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Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks!...

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 Does anyone have any home remedies for sinus/allergy problems?
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 Help... my 1yr old may be lactose intolerent or allergic to milk???
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 Is there anything else I do about my allergies other than Zyrtec, Sudafed and Flonase?????
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 My ears are clogged. How can i unclog them without medication or doctors help. theyre clogged cuz i had a cold
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 Why am I breaking out in Hives?
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 What is the procedure for getting tested for allergies?
Does the doctor take a blood sample, skin tissue, etc...? How long does it take to determine what the person is allergic to? does it take several doctor visits to find out? I would appreciate some ...

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How do you know what kind of allergies you have?
i am going to the doctors on monday to find out if i have anaphylactic shock, how do i know if you allergic to something? i mean if its a late reaction, do you wrtie everything you do down? cause if it is then ill have to write lots.
Additional Details
am really nervous about the doctors so i ask lots of questions....sorry

You go by your doctor.

♥palestinian princess♥
he problay get foods and see if your allergic to them.

Go to see a Doctor who specialises in Allergies and the person can perform some tests on you. Within 40 minutes, the Doctor should be able to give a list of what you are allergic to.

Of course a list of your intake of food and other activities just prior to your attack is essential, and an allergist can do a simple series of skin tests to determine your allergies. They are painless and not to be feared.

They first start with skin tests. After that they may want to do blood tests. If you were in anaphylactic shock you would not be waiting until Monday to see the doctor. You would be in the hospital now or dead!

Debra B
Maybe your doctor will do a patch test to see what you are allergic to.

in some cases you start coughing...having random spot on your face

When I had mine done they watched to see if I had allergic reactions to some allergens they had.

I don't care what kind I have but I keep Benadryl around anyways plus it makes me drowsy and sleep but as the most extreme precaution an inhaler but doctors wont always know lots of time I just have to kind of use trial and error method. I know mold in a house we left caused allergies with asthma but he is alot better since away from the source and I check my portable air conditioners every few days and scrub out the dust collected. I think I am allergic to cheese because I feel like crap after I eat it. Lethargic. Doctors do not live with us obviously duh on myself but hay fever seems the least serious I don't know I am not a doc.

I'm severely allergic to bullets

How our body respond to allergy reaction is like this in general:
allergen (factors that caused e.g. pollen, fur, some people even allergy to food like mango). so when allergen first in contact with you, the body will not react but until the second time you expose to the allergen then your body will react to it.

Basically, your body will regard the allergen as foreign body but in fact this allergen is not harmful to us. Thus, the body immune system unnecessaryly react to it and produce allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions: swelling of eyes, itchiness, rashes.

How doctor check for allergic reaction or what you allergic to?

Dr will MAYBE get your blood sample to test. Or they will apply certain allergen and measure if you are allergic or not.

Not to worry i believe the doctor will treat you nicely. Trust their profesionalism

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