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Thanks for your answer....

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j h
If someone is allergic to milk and seafood what can they eat?
I met a really sweet girl who told me she was allergic to seafood and milk. I would like to take her out to, or make her dinner, but what could I make or what type of restraunt would be best. Thank you for all help.

a steak house, with a potato and a coke.

what is it in milk that she is allergic to?
is it the lactose or something else? if its lactose you can use regular recipies and substitute in goats milk, goats cheese or Soy milk. These only contain very small amounts of lactose

stir fry recipes always go done well. Buy a sauce, a pack of noodles or rice, a thing of meat and a pack of stirfry vegies. Apple crumble is also great for dessert, if you use margarine, instead of butter.
and if you cook it yourself its a hundred times for thoughtful.

the chinese, although they use a fair bit of seafood, dont use much dairy. So just as for seafood free meals if you go out.

be thankful thats all shes allergic to. I know a vegetarian girl who is allergic to seafood, lactose and wheat...

adam r
Anywhere that doesn't serve seafood. And no romantic bowl of cereal either. I have no Idea where you might be able to take her. It's going to be a toughie.

Pasta with out cheese and just have a meat sauce or meat balls with a salad.

Meatloaf with corn, green beans and mashed potatoes.

Taco's with out cheese.

A homemade soup with veggtables.

Roasted Chicken, baked chicken, broiled chicken, fried chicken

Pork chops



Sauage and BBQ

Hope this helps!!!! :)

Going out to dinner would really be up to her. You need to find out what her comfort level is. If she is okay with it call ahead. Talk directly with a manager. Have a list handy of all the words that mean dairy and seafood. Ask about specific things on the menu. Tell your date what you were able to find out. The 2 of you make the final call.

Cooking would be easier on you both. Your options are endless. What does she like?

Spaghetti noodles are fine
ground beef

P.F Changs dude. that's good stuff.

Good suggestions above but just a note.
Milk--Soy milk is fine. Stay away from breads, they contain milk (some rye breads fo not contain milk). Stay away from butter and margarine, contains milk.
She would know what she can eat best. Unless it is a surprise, get her input on the food types and restrauant she can get a meal that she would have no problem with.

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