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 What are the best cities in the US to avoid allergies?
I currently live in San Antonio, TX, which is the 4th worst city for allergies; I am strongly considering moving, but warm climate, not hot, is also a consideration.
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Hi, I want to know about what's best when singing, breathing with the mouth or the nose. Most of all when your are in the middle of a song.

Thanks for your answer....

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Starting friday I started have symptoms of allergic reactions not noticing because they were small. Saturday was the same, so I ignored them. Sunday I woke up with a bad sinus infection, my normal ...

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After the allergy shots the doctor told me i was ....
am i the only one?...

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 When I sneeze???
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 What is the best medicine for year round allergies?
Hi. I'm a singer and I got really bad allergies two years ago and since then I have had a constant stuffy nose and congestion in my throat that affects my singing. It really has started to be a ...

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No matter if I take my hayfever tablets or not I still end up all puffy and swollen... Anyone has some idea's on how to help the puffyness and swelling go down?

When I wake up in the ...

 Is it unusual to be addicted to something you might be allergic to?
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 The child is so allergic to antibiotics (cefalexin), how to do?
can we administrate with a histamin, or find a good alternative.Thank you
Additional Details
all answers are helpful, thank u to you ...

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Last night I was bitten by what must have been a spider in bed. I woke up to a swollen arm and welts and a rash on ...

 Can you give benadryl to a 5 month old for runny nose?

My ears are clogged. How can i unclog them without medication or doctors help. theyre clogged cuz i had a cold
My ears are clogged because i just got over a cold. i took allergy medication and it cleared up my plugged nose, but now my ears are clogged and I have a pageant tomorrow and I have to speak and there is no way im speaking with my ears like this. I cant go to a doctor so please dont suggest that. I have taken meds but they dont work, ive heard about all the stuff to put in your ears, i dont have water in them so how can i unclog them?!?! preferably in less that 5 minutes. HELP!
Additional Details
i just went to my pagaent rehersal and i sounded ok and all my friends said i sounded good so ill just wait it out. thanks guys!

Sounds like you have an ear infection and/or a sinus infection. If you can't see a doctor, try vicks vapor rub for a quick fix. Boil some water, put a few tablesppons of the rub in it, then lean over it and breath it in through your nose. It helps to drape a towel over your head around the pot (take it off the stove first!) to collect more of the fumes to inhale.
I know you said don't suggest a doctor, but chances are you'll HAVE TO see one in the end. If you're this bad with clogged ears, your body probably can't fight this off and you could have long term damage. Sorry to mention doctor : )

Try taking Benadryl. That should clear up your ears. Sorry! Good luck at your pageant.

Well if they are cogged because of wax build up you can use Hydrogen Peroxide. Use this solution till the wax is soft enough to come out of your ear . You have to you something that will spray water into your ear as a flush. Repeat if necessary.

When you have a bath, simply cup your hand to your ear and let warm water pour into each ear for 30 seconds. Dry afterwards with a damp facecloth. Repeat regularly rather than using q tips.

M 1 A .
chew gum

Hold you hand near it nose, squeeze it and just put pressure such as blowing with your nose

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