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Amanda L
Why do my eyes itch and water?
Every now and then, my eyes start itching a lot, and watering. (The watering might just be because I rub them when they itch, I don't know). It's really, really uncomfortable, and I think I'm allergic to something. I have two dogs, but I don't think it's them, not sure though. Any ideas?

chris l
Is this problem only when you are at home? If yes, then call an enviromental abatement services company to come and assess the air quality of your home. Do you have mould problems within your home? A 2-300 dollar charge can be expected. Perhaps your home is excessively arid. Good luck.

Evil Twin
Are your dogs really hairy? I have 2 cats and every once in awhile that same thing will happen to me if I pet one of them. Doesn't happen all the time, just sometimes. Kinda weird. Try not to touch your eyes if you pet them, to stop that from happening.

Justin E
Well. considering its spring, it's spring, you might be allergic to pollen. Also, have you been in a pool several times? Well, if you did, the chlorine might have done that itching. I suggest you get eye fresheners(eye Drops). And also, do not itch your eyes!!! Trust me, I did that when I had water polo when I had chlorine in my eyes. It would burn a lot if I would itch them JUST a bit.

Do not use Visine even if it says allergy. Just avoid eye Drops, they actually make things worst.

I would recommend Benadryl for instant relief but it will put you to sleep. However, you can use claritan or Zyrtec/reactine once Daily to prevent the watery eyes from occuring. Also, wash out your eyes with water regularly to remove whatever is irritating them.

It's spring time right now and there is lots of pollination going on which is why your experiencing watery eyes right now. Keep your windows closed.

you might just have seasonal allergies. take some claratin

It could be your dogs, or just pollen allergies. If it's getting hotter where you live then it may either be both of those because when it gets hotter dogs seem to shed more hair to keep them cool.
You can take over the counter anti-histamines like Zirtek etc but if it doesn't help then go to your doctor and you can have an allergy test done.
Also, itchy eyes can result from tiredness so see that your getting enough sleep.

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