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jacqueline s
Can you loose weight from taking ecstasy pills?
I am a former pill popper and before I started taking pills I weighed 155 pounds and know I weigh 139 pounds, and I eat on the regular, but I wanted to know are the pills affecting my weight.

peter p
its not the ecstasy that makes you loose weight, but it makes you dance for 8 hours - thats what causes the weight to drop off.

You say you are former pill popper, since you have stopped popping has your weight increased.

They may cause weight loss, but don't go back to taking them for that reason, if you're considering it. There are several illegal substances known to induce weight loss, but none of them are healthy for your body otherwise. What's the use being skinny if you're dead?

yes but you die

elodie duck
Don't you mean "lose" weight? You can't "loose" weight, because weight isn't tight!

dont know never tried them

Elizabeth O
I dont' think so all i know is that you can loose it by doing Cocaine but that's not worth it just go out and be active eat right I used to be 200 lbs and i lost 15 in 2 months by walking every once in a while and eating good healthy foods

team hatton
of couse u can loose wait from taking e tabs,the mortician first slices you stomach open and then takes out all your insides helping u to loose a stone or two then sows u back up making u look all nice and thin(((as it would probebly kill u)))

Bully Charmer
Precisely not. You lose weight when you use Ecstasy Pills because you have just suffered from imbalance hormones. You or you may not sleep well, you or you may not eat well and when the dozage were gone you would notice the system comes back just like the old days. The proper way to lose weight is dedication and perseverance in taking time for a Gym Works gradually. Anything that is taken or achieved in an unproper way fades away easily either. Good Luck.

emma m
how ridiculous


I've heard that speed is far more effective.

they could be

wilma p
you can loose your life///

Hell No Jacqueline! Just put the fork down. And if you do pick it up use it to scoop up a salad preferably with some water-crest in it! Damn I'm so tired of people with issues! I've got to get out of this category for awhile.

lose weight and also lose your life ,stop taking pills and take proper care of your self,

Yes, as they slowly kill you. When you are dead and all your remaining flesh falls off your bones you will weigh very little.

Û© Brandon

yes yes you can.

no , just your mind .

No but you can LOSE your brain cells that's for sure

yes you crackhead

shayla x x
no speed, there is a diet pill for weight loss which is just like speed tablets.

Kelly V
lose weight and your mind..have fun in the mental institution

Yes, you will loose considerable amount of weight when you dead from taking them. You're on your way....

Fast & Furious
You would lose weight more from the 8 hours of dancing than the actual pill itself.

ya you can but it's a seriously dangerous and retarded way to go about loosing weight.

Not Ecky Boy
YES- from your brain.....

These type of drugs affect your metabolism, in turn they will affect your weight. so the answer to your question as you have answered yourself is yes you will lose weight taking ecstasy pills, however, that wont be the issue for long as you could also lose your life......

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