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Additional Details
i have tried many doctors and medicines but of no use.any natural remedies?...

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is soy milk the alternative for 0+ ...

miss d.h.
Has cannabis played a part in your life? If so, in which way?

Yes it has. I have not used it, but my step father has

it helps me to stay a non cigarette smoker!!!!! i love pot!!! pot pot pot!!!!

It has in the way its affected my relationships. My 'first love'/first real boyfriend broke his promise to me not to smoke weed (I was very against it at the time), and I had a very hard time trusting him after that, which led to the deterioration of our relationship.
Most significant, though, is the way its affected some of my closest friends. There is one girl who I met my first year of college; she was passionate, beautiful, ambitious, and dynamic. She had always smoked, but she started to do it more, to the point that she would be smoking 5+ times a day, and she changed completely. Now she doesn't do well in school, skips classes all the time, doesn't really care about much, and has lost her looks. It's really sad to see this happen to someone I care about, and I've tried to talk to her about it, but she maintains that it's a lifestyle and she doesn't want to be without it. It's her choice in the end.
I'm not against smoking--I do it sometimes myself--but I tend to look down on potheads, more than any other drug users, because they often lose and lack the things I value highly: ambition/drive, energy, and passion.

Pot keeps me from killing the stupid ones on the highway of life.
No I don't drive when high but I used to when it was OK to do so,(before the Reagans told us to "Just say no").

John Balue
Cannabis has played a very significant role in my life. It relieves pain, makes me unapathetic, makes me more creative, calms my nerves, and cheers me up.

It has and continues to play a huge role in my life. I smoke every day usually. Just like some people love coming home to a nice cold beer after a long day I enjoy coming home to a few batties. For me it is a stress reliever. It calms my nerves and puts me back on the level when I get a little too anxious with life. I am very responsible with it too. It does not make me lazy or unmotivated. I really enjoy being high. It's unfortunate that it can have a bad rep. I think it's because when most people try it for the first couple of times they get really high. After your first couple of times you don't get so ripped out of your mind and it is very enjoyable. It makes no sense to me that alcohol is perfectly legal and marijuana isn't.

I think I had some fun with it but I noticed that it changed my personality. I desired to try other drugs and skip school and my grades went down. I was an honor roll student. I quit. I run into some of those friends I used to smoke with and they are in the same undeveloped state that I left them in. It is just as bad as alcoholism. When I quit I coughed up balls of tar the size of marbles. They lied and said it was safer than cigarettes. Also I got colds and bronchitis several times. Also I was apathetic which is the main reason I quit. One day I caught myself wondering if I would be sad if my cat got run over with a car in front of me. I couldn't answer myself without crying and realizing that if I could think that about a cat then that could happen in other areas. I could maybe have had a scolarship to college because my grades were very good but I screwed up.

lil ol me
recreational value mostly.

Outside the box
Yes, it taught me a valuable lesson about the quality of life. 1970 to 1990..."the fun forgotten blurred out decades of my life". Having stopped, my preceptions and values have greatly changed for the better and my awarenss is more intouch with my reality.

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