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Andrew Gibbs
Is my son allergic to cereal?
My son is 14 and we noticed about 6 years ago that when ever he eats cereal for breakfast (almost every day) he sneezes twice after he finishes eating it. Literally around 1 minute after he finishes. It happens with all cereals he eats whether it be shreddies, wheatabix or coco pops? Could he have a small allergy to them or something?

(he tried for a few days not eating cereal and he didn't sneeze once in the few days, when he started again he did!)
Additional Details
** to dini **

in the winter he has this obsession of warming his cereal *rolls eyes* and he still sneezes, although a sensible answer i don't think this is the case. thanks though :)

Jackie J
people can develop allegies to food. I use to be able to eat fish and now it makes me sick. Id go see the gp. Also if he is having a reaction to it he shouldnt be eating it.

He may have a gluten alergy which could mean a whole change in diet

u cud try cing if there is any common ingredient n if not just try 2 avoid cereal

Tiana M
He could just be sniffing the fine powdered crumbs of the cereal causing him to sneeze.

you might want to get a medical opinion though. There are many good allergists available,.

Should be something inside the cereal, one of the ingredients. Get it checked with the doctor to be exact. :D

Does he have milk on them? Milk can affect mucus production, that's why they say you should avoid dairy food if you have a cold.

Jeff Seany
It is prob not the cereal but 1 of the ingredients inside. You should go to the doctor and have him do a specific check up on which ingredient so you can purchase food more carefully.

yes he must be - i have to avoid cereals for the same reason - maybe try oats porridge

It may not be an allergy, but a sensitivity, or an intolerance to a certain ingredient.
You should look for a common ingredient in the cereals, but best is to go to see your Doctor (GP) to get advice.
There are plenty of tests that can identify specific food allergies/intolerance's/sensitivities.
But you can develop any of the above at any point in your life, they are not always there at the beginning of someone's life.
Sometimes if you eat or touch a lot of a particular thing, your body can develop a reaction against it.

Taking your son to the GP is definately the next step.

If all he's doing is sneezing twice, it's neither an allergy nor a food sensitivity. Most likely it's his soft palette reacting to the cold milk, the same way iced drinks cause some people to sneeze.

There is an easy way to determine if he is allergic to any food. Allergies can only happen if the food you eat has a protein in it. If it doesn't have a protein, it can only be a food sensitivity.

Milk has protein and some cereals. To determine what is causing the problem, you can do a simple test as follows:

Have your son sit in a chair for 5 minutes and be still. Take his pulse for a full 60 seconds; not the 15 second, multiply by 4 thing. Write the number down on a piece of paper. Wait one minute and then have him put ONLY the food you suspect in his mouth and have him chew it for 30 seconds, hold it in the mouth and then take his pulse again for the full 60 seconds. Write the number down. If the pulse is higher than 6 pulse beats on the second measurement, he is allergic or sensitive to that food. If his blood type is type "O," then use 4 pulse beats as the criteria.

I would do this for the milk he uses in the cereal as well. Milk that you buy in local stores is not good for anyone. It is pasteurized and homogenized. The homogenization process crushes butterfat cells and generates huge amounts of foreign amino acid chards that causes homocysteins to form in the body causing allergies. Go to: www.organicpastures.com and look at their milk. 90% of the world drinks raw milk and over 1 million people in America are drinking raw milk each day. This pasteurized, homogenized garbage is being made to make milk from unhealthy cows safer. When you feed cows grain, put them in feed lots, and milk them on milking machines you have to pasteurize the milk to get rid of the human pathogens. Cows fed grass and free to roam and milked in the fields do not have human pathogens and do not require pasteurization. Pasteurization was invented to allow dairy farmers to make more money; simple as that. Homogenization was the dairy industries way of making milk cheaper and getting rid of the competition issue due to the amount of butterfat in milk. If you believe what the dairy people are telling you about skim milk being better for you, you need to free yourself from the lies you believe.

good luck

Hiatus from Answers
He may be allergic to wheat. Book an appointment at your GP, he/she can easily find the problems.

Also, most allergies are found during the first few weeks of birth, it's unlikely that they develop over the years.

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