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Does anybody suffer from excess acid coming up from the stomach,sleeping at night,yes?i need the remedy pls?

Lou K
Drink a large glass of water before bed and sleep on your tummy, works for me.

Don`t eat just before turning in, if you do then half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a tumbler of tepid water.(trial and error)
Sleep on your left side, less chance of gasses pushing up liquid
as entrance to stomach will then be at top, if you see what I mean.

Yes I had a major problem with this. But my life stile was the number one problem. Eating and drinking after 6pm. I was a truck driver and to keep on the move drunk cups of coffee. that is a killer as well as normal tea. they both contain acids. I don't eat after6 now and don't take tea or coffee after 6.30pm and cut down on the amount of tea, now I would hardly have 1 a day. the affect is amazing. I watch what I eat since I am aware of what I have in -tolerances too. IE milk and cheese and wheat. And drink plenty of water. half our problems relate to not enough water, Headaches, stomach and bowel problems. we need 3 litres a day for our body to function, If we drink tea or coffee we need more. and some foods need more water. then alcohol empties our body of water. But just for instant relive try just pineapple juice ever time you have a problem, I find it the best cure. (pure pineapple mind)

I usually have a glass of cold milk before bed.Alternatively try Gaviscon,Omeprazole or the non-addictive, low sugar types.

i have had this problem and i used Pepcid ac from the chemist a tiny little pill it works for twelve hours best cure for acid

Buy Gaviscon-does the trick by closing off a tiny hole in the muscle which the acid travels through.

Also place some books under the top[ legs of your bed so that you are lying at a slight slant. good luck

drink some clay with water and read all you can about this wonderful clay!

Put up with this for years, would drink Gaviscon by the gallons. Change of diet in the end, less processed and fatty foods.

Aloe vera juice will stop this immediately, and will start to heal any damage. Take it before bed.

What U need is 2 C a Doc, mate.
Heart-burn can have many causes that need 2 B sorted out by a Doctor not Yahoo Answers.
U could have a hiatus hernia, go get checked-up by a Doc, huh?

Gaviscon works well for me.

PeeMee has left the Building !!
Get your doc to give you Protium,(non adictive)
Or try any antacid tablets.
This could be acid reflux and its very unpleasant

try eating stuffs at regular intervals... snacks.. biscuits... anything...

Mad Roy
Raise the head of your bed 4-6 inches. Gravity works.
Also, try some Dgl tablets and Iberogast.

yeah well

I take two RENNIES its the best i could find !

you are not drinking enough water. If you suffer from acid then drink at least a pint of water before you go to bed or if you wake up with it drink then. the pain and acid should go. Suggest you read a book called "Your body's many cries for water" by Dr. F Batmanghelidj

Try some camomile tea before you sleep and dont drink alcohol later than 6pm

yes, i suffered terribly when i was pregnant. i found that Gaviscon advance was the best but brace yourself for the taste. i also found that drinking a glass of milk about 1/2 hour before i went to bed worked a little as did avoiding eating for about 2 hours before bed.

Yes I do,so what I take is Rennies. The reason for my problem is Im overweight and if you have a big tum it pushes up the acid from your stomach and gives you heartburn. So lose some weight off your tum.Its hard, but I know you can do it!

Gypsy Catcher
Prilosec. It's sold over the counter at Walgreens. Try it. It works instantly.

i find i suffer from this at stressful times in my life....obviously use an antacid remedy that suits you...i found that sleeping a little more upright helped prevent it. Also don't eat any strong foods before going to bed. and avoid coffee in the evening.

sandi smith
the problem with antacids such as rennies/remegel, is that they attack the pain, andcause temporaryrelief. Over the counter remedies such as Zantac/Tagamet attack the disease which is called reflux. Also raise your pillow slightly. Good luck and take care

London Girl
I have a hiatus hernia and this is one of the symptom. You should ensure that the Head of your bed is a about 6 inches higher than the bottom. (the bet way for this is to put a brick under the legs of the bed). Anti acid tables like Maalox and SImeco (which are chewed) will help. If things get too bad you should see you doctor, he will most probably give you a gastroscopocy (a tube with a micro camera in put down to throat to see inside) and medication may be Losec (one every morning) or Zantac.

Also avoid hot and spicy foods, pastries and fizzy drinks.

Hope this helps.

My dads side of the family suffer from this its, when the sphincter muscle at the top of your stomach is loose and you tend to bring up acid when you sleep or if you bend over- I remember they told my dad that he had to sleep sitting up because it could be dangerous and you could choke on your own vomit- (not to worry you) the best thing is to get to the doctors and get checked over, the problem is called an Hiatus hernia.
Check out this link


how bad is it? how serious are you about resolving it? If you want the quick, temporary solution, try one of the recommendations for a pharmaceutical drug or OTC drug. If you want a life changing solution, one that will cure the problem, not just the symptoms, go on an alkaline diet. Van Aeon, one of the respondents, had it right when he told you get your PH in balance. Check out www.innerlightinc.com. Its all about the food you eat. I wish you the best

Anthon Moonstone
I suffered from this for years, I was munching away on antacid tabs every night, Gaviscon didn't work, I used to have to sleep sitting up. My partner made me see a GP, I was prescribed Lansoprazole (Zoton) this has been hugely effective & I now lead a normal life & can eat just about what I want. After a very uncomfortable Gastroscopy, I was diagnosed with Hiatus hernia, & had the early stages of an ulcer forming. My best advice is to see a GP.

Jenny O
Yup I get it loads, I find Remagels the best, but pretty much any Calcium carboante tablets do the job.

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