ginger and boil to a smell and drink, add sugar for taste.

If your into homeopathic remedies, Natrum Mur. works really well for women/girls. At least it does for me. Also try simply relaxing and drinking Lots of water.

Nature and Buddhism

Try to relax, take deep breaths and slowly let them out. That usually works.

Yousuf A
Rest, sleep, water are good. But even after taking the painkiller it does not go away than please have your blood pressure checked.

Violet W
try rubbing your temples slowly

Peppermint is really good.If you can get some Peppermint Oil that's the best but even a Peppermint candy will work.Sorry about the headache,get better soon.♥


[email protected]
Internal detoxification on a regular basis is very important as an ongoing practice since many times this is what's the cause of headaches (environmental issues as well as what we ingest) for that I would suggest you take a look at www.rainforestsecrets.com they have a detox program that's very simple and easy to take and works wonders (also makes your skin really soft).

As for immediate help, use EFT "Emotional Freedom Technique" please check out www.ahealingmind.com for details, a diagram, etc. on how to apply and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly and I will help.

EFT is absolutely beautiful for headaches, as well as many of life's issues and challenges.

Peace, Kathleen

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