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 How can someone who is allergic to dogs own one without suffering from allergies?

 Alcohol allergy?
Is it possible that I actually lack alcohol dehydrogenase? When I have one to two drinks, I immediately get a hot sensation on my entire face. I also begin vomitting, usually 5-6 times within a two ...

 I am severley allergic to dairy products and I am afraid to eat food help?
I am annafalactic ( DO NOT KNOW how to spell that word) allergic to dairy...butter, cheese, chocolate, icecream, whey, milk, etc. I am going to college next year and I am scared that I will not eat ...

 Need some help with a runny nose?
Hey im 17 and im in the middle of high school. We all know the feeling. I cant concentrate because i have allergies to ragweed and my nose runs like crazy in the middle of class. I cant get up and ...

 What is honey allergy?
after having honey with lime and warm water , i had burning sensation all over my oral mucosa, tongue and lips since the last 3 days. so what is the solution. is it due to honey allergy?...

 Does milk or cream have wheat or gluten?

 I haver an allergy on a component of milk. It's definatley not lactose intolerance bec. my symptoms dont match
I noticed I had a problem with dairy producs and then I though that it might be something in dairy products because my syptoms dont mastcht he regular symptomns of lactose intolerance and I think ...

 Is it okay to these medicines so close together?
I want to take some Claritin for my allergies but I took some Benadryl a couple of hours ago but it didnt work. Is it okay to take the Claritin or should I wait till tommorow?...

 Are there any medicines inducing erictyle dysfunction.?

 Is there any test to know what is the cause for allergy?

 â™¥Does this sound sinus-related?
Here's my symptoms:

-woke up with eye really red on left side.
-nose has been stuffed up in right nostril.
-head hurts in temple area, neck, and forhead, under
eyes, ...

 Allergic Reactions?
Hi, I seem to be suffering from an allergic reaction to a new product i used on Sat night. I've had a severe rash and mad itching, now though my joints are stiff and my fingers and feet are ...

 Help !! cats owner with asthma?
is there anybody here that owns a cat but have asthma?

i'm an allergic person. i have eczema, but over the years my eczema does not attack me anymore whe i touch my cat.


 I have a bad cough, off and on soar throat, runny nose and bad headache!?
does anyone know what i have?.... well ive been playing soccer alot and outside more and i was jiss wondering!...

 Dairy allergy?
hi-i've just found out that I've got a dairy allergy and was wondering which was the nicest milk substitute?
Thanks! ...

 I have Allergies, an have taken many medicines for them an they dont work , any suggestions ? thank?
any suggestions?? thanks , i have like dust allergies an stuff like that
Additional Details
oh an , to the person who posted the first question, wat bout algeries at work / ...

 Skin test showed "trace" of corn allergy. never had corn trouble b4 now its i my head, what shall i do
corn appears to be in EVERYTHING, but she said its only a trace, whatever that means, and ive never noticed anything b4. anyone else familiar with this allergy or what she means by trace?...

Blanca G
What causes a baby to cough most of the night,but not during the day? DR says allergies ??????

at night the baby is mostly in the lying down flat position, and nasal and sinus fluids drain down the throat causing baby to cough. In the day baby is upright more and can handle swallowing the fluids better. Did the Dr prescribe anything? Does he allow Benadryl in a baby dose?

belligerent assistant
I'd believe that. I have spring allergies that don't bother me with coughing until I go to bed at night.

Part of that problem I think is because I'm lying down so a baby could have same trouble. Could she/he be allergic to something in his/her room?

Babies can't drain their fluids as well at night because they are lying down. Try elevating your childs bed a little bit at the head..it makes a world of difference! Good luck

A common reason for baby coughing is acid reflux. Try angling the baby's torso at a ca. 30° incline at night and see if it gets better.

gale c
it could be allergies or it could be no moisture in the house u might want to consider to get a cool mist it puts moisture in the house if the house is dry?

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