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 Dairy allergy?
hi-i've just found out that I've got a dairy allergy and was wondering which was the nicest milk substitute?
Thanks! ...

 I have Allergies, an have taken many medicines for them an they dont work , any suggestions ? thank?
any suggestions?? thanks , i have like dust allergies an stuff like that
Additional Details
oh an , to the person who posted the first question, wat bout algeries at work / ...

 Skin test showed "trace" of corn allergy. never had corn trouble b4 now its i my head, what shall i do
corn appears to be in EVERYTHING, but she said its only a trace, whatever that means, and ive never noticed anything b4. anyone else familiar with this allergy or what she means by trace?...

Kevin T
Need some help with a runny nose?
Hey im 17 and im in the middle of high school. We all know the feeling. I cant concentrate because i have allergies to ragweed and my nose runs like crazy in the middle of class. I cant get up and leave or blow my nose when the teacher is in the middle of a lecture. What can i do to naturally cure my runny nose or at least calm it down a bit. Ive tried Claritin it works for my other symptoms but doesn't come through for the runny nose.



Before you got to school, lie down flat with your head facing the ceiling for about 20 mins. That helped my lil bro with the same problem. (do this as often as you can and drink hot tea day and night)

(Stinging) Nettle & Quercetin taken together help dry up nasal passages & reduce inflammation

Dr. Perks
You need to increase your fruit & vegetable intake. This provides your body with the proper minerals it needs to function without symptoms. Check your saliva and urine pH. I bet your body is too acidic, and your allergies is your body's way of getting rid of these extra toxins. Whole food green Barley products like Alka-Green will help as well. I would also reccommend seeing a B.E.S.T. practitioner or a chiropractor to see how your nervous system is functioning.

Claritin is an anti-Histamine which should help some with the nose. If its not then you could try a different one or something with Phenylephrine in it like Sudafed or other nasal decongestants.

Also you could try Claritin-D. This will keep the allergies under control and the D is for nasal Decongestant, and it works great.

one of the causes that leads to runny nose are lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lost of vitamin C in our immune system. you should drink plenty of water atleast 8 glasses water a day. drink plenty of juices namely calamanci or orange juices atleast three times a day. daily excercise atleast 10 to 15 minutes when you wake up early in the morning.take some medicine that will heal your runny nose.
if symptoms still persist consult to your doctor.

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