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 My ears are clogged. How can i unclog them without medication or doctors help. theyre clogged cuz i had a cold
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╣emo duckii ♥ Edward Cullen╠
Why do I get allergic reactions to fruit?

Additional Details
It only happens when the fruit is cut up into large chunks. And it osnt all the time...

It may not be the fruit. It could be the preservatives used to keep the fruit fresh. You may want to see an Allergist and be tested. I did and discovered i was allergic to the preservatives used on fresh fruits.

Andjoua J
bcasue fruit is something like alleergic.

Lots of people have allergies. Some to milk or sh elfish, others to things like fruit.

Have you been tested by a doctor to see if you are allergic?

It may be that you are allergic only to certain types, or if you don't wash yours before you eat it, it may be the cleaners and ripening agents that they spray on them.

This tell you that you have selective or slight intolerance only, but it is deceptive, if you know for sure then avoid it, if you get itchy throat then it can swell up and block the airways and in matter of 5 minutes it can fry your brain(no circulation,oxygen to the brain), and kill you.

It may be any other allergy but fructose intolerance is the suspect. Go see an allergist and have yourself tested and desensitised.

Most fruits are treated for preserving and shipping, so they retain their appearance or they may have coating of paraffin. this can cause allergy like reaction, simple good washing or peeling the skin off can help a great deal, do your own investigation.

i don't know, but it's very rare

Allergies to fruit are the same as allergies to anything else--why?? because that is the way you are--you can take yourself to a doctor and fine tune your system--find out what fruit you can have....if any at all.

redd headd
Fruit has chemicals on them that might be your problem. there is a special wash that strips the wax and chemicals off the fruit. fruit gives off ethylene gas, that ripens the fruit ,and that could be your problem

Laura M
I'm allergic to grapefruit

alot of people don't really know why they're allergic to something. They just are

Because ur allergic.

i have allergies to some fruits - it isnt that rare. the best way to find out what exactly it is & which fruits is to get yourself tested by an allergist - that wy you know what you can permit yourself and which foods/fruits can harm you.

arent poptarts good!
cuz maybe your allergic to certain foods??
lol ..iuno
talk to the doc

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