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Does anyone know if there is an over the counter medication to ease stress and tension?
I have been so stressed out for over a year. Stressed to the point that my hair has been falling out. Falling out meaning that I had a bald spot about the size of a quarter. I don't sleep well, thinking of too many things. I worry all the time. I have been to counseling which helps but doesn't help enough. I don't have medical coverage and can't afford to go to the doctor. Does anyone know of a good over the counter medication someone can safely take to ease stress

Kava Kava worked really really well for me. You might also try some yoga. I know it seems crazy but after a few weeks of practicing the breathing exercises you will be able to do them quickly and where ever you are at. Now when my stress hits me I can usually bring it under control in a matter of about 5 Min's of deep breathing and visualizing.
Chamomile also works well and can help at night if you take it in tea form.

St. johns wort can help with depression, and valarian root (usually taken as a tea) has a very similar effect as Valium. The only problem is it smells like foot odor. either of these can be purchased at a health food store or even in wal-marts vitamin and herb section. cost is about 4-8 dollars for the st. johns wort and about the same for a box of valarian root tea bags.

I would recommend you try "St John's Wart". Its a nice relaxer, just be careful with the dosage, more than one may make you a little sleepy, its best if you tried it at home first. These could help you and you could still function normally and carry on with your everyday things whatever they may be.

St. Johns Wort
Chamomile also comes in a wonderful tasting tea

Brandy. Tried and true, works for millions.

a six pack of budweiser everynight will do the trick!

try a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine. listen to soft music or watch a video of ocean waves which can be relaxing. start a list of things that you enjoy & make you smile. read your list when you get stressed & hopefully you'll feel better. also, it's been proven petting a cat eases stress so go to your local shelter & adopt a sweet kitty =^..^=

I can suggest visiting a quality health food / vitamin store and asking a knowledgeable sales person. They should be able to direct to many products in herbal form that have shown to help with stress and tension.

I also recommend looking at your life style. Do you work too much? Have large financial burdens? Not get enough sleep? Does hypertension run in your family?

At least try taking some time for yourself. Read a good book, take a daily walk, sit in the tub for an hour. Also, stop drinking caffeine (try "calming" tea instead). Do something, anything that does not result in bad stress.

And if all else fails go to a free clinic or research getting government aid to see a doctor or even a therapist. Some colleges with a psychology department may give free therapy if they feel you need it.

Best wishes.

To sleep better at night try Melatonin. You can purchase this at Wal-Mart. Take one tab about an hour before bed and you will sleep great without feeling groggy in the morning.

For stress relief during the day try Calms Forte by Highland Brands. You can also purchase this at Wal-Mart. Try 2 - 3 tabs during the day. It also helps with pms symptoms - you won't feel like punching someone! Calms can also be used as a sleep Aid at night. They are safe enough to use on children.

Both items are very inexpensive - between $5 - $8.

Give them a try. I think you will find them very helpful.

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