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Channi... very funny...though hopefully not a loner!...

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My throat is sore, should I gargle with bleach?
Someone told me that bleach is a good disinfectant. Will it help my sore throat?

NO WAY try warm salt water, or if you can stand the taste peroxide will cure it as soon as it hits your throat. Just gargle with it. :) good luck

who said that?noioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Yep that;ll do it

just me
it is not good for you to gargle with beach, it could make you very sick and might kill you.

it's also poison....................try salt water

swamp elf
Salt water---air borne tablets, they do help. no bleach.

Somebody doesn't want you to live or you are running a high fever and don't know, what you are talking about.

Gargle with lots of salt water and get lots of rest and drink lots of juices.

bleach is a good disinfectant
but not on humans
try gargling with salt water
or try strepsil throat lozenges


Bleach will kill the tissues of your throat and cause a lot of damage. Chances are your bodies healing system will take care of it but if it lasts more than a couple of days you may need to see a doctor to get some antibiotics that are specifically designed to deal with the bug that is infecting your throat.

if you garglle with bleach...you will not have a throat to night

so gargle with warm water and salt

No! Who ever told you was trying to kill you or something!

not if you want to die........
If your throat is sore for real gargle with some salt water the salt cuts the infection in your throat.

DO Not gargle with bleach!!! All you have to do is read the label to figure out why.

jennifer t
Certainly not! The soreness in your throat comes from inflammation. Mildly hot salt water is an excellent gargle as well as hot water with crushed mint, honey and lemon. The honey helps reduce swelling, per a Martha Stewart article on healthy living as well as lemon helps to cut mucus. Hope you feel better. JT

robert KS LEE.
y not u try listerine which kills germs within seconds?besides drink a lot of plain water n some light exercise 4 sweating.don't eat hot n spicy food but eat green veggies n fresh fruits.

think about what bleach is....... now there is your answer.

Absolutely not. You will burn your tissues and have alot worse problems.

You are kidding, I hope.

I'd try salt water OR Tea Tree Oil mixed in water. I would just gargle, not swallow them.

Salt water is a better idea!

Try vinegar instead of bleach

sodium hypochlorite is the chemical name for bleach, DONT DO IT POISON .........................YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY... you mite endup doin the chicken poisonppppppppppoooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiii... h (bleach is corrosive to mucous membranes (your throat,intestines & stomach lining

No!! don't use bleach!!! try gargling with equal parts of honey and vinegar. the honey will soothe your throat and the vinegar will prevent any infection.

day shaun
arum are you ready to meet your maker

It will burn your throat out and cause you to be stuck in the hospital so no don't do it.

YEs you should, if you want to DIE!

Are you serious??????

Helll NO

misty blue
no bleach is not for eternal use. its for clothes. get some throat lozenger's.

if you want to die, sure.

If you survive, tell me the results.

I am soooo splendiferous
Bleach? Definitely not. You should try:
1. Warm salt water
2. Hot tea (doesn't really cure a sore throat, it just relieves it for a few minutes)
3. Mix lemon and honey together and heat that up to drink
4. Throat drops

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