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I have Allergies, an have taken many medicines for them an they dont work , any suggestions ? thank?
any suggestions?? thanks , i have like dust allergies an stuff like that
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oh an , to the person who posted the first question, wat bout algeries at work / school

jane B
Try dusting, vacuuming and cleaning your house/apt. area. This can really help with all those airborn allergens. Check out http://www.realhomeremedies.com for allergy remedies.

click on the allergies link to your left. good luck!

Disney Fan
Only thing that I've found over the years to help me is Zyrtec. And you have to take it at night, before bedtime. Any allergy medicine for that matter. They only work well if you take them at bed time.

You probably need to see a physician who specializes in allergies. I had the same problem as you and was tested for a variety of things. Once I was able to get those under control, I was able to keep them under control.

I have allergies due to dust, my cat(I won't get rid of) too. I also have severe sinus problems. If you're taking OTC meds that aren't working, see your doc for some prescription ones.

Here are the 3 things people need to learn about allergies.

jane B has provided you with best answer so far and I'll tell you why, but first...medicate, medicate, medicate is what everyone believes will answer your problem. WRONG!, as you ahve already experienced. The true beneficiaries of this solution are the allergy and immunology centers, general practitioners, immunologists, and Big Pharma companies who rake in $billions each year on OTC and prescribed meds.

The general public needs to realize that pharmcotherapy and immunotherapy are the LAST resorts, not first!

The 3 things people need to learn:
1). Educate themselves on the causes of allergies
2). Source Control, remove allergens from the environment
3). Ventilation, increase indoor ventilation to lower allergens

Education: The reason why so many persons are suffering from allergies (54.3% of the population tested positive for at least 1 of 10 common allergens according to a national health institution) is due to the increase of indoor air pollutants since 1980. Why 1980? The energy crisis of the 70's caused the government to mandate better construction methods requiring more insulation and more "air-tight" structures. It helped stymie energy usage but the downside, which has not been realized until just very recently, is that indoor air pollutants have accumulated year after year, in all of our buildings; i.e., schools, work places, and homes. Indoor Air Quality is now the #1 concern of the epa!

Source Control: Identifying the source (dust in your case and many, many, more cases) is your identified problem and is also the primary cause of allergies second only to pollen. Pollen #1 outdoors - Dust #1 indoors. And indoors, the dust mite has been proven to be responsible for 80% to 90% of the ALLERGENIC composition of household dust. Dust mites live, thrive, and breed by the millions in the micro-habitat that humans provide while sleeping under the covers in their cozy little beds. And these millions of dust mites poop 20-30 times per day. The fecal pellets (15 microns in size) dry up, turn into a powder then disintegrate into even smaller particles, which become airborne every time you fluff your pillow or toss and turn in bed (average 50 to 60 times per night). These particles which contain a harmful protein that kills living tissue is called guanine (think guano, as in bat guano) become airborne and you inhale them. Once in your lungs, the protein attaches itself to the healthy cells lining your lungs and suffocates them. As the Europeans have discovered over the past 12 to 15 years, sleeping on hygienic mattresses has reduced and continues to reduce the amount of money spent on allergy medications by the $BILLIONS.

You also asked jane B (and the rest of us) about work/school. While these places need to implement better source control and ventilation...YOU must remember this. While sleeping in your own bed, this is precisely the time that your body is going through "recuperative mending" including rebuilding your immune system, so that you can better ward off the effects of indoor pollutants at school and work.

Ventilation: Allowing you living habitat to naturally ventilate will reduce the indoor contaminants (indoor air quality is 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air quality, and in some cases, 100 to 500 worse is not unheard of). Of couse, when your local weather forecaster tells you that the mold and ragweed count is "high" you do not want to open your windows especially in the mornings when the "counts" are at highest of the day.

We vacuum our carpets fairly often, once per week, maybe every other week. We have our carpets professionally cleaned once a year, maybe more. Dust mites are found in carpeting but at only a fraction of the number that are found in mattresses. So when was the last time your mattress and pillows, items you have intimate contact with 8 hours each day, were cleaned?

You could probably improve you health overnight by sleeping on the floor...

Here's some more free info: "76 Tips to Reduce Dust Mites and Indoor Allergens" http://www.sterilmattress.com/ebook_dust_mite_removal_tips.html

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