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 What's a good cure for a hangover?
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 I get bit by mosquitoes alot what can I do to not attract them?

 WEED OR ALCOHOL that is the question?

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does using a nit comb get rid of the EGGS?

whats the most effective way of getting rid of them apart from these bottle's and mouse's with chemicals in?
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 Why do they use sterilised needles for death by lethal injection?
Think seriously before answering this question please! :-D
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 I know this is sick but?
What is the best way to get rid of constipation ...

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 What is the best way to fall asleep without drugs or herbal remedies?
I tend to lie in bed for a long time before I fall asleep, is there any reason for this?? and how could I stop it?

 Do you think Marijuana is more healthy than crack, cigarettes and any other substance people use ?
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Anyone know a home remedy to falling asleep??
besides taking pills, what other ways would help you fall asleep faster.

AmanDa B
Mcdonalds Does It for Me, Not the Healthiest Of answers But It works

I wipe my own @$$
keeping a steady bedtime routine, watching tv, reading, I've heard drinking warm milk helps, but I can never bring myself to drink it!! Cammomile is also supposed to help you sleep.

Aromatherapy - a natural sleep Aid, for insomnia relief. A sleep disorder remedy to cure insomnia, sleeping problems, and restless sleep without chemicals. - find this remedy & more @ http://www.100pureessentialoils.com

If you have trouble staying asleep, or you can't fall asleep, and you want a natural way to help you get a good nights rest without feeling groggy in the morning - aromatherapy as a natural sleep Aid is for you. We have found neroli essential oil and Lavender essential oil are the best oils to help you cure insomnia and sleep disorders. The best natural remedy available!

Our customers rave about neroli oil as a sleep Aid. A few drops of neroli essential oil and Lavender essential oil in a diffuser an hour before bed time, and you will not only fall asleep, but you will stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. We also recommend combining neroli essential oil and Lavender essential oil with an unscented lotion and applying before bedtime. It not only smells relaxing and wonderful, but it really works to help cure insomnia, sleep disorders, and other sleeping problems. The best part is, this all natural sleep Aid treatment has no side-effects like medications can. Who wants to take medications to help them fall asleep when they fee lousy and uncomfortable the next day? Nature cures - and aromatherapy essential oils have been proven to work wonders!

keep a boring book next to your bed and whenever you can't sleep, start to read.

Warm milk usually works...

Drink Warm Milk and Count Sheep..lol..it might help!

get more exercise, sunshine, and fresh air during the day. if you cant stomach warm milk (i never can) try only one small spoonful of vanilla ice cream.

Chamomile Tea.

Also, Celestial Seasonings has a Sleepytime tea and a Sleepytime Extra tea that you might check out. http://www.celestialseasonings.com/products/wellness-teas/sleepytime-extra.html

Two things usually work for me.If you have young kids read to them,a good childs book is great for winding down,as my son can testify after the many times I have fallen asleep on him!!You could also try a lovely herbal tea put out by TWININGS.Its an infusion of camomile , honey and vanilla.Sweet dreams honey!!!

I know that "Silky Scents" has essential oil blends, and they have a free recipe section for sleeping. You'll probably be able to find all the information there. Plus they have the pictures of each plant. You can google their name to find them online.

Random but Really Cool
Drink herbal tea.
That doesnt help me.
Basically I just lay in bed with my eyes closed and tell myself a story... its childish but try it.

When I need to fall asleep I will either drink a cup of warm milk or a spoonfull of peanut butter. The warm milk is good to fill your stomach enough if you are a little hungry. I heard peanut butter is good to relax your body too and it seems to work for me.

deep breaths. think blank paper. repeat.

The old tried and true, hot chocolate milk. I drank it every night in my thin days. I should get back to it.

Yea watch something boring.

Nay Nay
well me and my mom like to soak in the tub,and i helps,but i dont kno about you.sorry

a nice, warm Lavender bubble bath with candles in a dim lit environment.

well sit down relax and have a cup of Chamomile tea

warm milk was kinda good i think, but i havnt had that for long time, and it probably makes your mouth all blegh after you brush. ha sorry i got no where! how about that vicks cream that is used for stuffy noses and congestion, but it think it smells good and it makes me sleepy =]

Mary B
Create a bedtime routine and follow it every night....keep things really quiet right before you begin your bedtime routine. Johnson's has a fabulous Lavender body Lotion that smells good and is somehow relaxing. Try using that lotion on your body right before you get into bed, and then settle into bed with a good book. Read for a little while, then concentrate on how sleepy you feel. Shut off all lights, and snuggle in for a nice long nights sleep. ZZZZzzzzzz......

I know this is strange but I always have a routine at night and I eat a bowl of cereal, take my Tums and I have to wind down - I can't just come home and jump in bed so I go on the computer for awhile or read a little and watch the news. Sometimes I just take a heating pad for comfort. I also love the warmth of blankets so I turn the air up so I can snuggle under the covers.

Arizona RX Tea...it has valerian Root in it, and you will definitely get sleepy after drinking a 20 oz of it.

Valerian root you can buy from a vitamin shoppe, or .......... i use Chamomile tea, it makes me sleepy

spray a subtle Lavender scent on your pillow.

it really works!

what i do is i close my eyes and re-enact the events which i can recall again and again..i fall asleep faster tat way....

Joseph C
Doing physical, rigorous work during the day promotesa natural sleep at night.

For the health minded person:Try recorded sounds like rain falling or ocean waves. Also have a small snack first:cup of milk or a piece of fruit.For those a bit less heath minded: Have a few beers, and eat some Ramen noodles while watching HGTV.

This is gonna sound strange and random, but it actually does work. K well...ehemm...
Yea, it actually does make me tired because after an orgasm this great feeling overcomes your body! Pure pleasure and then later you feel relaxed. As your bodies relaxed and overwhelmed you start to get tired. Make sure your laying down and already in a confy position.
Sorry if i offended anyone.
Just trying to help out!

Ps. If you cannot reach orgasm then just run a hot bath before bed! This doesn't work as well as masterbating, but it sure does help out.

Spencer S
This can be very easily solved. Lack of sleep comes from lack of exercise. Make sure your schedule is not busy enough for some time to go exercise. If you do not exercise often your body will feel very drowsy and tired but you will not be able to fall asleep easily and getting up in the mornings will become very difficult. Also try to keep a good pattern if possible for sleeping. Try to pick a time to go to bed everynight and a time to wake up. After a week or two, your body will become used to this schedule and sleeping will be very easy. I've done this for the past 2 years and I fall asleep within a minute of my head touching the pillow. I also often wake up 2-3 minutes before my alarm clock goes off.

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