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How can I get rid of a chronic sinus infection?
I have had a sinus infection 4 times so far in 2006. Obviously the meds I get from the doctor can't help. It goes away and comes back a few weeks later. Any suggestions on how I can kill this thing myself?

Homeopathic practitioners find a number of remedies useful for treating sinusitis. Among those they recommend are: Arsenicum album, Kalium bichromium, Nux vomica, Mercurius iodatus, and silica. Andrographics paniculata, commonly known as Kalmegh, is a herbal remedy from India that is recommended for fighting winter infections and sinus infection. It is usually combines with Echinacea.

Sweet Thang!!
I also have a bad case of Sinus that led me to loose my sense of smell. From my experience: Doctor Drugs will not work, it is only a temporally relieve. Medications only made me drowsy and sick. You name the drug (nose Spray/steroids/antibiotics) you name ‘em, I tried them all. Antibiotics get rid of the good and bad virus; moreover, it leaves a candida fungus behind. In addition, the foods you eat make a difference, eliminate fast food, processed food, alcohol, and seek a natural cure.

Also, when I am congested, I boil water and breathe in the vapor; it works really well.

Fresh choice
My recommendation is this, find a local Bee Master and purchase his honey that is personally produced in your area. Where I am from (Sacramento, CA) would be honey from star thistle and oak trees for example. Shelf honey from major local super markets today will not do. Unfortunatly most of the honey marketed today are from Canada and China. You may want to consider honey as part of your daily diet. By doing so; you may soon acclimate to airborn pollens that are native to your area. I promise you will experience soon better health.

Now its important that you know, I don't hug trees and I'm not a throw back hippie nor an environmentalist. I'm just a guy who had at one time a like condition.

Good Luck!

Chornic Sinus is a very bad thing.
I think the only one who can help is doctor.
But, sometimes, the doctor also can't do anything!

petroleum jelly on your nose brings down the cold. Sea baths or rough lemon or lemon in your bath sap your head also and aloes 3days then take a purge

To keep from getting stuffed up and getting the infections, check out this site. www.notmilk.com

bummer I know its painful, looks like alot of doctors in the house giving you some good advice. Good luck!

rub Peppermint Oil under ur eyes and above eyebrows..it will break it all up!!

[email protected]
The best way I have found is to STOP drinking milk , all milk products need to be elimated from you diet, which includes milk, cheese, ice cream, and any thing else that has lactose in it.

Here is what worked for me. I took a Hot showers every night and then when your done BLowwwwwwwwwww~~~ Sure helped me.
I also take Clairton D, I only take that but 1 time a week now. I did have to take them everyday and some time 2 a day.
Now in the summer hot showers might not feel so good but hey if it works remember you do cool down.

Hot showers worked for me try it hope it helps.

I use mint tea a lot. Drink it, make a compress out of the tea bags to put on your forehead, nose, chest. Also i would reccomend gargling with salt water also, baking soda may do the trick as well.

not sure if this is gonna work for you or not but I chopped some onions and some Garlic cloves. Grind it in a mixure and try to save all the jucies from it. Drink 2 teaspoon of that ugly yucky juice, it worked for me.

well i had this one too, a good homeopath vcured me in a month, y dont u try too

Eat pineapples and oranges (not together) and take a vitamin called Cal/Mag Zinc. Drink plenty of fluids too. The place you can go to get that vitamin is called The Vitamin Shoppe. You're supposed to take 4 a day with meals, so what I do is take 2 with breakfast, 1 with lunch and 1 with dinner. It's helped me and I've had surgery to repair my sinuses because they were causing all kinds of trouble.

im not sure

Snort some Clorox.

Take a lot of vitamin C and eat a well balanced diet for starters. Get plenty of excercise. Do the warm salt water thing that somebody before suggested and do it daily atleast. Complete all the antibiotics that the doc prescribes you. Oh yea, and don't smoke. If that doesn't work you may have some sort of obstruction that may need to be corrected surgically.

