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 Why do my eyes itch and water?
Every now and then, my eyes start itching a lot, and watering. (The watering might just be because I rub them when they itch, I don't know). It's really, really uncomfortable, and I think I&...

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I have SEVERE SEVERE allergies too Perfume, Dust, Pollen and normal seasonal allergies. I never had them when I lived in Seattle but since moving to Texas I have them SEVERE to the point that it ...

 My ears are clogged. How can i unclog them without medication or doctors help. theyre clogged cuz i had a cold
My ears are clogged because i just got over a cold. i took allergy medication and it cleared up my plugged nose, but now my ears are clogged and I have a pageant tomorrow and I have to speak and ...

 Why am I breaking out in Hives?
It's all over me. It's just spots that get very very itchy and then get raised and then after awhile go away, and then they leave these little red dots all in the area, which disappear in a ...

 What is the procedure for getting tested for allergies?
Does the doctor take a blood sample, skin tissue, etc...? How long does it take to determine what the person is allergic to? does it take several doctor visits to find out? I would appreciate some ...

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 What do you take for your seaonal/outdoor allergies?
I have insane, dehabilitating allergies. I've missed three or four days of school because of they, as well as several night's sleep. When it first came out, I took Claratin. I got used to ...

 Allergic to cheese, can anyone help?
I'm not sure if this is classed as a proper allergy however when i eat some cheese such as mozzarella or feta, a few hours later i get bad stomach cramps and sometimes diarrhoea
however i ...

 I'm having issues with my allergies and contact wearing?
Well actually just allergies period. I've had the sniffles almost all day for like 3 days, my eyes itch, and i sneeze sometimes.

I'm mostly bothered by the itchy eyes because I ...

 What do these sound like symptoms of?
- Acute Post-nasal drip
- Runny nose (clear mucus)
- Bad breath
- Slightly weakened voice
- Dry ...

 How can i stop eating chocolates????? please Help?
i am alergic to chocolate it makes my skin peal and it itches how can i eat a type of chocolate that im not alergic to and when i eat the chocolate with coco beens inside the pealing stops but ...

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 What does dust-mite allergy do.?
what kind of problem does dust mites give....

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 What are the best cities in the US to avoid allergies?
I currently live in San Antonio, TX, which is the 4th worst city for allergies; I am strongly considering moving, but warm climate, not hot, is also a consideration.
Thanks in advance for any ...

 Help. . I'm getting a scratchy throat. . .?
Well, you all know us Floridians aren't used to the colder weather, so as soon as it started getting chilly, my throat is starting to get scratchy and I'm coughing a bit. I want to try and ...

 When singing what do you breathe with, your nose or your mouth?
Hi, I want to know about what's best when singing, breathing with the mouth or the nose. Most of all when your are in the middle of a song.

Thanks for your answer....

 I've been having a series of reactions, are they going to stop?
Starting friday I started have symptoms of allergic reactions not noticing because they were small. Saturday was the same, so I ignored them. Sunday I woke up with a bad sinus infection, my normal ...

Itchy skin, no sign of anything, is it allergies?

It could be a lot of different things... If there isn't any redness or bumps are anything else visible, I would try some kind of moisturizer on the area to see if that helps. If not, see your doctor. I have neurodermatitis, which causes me to itch and it is nerve related.

More likely than not, it's dry Skin. The lack of humidity during the winter months often coupled with hotter showers can result in dry Skin. Try Cetaphil lotion.

Missy K
I have the same problem. Are you sure it's not nerves? Sometimes when people are stressed out they scratch their skin just as others twiddle their thumbs. It could also be allergies though. Consider this--a lot of women are allergic to a component in colognes and perfumes. If you're using things that are loaded with fragrance or are around people that use these items you could develop itch skin because of that. You may also want to consider using a laundry detergent and fabric softener made for people with sensitive skin. I hope this helps.

Spring is a time of year when people realize that they may have allergies. If your skin itches, your eyes itch, your throat itches, or you may even develop hives on your skin, it is at this point that you must admit that you have allergies. You could be allergic to rag weed, pollen, dust,hay, foods, and the only way you can be positive is to see a doctor and have test done. But if you have the patience you can slowly start to control your diet staying away from foods that are known to have a high allergic rate. Try a certain food and if you notice the itch to increase, then you know that you are allergic to it. If you sit in the grass, and start to itch, then you will know that you are allergic to that, that is one of the things that I am allergic to. By slowly discovering the things that you are allergic and staying away from them , you can make your life more comfortable, but in the mean time you can take benedroyl to combat the itch symptoms, or if you go to the doctor and he confirms that you do have allergies, then he may give you a certain allergy Medication. But I would not suggest taking them with out the doctors advice.

Hi, Lois. Sounds more like either nerves and/or extremely dry Skin. I live in a very humid area. So I'm usually fine. But when the humidity is low my skin itches like crazy. So I started using hypoallergenic everything because dry Skin is treated pretty much the same way. Use alot of lotion when you first come out of the shower while your skin is still damp & pores are open. It will drink it up in no time. Plus I drink lots more water to keep hydrated. I also use a loofah on dry spots like the legs when I'm in the shower to scrape off the dead skin cells. You could be getting eczema or psoraiasis. But more than likely your skin justs needs to be cleansed & hydrated.

Mama C
the most obvious thing could just be dry skin

Ask Dr. Dingo
Some basic causes of itchy skin include rashes, allergies, hives, blisters, dry Skin, shingles, parasites, insect bites, lice, allergies, and the list goes on and on. So, if you have itchy skin that is not helped by a good moisturizing Cream then you should visit your general practitioner or else a dermatologist to find out what is really causing your itchy skin so you can get some relief as quick as possible.

Since there are so many causes of itchy skin the amount of treatments available are also rather wide. These include over the counter lotions, prescription and medicated lotions and creams, steroidal creams, antibiotics, and a wide range of other products. The cause of your itchy skin will determine the type of treatment best for you.

If your itchy skin is caused by dry Skin due to cold weather or any other similar reason, then a really good Moisturizing Lotion should be able to offer you the relief you are looking for. Eczema sufferers frequently need to apply special lotions to their bodies in order to deal with the itchy skin, but there is really no cure for this condition so you will often times need to be creative and find the treatment that works best for you.

If a fungus is the cause of your itchy skin then you will need to use an anti-fungal cream like Clotrimazole or a similar product to kill the fungus and get rid of the itch. This type of cream might also be used if parasites are causing your skin itch. Itchy skin caused by a virus, like a staph or strep infection, might require an antibiotic to tackle the infection and a medicated cream like Bactroban to handle the outward itch. Remember as well, if you have recently started a prescription drug and have itchy skin within a two to four week time frame you might be experiencing an allergic reaction and the best way to treat this is to simply stop taking the drug. Then, your body can heal on its own and you can apply anti-itch creams until the allergy has subsided.

Obviously, there are many causes for itchy skin and a multitude of treatment options. However, only your doctor can truly determine the cause or causes of your itchy skin and prescribe a treatment that will really be beneficial for you. If you try and treat your itchy skin yourself you might overlook the main cause, which could be an allergy or an illness that needs proper care by a physician and you might become even sicker or have itchier skin. As a result, if you have itchy skin that is not relieved with a good Moisturizing Lotion then make an appointment with a general practitioner or dermatologist to get to the bottom of your itchy skin. There is really no reason to wait for relief when you can see your doctor and find out what is causing your itchy skin and begin a treatment to provide you the much needed relief you deserve.

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