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all answers are helpful, thank u to you ...

What are some good ways to deal with Exema, I've developed it as an allergic reaction.?

My recommendation is that you do not rely on steroid applications to treat your eczema. There are side effects such as the thinning of your skin, making you more subsceptible to getting cuts and abrasions.

There are several ways to deal with eczema on a natural basis. You need to find those that can work for you. Here are some ideas:

- avoid food triggers
- avoid use of chemcicals such as perfumes
- wear cotton material
- consider fish oil supplements

I got most of these ideas from a free newsletter that I subscribe to here

anti-itch cream

I use cream to help it..... called cetaphil

I used to have really bad eczema. I had to use prescription creams to clear up most of it, but I control it by using Aveeno products. I tried Cetaphil, corn Huskers Lotion, that cow cream stuff, and it was all ok for a while, but then would stop working. I've been using Aveeno for 6 years. Also, remember, whatever you use, moisturize everytime you shower, wash your hands (if that's an affected area) or go swimming.

I've has Exema for 20+ years and have found an excellent way to deal with it. First off, do not scratch! It makes the itching/reaction worse and it will scar. The best over the counter remedy is Eucerin. It comes in everything from cleansers, lotions, creams, sprays. It is extremely effective and soothing. When used regularly it will really help the Exema. I use the cream and put in on everyday after a shower. If I have a flare up that gets really itchy I use the Eucerin Calming Spray which moisturizes and stops the itch.
I highly recommend you not using prescription steriod cream for this. The ones on the market have caused cancer in lab animals. These are only reserved for the worse conditions.
If nothing seems to work, put an ice pack on the area which will really feel better.
Good Luck!

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