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Any good remedies for fighting off a cold?

I take a Garlic and Parsley capsule everyday and I haven't had a cold in years. I also eat plenty of fruit and veggies and drink plenty of water. The most important thing though is to wash your hands when you get home if you use public transport as you pick up all sorts of things on your hands when out and about. Washing them before you eat etc. eliminates a main source of contamination.

A good remedy for a cold is hot water honey and a squeeze of lemon does the cold a world of good and is cheaper than paying out for cold remedies

Stay away from dairy products. Such as Cheese, Milk and Ice Cream. I read it on a website.

Romeo B
mug of hot black tea+half pierced lime+one large spoon of honey.
stir.drink while it's hot
3 times a day.

-avoid all dairy products(milk,butter.,cheese...).
-avoid all cold drinks

Keep your body warm all the time.

Good luck :)

kiwi fruit, more vit C than an orange, I try and have one most days and don't get colds

Lots of vitamin C, lots of hot Ribena and lots of Garlic.

the only thing i can think of is stay in the house and keep wrapped up. if ur parents say going outside will cure it. it wont u have to sweat it out

vit C

Djilali Z
The best way to avoid a cold is to avoid close contact with existing sufferers, to wash hands thoroughly and regularly, and to avoid touching the face. Anti-bacterial soaps have no effect on the cold virus—it is the mechanical action of hand washing that removes the virus particles. In 2002, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended alcohol based hand gels as an effective method for reducing infectious viruses on the hands. However, as with standard handwashing, alcohol gels provide no residual protection from re-infection. Tobacco smoking has also been linked with the weakening of the immune system; non-smokers are known on average to take fewer days off sick than the smoking population.

Because of the large variety of viruses causing the common cold, vaccination is impractical.

vitamin C
Publications in the 1960s and 1970s suggested that large doses of vitamin C could both prevent and reduce the effects of the common cold. A well known supporter of this theory was Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, who publicly advocated the intake of large doses of vitamin C to prevent infection. In 1970 he wrote the bestseller Vitamin C and the Common Cold. A meta-analysis published in 2005 found that vitamin C reduced the incidence of colds by 50% in six trials with physically stressed participants, but that 200+mg daily had no effect on the incidence of colds in ordinary people. Regular vitamin C supplementation shortened the duration of colds in children by 14% and in adults by 8%.

Non-Cure Treatments
Though cures are unproven, there are a number of effective treatments which, rather than treat the viral infection, focus on relieving the symptoms. For some people, colds are relatively minor inconveniences and they can go on with their daily activities with tolerable discomfort. This discomfort has to be weighed against the price and possible side effects of the remedies, and the possibility, though not scientifically proven, that by suppressing responses evolved to fight the cold, the symptom suppressants may prolong the illness.

Common treatments include: analgesics such as Aspirin or Paracetamol (Acetaminophen), as well as localised versions targeting the throat (often delivered in lozenge form), nasal decongestants such as Phenylephrine Hci which reduce the inflammation in the nasal passages by constricting local blood vessels, cough suppressants (which work to suppress the cough reflex of the brain or by diluting the mucus in the lungs), and first-generation anti-histamines such as Brompheniramine, Chlorpheniramine, and Clemastine (which reduce mucus gland secretion and thus combat blocked/runny noses but also may make the user drowsy). Second generation anti-histamines do not have a useful effect on colds.

A warm and humid environment and drinking lots of fluids, especially hot liquids, can alleviate symptoms somewhat. Common home remedies include Chamomile, lemon or ginger Root tisanes and soup (which probably work by soothing the irritated respiratory passages with their steam), nebulized medicinal mixtures, hot compresses, mustard plasters, hot toddies, tamagozake, Licorice and Echinacea. Eating spicy food can help alleviate congestion, although it may also irritate the already-tender throat. Coffee, or its active component, caffeine, has also been shown to improve mood and mental performance during rhinovirus infection.

Other home remedies include gargling and flushing the nose with salt water. A strong salt solution reduces swelling in the throat and nasal tissue through osmosis. The high saline concentration draws fluids out of the cells through the cell membranes. This helps reduce the irritations in the throat and can clear the nasal passages and restore easy breathing without the use of medication. It is better to use Iodine free salt. Iodine has a bitter taste and may irritate the nasal tissues. A common technique for flushing the sinus is to use a Jala neti pot. However a flexible cup or commercial sinus squirt bottle also works very well.

