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 Is my son allergic to cereal?
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Channi... very funny...though hopefully not a loner!...

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It only happens when the fruit is cut up into large chunks. And it osnt all the time......

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William H
What to do if you need to blow your nose and have nothing to blow it on???
Ok... I don't have any toliet paper, tissues, or anything along the lines of those things to blow my nose on, and I'm at home, and I REALLY need to blow my nose.... Any help? I'm hoping someone has an amazing secret nose blowing technique I can use, lmao.

San Diego Art Nut
For hundreds of years people did not get dressed without including a handkerchief in their pocket. They also double as a napkin or a dust cloth. If you don't have any hankies I would suggest a pillowcase, tshirt or even clean BVDs. And immediately rinse them out and put in the laundry.

Maybe O
my sleeves if I am wearing long sleeves, or my shoulder, or any paper I find...

See Leveler
Blow it on your pillow.

100% White Meat
walk outside and blow a snot rocket

use your hand

Blow it in the bathroom sink and wash your nose with water, by putting your hand under the tap and wiping your nose with it to get rid of any hanging residue. lol then dry it off with a towel that ONLY you use.

an old piece of paper.
or a towel or something.
if not, just sniffle.


a girl..
um first.. how do you use the bathroom.... and you could just blow it over the sink and rinse it and wash your hands... with SOAP!!!

a towel


Chris S
use your undershirt.

Blow your nose in your hands by a sink and wash hands thuroghly,


Donna B
I would be concerned about what I was going to use to wipe my butt with than blow my nose, considering theres no toilet paper

last case scenario... run the water in your bathroom sink, blow your nose into your hands, rinse and wash.

i dont know your shirt. maybe this is where your hands come into good use.

ummmmmm......good luck!!

Tennis Luvr
Blow it out on your hand and drink away.

kid just go to the bathroom sink and blow and wash them clogged up nostrils.
:D Gooday!
And clean dat key board xD

Do it punk style. hold your finger over one nostril and blow out the other. repeat with the opposite.
outside or in, depending on if you're a real punk.

somebody or something else.

Farmer's spit, you plug one nostril and blow out through your nose hard enough to release the mucous, repeat for both. Please make sure you do it outside.

Chris Webb
dirty shirt =]

Suzie L
Old socks!

Take a shower, blow your nose real clean, dry yourself, get dressed and with a small face washer, go to the shop quickly and get a box of tissue and toilet paper and hurry back home. Also the other thing that I use when desperate like that, I take my old clean underwear (this has to be cotton) and I use it until I get the chance to go to the shop.

Tony M
Here's a technique called the "Farmer Blow".

1. Press down on one side of your nose to close that nostril.
2. Blow out the other side hard. It helps if your face is turned upward some.
3. Repeat on the other side.
4. Clean up anything that got away.

Note that it is best to do this outside or over a trashcan. I have also seen it done out a window.

interesting, kind of random i guess. idk. try any paper product. ex. newspaper. or cloth. but wash it good after you blow your nose on it.

Sassy S
Pinch one side of your nose off, blow air forcefully out the other side. (wipe if necessary with your hand) repeat on other side if needed.

use your scandolous photos

a shirt? lol

ness. =)
thats a little weird. what do you do after you go the the bathroom? i think thats a little bigger of an issue than your nose.

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