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How can i prevent a hangover?
i can handle the hangover and sweats but i am always sick and cant get out of bed for hours help me lolxx

you cant. Just dont drink so much

I take Chaser Plus. You take two with your first drink then take two every other drink after. I wake up feeling a little tired but none of that dizzy nausiated, achey feeling. I have friends that swear if you drink a big glass of water then take two Advil before you go to sleep it helps.

When you have drank to the point your a bit out of control, thens the time to sip a pint of water over 5 mins. Always works! At parties I always offer water round if they have work the next day!


don't drink alcohol.

Take a homeopathic nux vomica before you start drinking and a pint of water. Drink a pint of water before you go to bed. Take another nux vomica when you wake up and drink another pint of water. Make sure the water is room temperature not icey cold.

kate M
Eat something after drink, even in you aren't hungry. Something big ,an hamburguer,some pasta something like that.
That will make metabolize everything, even the drinks and will help.

Buy some coconut milk from a health shop the night before. Sounds strange but it really works.

Stay away from alcohol......if you cant stand the heat get out the kitchen......dont do the crime if you cant do the time!

6 cans of Special Brew works for me.... just look at my Advitar ..!!... ok im not at my best .... its been a busy day.....nuff said..

I've heard of using lemon to curb sickness. Peppermint alway calms a stomach--maybe Peppermint tea. You def should put some food into your stomach--the greasier the better. The night before, take Advil and drink an 8oz glass of water. Foods rich in Vitamin A also help because when you drink alcohol it depleats your vit a:)

Don't drink!?

dont drink, or if ur going to drink plenty of water before u go to bed and have some water next to ur bed for when u wake up take paracetimol and maybe a proplus before u even attemp to get out of bed and hopefully that will make it slightly easier on u

kerry t
Make sure you eat before you go out and drink glass of milk. Try and have a soft drink after a few alcoholic ones. When you get in drink at least a pint of water and have two Paracetamol.

quite simple dont drink or if you cant do that try a glass of milk before going out for a drink and you will not get an hangover. Good luck.

drink alot of water during the time you drink, and before you go to bed. you won really have a hangover the next day.

Here is what I do. I take 2 Excedrin Migranes before I go out. Then drink as much water before and during as I can. then when I come home I always drink at least 1 huge glass of water. Hangovers are caused by the alcohol , and the shrinking blood vessels, and dehydration (alot of other scientific stuff you can look up) but the bottom line is water hydrates your body, thus no hang over. Water is the key.

I have a tried and tested method which hasn't failed me in 6 years. Before you go to bed, take 2 Paracetamol, as much water as you can manage and, this is the piece de resistance, a high strength vitamin C tablet. The tablets fight the headache as you sleep, the water rehydrates you as you sleep, and the vit c takes away the general yuckiness, (have you ever got up in the morning after a night out and really wanted orange juice?).

It's no laughing matter. You just need to know when to stop drinking, it comes with maturity.

After a long night out drink lots of water cause a hangover is just the brain dehydrating

Drink less.
Drink liquor, not beer.
Drink clear liquor, not dark.
Drink a glas of water after every couple of drinks.
Before going to bed drink one glass of water and an Aspirin or Advil.
Have gatorade on hand for the morning.
If you practice all of this your hangovers will be about half as bad.

Mango Muncher
dont drink and you wont have to worry about a hangover

Simple, friend - just stop drinking alcohol!

Just don't drink so much or as often if you drink every day.

just don't drink. it's not good for you anyway.

Saucy Spider
Drink lots and lots of water before you go to bed to beat the dehydration caused by excessive drinking - or don't drink so much.

cody h
don't drink

L1fe $uck$
don't drink

Not drink...duh!

drink water before you go to sleep. hangovers are caused by dehydration

dels replies
Just don't drink so simple really

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