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16 -n- Dec
Why do my nose run continually?
the doctor says theres nothing wrong.. I don'thave a cold.Is there something wrong with me?My head is always hurting also..
Additional Details
Its always running..I can't go anyway without having tissues

Poor thing! I know it's miserable to have your nose running all of the time! Rest assured, your brain is NOT leaking.

It sounds like your sinuses and nasal passages are either having an allergic response (it is allergy season) or a response to an irritant (chemicals, paint, smoke, etc). Talk to your doctor about antihistamine medication such as Claritin, Zyrtec, or Allegra. They cause less drowsiness than the older-generation antihistimines. Be aware that certain meds work better for different people, so if one doesn't work, give another one a try.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist and find out if they have any ideas for you about using an antihistamine.

Also, if you have any health conditions that would make antihistamines a poor choice for you, try a saline nasal rinse such as the netti pot that will soothe your nasal passages and help bust up all of the stuff in your sinuses to get it out.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

Sounds like allergies. There are over the counter meds that may help you. Claritin D works good for me. I just started using it and I like it.

Haha. No your brain is not leaking. Actually your having and allergic reaction to things in the air allergies.

sounds like allergies. try an over the counter allergy medicine.
if it doesn't go away after following the instuction on the package then seek professional help

Need to Know
It's just allergies or sinusitis. Try some over the counter allergy medicine like Zyrtec, Claritin or benedryl.

If you get relief from it, tell you doctor. He may need to re-evaluate you or refer you to the ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist) They will know what to do for you and if you will need more than an Rx.

driven crazy
this is flu season, , don't worry your brain is not leaking. due to the clogging of phelgum around your head, it will defintely hurt. take the right medicines for your cold and don't take painkillers, they will hurt you even more

Sounds like allergies. Drink hot Green Tea with honey and it'll help your headache. For some people it even stops the runny nose. If you want to clear the sniffles, try eating cinnimon sugar bread. Very good, and helps clear you right up without yucky medication.

The same thing happens to me.
You probably have allergies.
Don't worry, its completely normal.

Doctors tend to push things aside. I've seen several episodes of mystery diagnosis so you might want to keep going to different doctors until someone tells you something. I know that this will be very costly, but not knowing is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

You have allergies, same thing happens to me.
I take benedryl, and the symptoms go away.

Magdalena K
This is allergic rhinitis hard treatable but possible a-la long.
You must discover the causes making medical analysis first , but also observing yourself when you react, from what you react and why

no, you maybe just have allergies. u do know that this is allergie season? u just have to bare with it, there is nuthin you could do about it. it also maybe a sinus problem. for a sinus problem, you could use simply saline for a reliever for a couple of days.

One possibility is that you have a polyp in one of your sinuses, which has led to an ongoing sinus infection.

If you're exposed to a virus, and an allergen or something you are sensitive to causes your nasal cavity to become inflamed, the polyp could act like a cork and not allow the virus to escape giving it a perfectly good home to stay in for quite awhile.

I had a drippy nose starting in high school and I found out that my sinus cavities had become literally filled with polyps when I reached my forties. I ended up constantly battling one sinus infection after another until my Doctor figured out what was wrong and the corks were pulled out. The surgery was nothing compared to feeling constantly tired.

The polyps developed as a result of constant exposure to cigarette smoke from my Dad. As a result of heavy exposure to the smoke, I developed a sensitivity to it, and it took me many years to realize that smoke exposure was leading to recurring sinus infections. Cigarette smoke wasn't an allergen (which produces antihistamines), it was merely a sensitivity so anithistamines didn't make any difference in how stuffed up my head was.

Bear in mind that this is only a possibility, but it took my Doctor (who is highly competent) years to figure out what was causing the recurring sinus infections. It wasn't figured out until I was sent to an eye, ear nose and throat specialist who deduced that a polyp might be present and ordered an MRI to confirm it. He was surprised when he found my sinuses were literally full of polyps.

Needless to say, if you're exposed to cigarette smoke, you could be experiencing the same thing I did.

