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Is it okay to these medicines so close together?
I want to take some Claritin for my allergies but I took some Benadryl a couple of hours ago but it didnt work. Is it okay to take the Claritin or should I wait till tommorow?

You can take Claritin any time as they are two differnt meds

snarf girl
not even in the same category of meds - go for it. Claritin never makes me drowsy...but then again everyone is different! good luck!

Daddy's girl
Benadryl says to take every 4 hrs. as needed , so i'd wait til then , & take my Claritin.

It may not have hurt yu, but you'd be a little dry & maybe fuzzy headed.

the crusader
Taking the Claritin now may make you extemely drowsy. Wait until 4 hours have passed from when you took the Benadryl before you take the Claritin.

You're fine with taking one dose of Claritin, but usually Benadryl works much faster than Claritin anyway, so I don't know if it'll help any quicker. :-(

Make sure, if your allergies are bad this year, that you continue with the Claritin even if the symptoms lessen. The idea with Claritin is that it quiets down the underlying immune system that is "overreacting" to cause your allergies, but that means it takes a while to work and if your symptoms come back, it will always take a while to work again. Benadryl is different--it acts more on the surface cells, which is why it usually acts fast. (Major oversimplification there, but this is a short forum.)

Hope you feel better soon!

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