Does anybody else find this odd, I too have this same problem, my docs keep putting me on different steroid packets that put me in an aweful mood. I have never had this problem before this year, i mean occasionally sure, but i also have had at least one a month all year, usually they are back to back though. What i am going to do is see an allergy specialist and then go from there, if you know of one in your area it might be a good idea to try it out. Good Luck I know how miserable you must be, I feel your pain!!!!

I have this exact problem myself. First you need to get your doctor to order a sinus xray. I am betting you have what I have, a blocked nasal passage. I am going to get nasal surgery this summer to drain it.

In fact, I am meeting with a doctor that does a new procedure where he inserts a balloon to open the passage rather than cut. If I qualify for it, I will have that procedure done, rather than the traditional sinus surgery.

Good luck.

The Neti pot thing works...salt water up the nose...but I use one of those large eyedroppers - it's easier and cheap...and since I started this - every time I shower - no sinus infections!

It could be an allergy or an infection. The point in favor of an allergy is the seasonal occurrence or when the symptoms are associated with an environ agent such as dust , pollen , pollution. Another differentiating feature is the colour of discharge which is yellow|green in infection and white in case of an allergy. However, sometimes and infection might superimpose the allergic reaction making the diagnosis difficult. Allergy also manifests as different symptoms - watering of eyes , difficulty in breathing , cough etc. Treatment is palliative, not curative - use antihistamines - ceterizine or any of its congener drug with some other Decongestant drug.

Recurrence of an "infection" is usually due to incomplete removal of the offending organism because of inadequate treatment , or certain conditions that favor the growth of microbes.

It is possible that you don't take the full course of treatment. Usually , 7 days of treatment are required.The choice of drug depends on the prevalent bacterial strains and their resistance profile and sensitivity to drug .It could be Amoxicillin | Erythromycin |Azithromycin(3 days).

Secondly , it could be possible that u have some anatomical variation that predisposes you to infections. One of the commonest abnormality is Deviated Nasal Septum (involves a deviation of the partition of the nasal cavity so that one side remains poorly aerated and thereby make conditions fertile for the growth of infective organism).The bad news is that this condition can't be treated medically ; needs surgical correction(septoplasty and get it done from a good surgeon only else the complication can be disfiguring!).

Thirdly, you might be living in an unhealthy environment - ppl around your might be carriers of the infection .

Lastly, if none of the above seems true , then the fault might lie in the immune system - it might be dysfunctional , this isn't common though.

Hope this helps

There is a pot called a Netti which you can get at most health food stores. You use a Gentle saline solution in it to wash your sinus'. It feels weird at first but if you follow the directions, you infection should be cleaned out in a day or so.

Good luck, this worked for me.

atom ant
very hard to do...take plenty baby Aspirin..dont laugh and stay indoors...

Your diet is important. you should eliminate the following:
1. Dairy products - Chocolate, ice cream, cheese etc.
2. all alcoholic products.
3. all food products with caffeine

I use supplements like Cod Liver Oil and Centrum to maintain a healthy immune system

johnny cee
When you find out you will be on the way to being very rich.
I Corinthians 13:8a, Love never fails.

You've got to keep them open.
Try Flonase or Rhinocort. Take pseudophedrine on bad days (use sparingly). alavert or Zyrtec might help if you have allergies.
If it doesn't work, or you can't live with the medication, you'll probably need surgery. There's no easy way around it.

P.S. You've got to take your these medications daily as a maintenance routine to keep your sinuses open. You get infected because they close off, allowing anearobic bacteria to grow.

Use Peroxide Nazal Spray, it works.

look first you must take all medication! if not your nose will never heal. also go to the doctors as soon as your medication is goneto see if the actual infection is gone. because if you do not doit this way and wait til you get symptoms again your waiting too long and it is useless to buy medicine over and because sometimes thing like requrie a good thrity day dose of good antibiotics!

I advice you to seek JESUS CHRIST,thats the best Doctor known to man.free treatment.Your chronic sinus infection will be over in JESUS name.AMEN

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