I find it difficult to remain civil to smokers, but I keep in mind that my Dad smoked because he had to, and he started smoking when he was 10. He tried to quit many times, but eventually the smoking killed him. At the time he started smoking, it was billed as something healthy to do because it somehow was supposed to clean the dirt out of your lungs. The only thing he ever said about it is that he wished I wouldn't smoke and I never have.

In my Dad's honor, whenever I walk along a city street and a cigarette butt is lying close to a sewer hole I kick the butt into the sewer where it belongs. I "kick butts" in his name.

Spring time brings more than flowers. It also brings pollen. It sounds like you are experiencing allergies to pollen. You might also experience itchy and watery eyes. The runny nose is another symptom of allergies. You might try taking Claritin.

[email protected]
You may have a sinus infection.

I think it's a sinus problem.get an x-ray on your nose ,even ask your doctor to refer you to a Specialist.Dont believe what your doctor say...Always get a second Professional opinion.Cheers.

No, your brain's not leaking- Though I'm sure it feels like it is!

Have you been checked for allergies? I don't know about where you live, but right now the pollen in the air is enough to make me sneeze my head off.

Your doctor is missing something: It's not normal for a nose to run constantly. Try seeing an ENT specialist.

Meanwhile try using steam: That seems to help with my nose when I'm ill.

Good luck!

Sounds like a bad sinus infection. Go to the Doctor before it turns into something worse. I let one ride several years ago and ended up with meningitis.

paresh g
It may be due to allergy. Take some anti-allergic medicine ,it will be cured or take homeopathic treatment

yash j
hi,angel don't worry try this..........
first, wash ur nose with fresh water periodically.
after bath, 2 droop of mustard seed oil in ur nose.
at night, use the same but slightly warm
i think this will protect u many kind of allergies & desieses

i will tell you what my ent told me try to catch it before it runs off.Then he told me no really it is called sinusitis. go see a ENT and they can help you with it. i had surgery about ten years ago and it worked but need it again.not the best thing to go thru but at least i didnt have to keep chasing my nose.good luck

..:: strawberry kiss ::..
maybe you are allergic to dust. It SUPER irritating and rly difficult to understand. Do you have any pets? You may also be allergic to that. Some things that may help are taking out any stuffed toys (if u have any) from your room, changing your blanket/duvet (trust me it makes a big difference), plus if you have the air-conditioner on while you sleep make sure u have the vents cleaned. You might also want to get ur sinuses checked.

Lisa B
sounds like you may have a sinus infection! Perhaps an over the counter med such as Tylenol Sinus might offer help. If you are suffering, see another doctor for a second opinion.

Oh, dont worry, its nothing wrong with your brain. I used to have the same problem as you. Actually, it's probably an allergy that is causing your sinuses to run. What i did was go see a doctor specialising in allergies and have her check what exactly you are allergic too. For me, its dust mites, which is basically like everywhere. If you can, ask her to give you nose Spray (Nasonex) and pills (zrytec, cetrizine etc.) to take once a day. It will really help. But the nose problem is kind of long term and it will never really cure, it comes in stages, sometimes really terrible and sometimes you forget you have it. Perhaps you can get rid of softtoys in your house and wash your bedsheets and blankets more often. Good luck! Hope you get well soon!

.ROXY.sheila from oz.
i would sugest homeopathy ,it's the only remedy that has ever worked for me .many years of prescription medication did NOTHING !!i

it sounds like sinuses. I had the same issue for about 4 mos. Ibuprophen helped the head pain. My doc. said there was nothing they could do.


Angel Sweetie, I have the very same problem. I think it's a sinus problem, something having to do with the nasal canal. I was told to make an appointment with a Nuero Surgeon that perhaps they can detect the real reason for this.

Michelle T
u just have a head cold it will go away on it own. take headache tablets 4 the head and may find it will work for the nose, if dont work for the nose try hayfever medication, I am from Australia, we are going into winter if u r from another country like America u r in pring it could be hay fever.

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