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 Why do my eyes itch and water?
Every now and then, my eyes start itching a lot, and watering. (The watering might just be because I rub them when they itch, I don't know). It's really, really uncomfortable, and I think I&...

 What are some good ways to deal with Exema, I've developed it as an allergic reaction.?

 Is there anything else I do about my allergies other than Zyrtec, Sudafed and Flonase?????
I have SEVERE SEVERE allergies too Perfume, Dust, Pollen and normal seasonal allergies. I never had them when I lived in Seattle but since moving to Texas I have them SEVERE to the point that it ...

 My ears are clogged. How can i unclog them without medication or doctors help. theyre clogged cuz i had a cold
My ears are clogged because i just got over a cold. i took allergy medication and it cleared up my plugged nose, but now my ears are clogged and I have a pageant tomorrow and I have to speak and ...

 Why am I breaking out in Hives?
It's all over me. It's just spots that get very very itchy and then get raised and then after awhile go away, and then they leave these little red dots all in the area, which disappear in a ...

 What is the procedure for getting tested for allergies?
Does the doctor take a blood sample, skin tissue, etc...? How long does it take to determine what the person is allergic to? does it take several doctor visits to find out? I would appreciate some ...

 Do you ever have a constant dull migraine?
I've had a constant dull migraine that's concentrated to the area right around my left temple for about a two weeks now. It's sometimes worse but always present and occassionaly makes ...

 What do you take for your seaonal/outdoor allergies?
I have insane, dehabilitating allergies. I've missed three or four days of school because of they, as well as several night's sleep. When it first came out, I took Claratin. I got used to ...

 Allergic to cheese, can anyone help?
I'm not sure if this is classed as a proper allergy however when i eat some cheese such as mozzarella or feta, a few hours later i get bad stomach cramps and sometimes diarrhoea
however i ...

 I'm having issues with my allergies and contact wearing?
Well actually just allergies period. I've had the sniffles almost all day for like 3 days, my eyes itch, and i sneeze sometimes.

I'm mostly bothered by the itchy eyes because I ...

 What do these sound like symptoms of?
- Acute Post-nasal drip
- Runny nose (clear mucus)
- Bad breath
- Slightly weakened voice
- Dry ...

 How can i stop eating chocolates????? please Help?
i am alergic to chocolate it makes my skin peal and it itches how can i eat a type of chocolate that im not alergic to and when i eat the chocolate with coco beens inside the pealing stops but ...

 Why do my breast itch all the time?

 What does dust-mite allergy do.?
what kind of problem does dust mites give....

 Is it possible to develop lactose intolerance in your 20s?

 What are the best cities in the US to avoid allergies?
I currently live in San Antonio, TX, which is the 4th worst city for allergies; I am strongly considering moving, but warm climate, not hot, is also a consideration.
Thanks in advance for any ...

 Help. . I'm getting a scratchy throat. . .?
Well, you all know us Floridians aren't used to the colder weather, so as soon as it started getting chilly, my throat is starting to get scratchy and I'm coughing a bit. I want to try and ...

 When singing what do you breathe with, your nose or your mouth?
Hi, I want to know about what's best when singing, breathing with the mouth or the nose. Most of all when your are in the middle of a song.

Thanks for your answer....

 I've been having a series of reactions, are they going to stop?
Starting friday I started have symptoms of allergic reactions not noticing because they were small. Saturday was the same, so I ignored them. Sunday I woke up with a bad sinus infection, my normal ...

 Are nasal polyps removed in a hospital or at the Drs office.?
Thanks for any info....

Why do oranges make my toddler hperactive?
If my 23 month old has eith er pure orange juice or fresh oranges, she gets very unsettled, fussy, cries a lot, races around, and if tired, is unable to get to sleep. Bizarrely, artificial orange colour, orange squash etc does not seem to affect her.

Obviously we now avoid oranges! But I wondered what the mechanism behind this is. My nephew is the same, and a niece also reacts to a lesser extent.

Allergy or sugar cotent

They are full of sugar, natural I will grant you, but sugar none the less. In addition, they are full of citric acid so it's a double whammy. I can't eat them and my daughter couldn't have them unless she was going out to play. Hope this helps!!!

Sugar ! There is an old "Throw back" candy store left over from the 1950's near my house, it is the last of a dying breed (toys, models, stationary, candy, newspapers cigaretts, etc), I bring my 4 year old "Little Man" in there a few times a week as I know the owner, sometimes he gets a bit crazy running around the store, (usually when I am talking to the owner), Then we are like "OH man, did he get into candy", then we look around the store for a candy wrapper, usually followed by "Here it is, he got a "Milky way", as he runs around the counter in a circle multiple times, I never get charged for the candy bar, my friend says "it's worth the price, to watch the show", he goes "whacky" from candy (sugar), so did I as a kid, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree !

Because they have sugar and he is probably allergic to sugar and anything that has sugar such as fruit , candy, sugary juices etc.
Check it out, what closely you might have to omit or monitor all sugar in everything he/she eats.
Good Luck

my nephew gets totally hyperactive if he has oranges and my eldest used to wet the bed if shed had some during the day. so dont worry just dont let her have any there is plenty of other healthy foods and juices for her to get vitamins etc from.

Orange juice is very high on the glycemic index. Your child is getting a sugar high from consuming it. Orange color contains no nutrition. Orange squash contains very little sugar.

I personally don't feel it is from the sugar. Contrary to belief sugar does not cause hyper behavior in children. It could very well be the acid on the oranges are upsetting her tummy. The unsettleness, fussing, crying is a huge sign of that. She also may have an allergic reaction to oranges or a food intoleranace. I would just stay clear of oranges for now.

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