Get plenty of rest and take plenty of vitamin C. Drinking orange juice, or just taking a vitamin C supplement help alot. Be sure to keep getting your daily recommeded servings at meal times and you should feel much better in no time.

It's an old one but it works.

Peel and cut a Spanish Onion in half. In a cereal bowl put in a tablespoon of sugar and place the Onion cut side down in the sugar, cover and leave overnight. In the morning there will be about 2 tablespoons of juice in the bottom of the bowl, drink this. It has a slight Onion taste, but tastes more like a sugar syrup. Place more sugar in the bowl and repeat. Will last for about 3 days, in that time your cold will be gone.

Also, if you want, take a Paracetamol with hot lemon and honey, and drink pure orange juice.

I didn't believe my mum when she told me about this, but I tried it and was amazed when it did work. No need to buy expensive cough medicines when natural ones are cheaper and better for you.

Ginger juice... mix it with honey... have a couple of spoons of it.. u shud be fine in minutes..

Of all the things that won't cure a cold, whisky is the most popular. It always works for me - 1/2 bottle and the pain and misery just seem to fade away!
On the serious side - but nowhere near as pleasant: boiled onions. Sounds awful but it does work; just boil them and eat them! (Ground black pepper makes them more palatable - or you just hold your nose).

Got to be a hot toddy- whisky hot water (not boiling and sugar) even if you don't cure the cold I guarantee you will feel better...

Rich N
Chinese like to eat Ginger to help fight colds. It works for me.

michael b
Whisky-mac in the evening.

Chemical Jelly
Vitamin C - eat fruit and veg (more than usual!) also, Lemsips etc. - I love "Soothers" when I have a sore throat/cough - really helps. Also Strepsils can help but you can only take so many within a 24 hour period I think - coz it's got something in it.....?

Don't go anywhere!!! I know this is a snotty answer, but I hope it made ya smile.

Seriously, washing your hands alot. If you can't do that, use Purell. Alot of colds are caused by people not washing there hands.

A good chicken soup it always work try a hot tee with honey. how about a nice day in bed with some fresh fruit and the nice and hot soup.

dorinda s
well just last week i had a cold and since i have athsma i was bad but ill tell you what i used.
*of course chicken soup
*in spanish its called "lentejas"or in english"lentils"its a sort of bean its really good for you .
*whatever you do dont drink milk just water and juices(orange juice is best) the milk will cause a lot of flem.drink a lot of fluids.
*take as much rest as you can.
*take medicine that will help.but use something that wont cause an elergic reaction.
well thats all my advice for reliveing off a cold. get well soon.take care and god bless you.

eat lots of Garlic n raw Onion naturally boost your immune system

drink lots orange juice
eat lots or Garlic bread
and good old rest

Lemon tea with loads of sugar. And fresh lemons. Sounds daft but it really works! Consider all the caffeine, vitamin C, sugar and citrus oils for your respiratory system.

tot of whisky hot water orange juice spoonful of sugar good stir down the hatch - bed?

vitamin C: eat one tablett every morning, AND drink oranges juice AND eat kiwis and any other fruit.
I give it to my husband everytime he's getting cold (I am never ill because of eating fruits all day long, I love them!)

'First Defense' (about £7 from Boots) is amazing - it is being recommended by doctors now. I have stopped two colds from manifesting themselves by using only once each time. It contains echinachea which is what I would normally recommend though a friend always uses raw, crushed Garlic. Garlic is a natural anti biotic and I have successfully beaten infections by using it, so know it works for colds too.

Hi T
I always used to think vitamin C was the best, but apparently it doesn't make much difference. Lem sip I now use and keep warm. Or hot lemon tea with honey, and a couple of Paracetamol. But only two. Then early to bed.

wizard prang
Hi poppy
If possible then go to bed and keep warm, do not take lemsip etc, these so called remedies contain Paracetamol which lower your body temperature, when the body needs to stay hot to help the white blood cells fight the virus, do not drink alchohol either as it has the same effect.Hot drinks like milk and honey are better. If you are running a very high temperature consult your doctor. Get well soon.

Airborne at first sign of cold
Drink honey lemon tea. honey is natural anti-bacterial
Eat lots of hot soup (not spicy), drink water & orange juice
LOTS of rest!

You and me both.

It's the sick season. Ginsing, Zinc vitamin C.

Tomato soup is an excellent source of vitamin C.
And LOTS AND LOTS of tea, spacifically Chamomile.
Get well soon sweetie, We are sniffling and coughing together.

Vitamin C in the form of either supplements or oranges is good.

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