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 Allergic Reactions?
Hi, I seem to be suffering from an allergic reaction to a new product i used on Sat night. I've had a severe rash and mad itching, now though my joints are stiff and my fingers and feet are ...

 Help !! cats owner with asthma?
is there anybody here that owns a cat but have asthma?

i'm an allergic person. i have eczema, but over the years my eczema does not attack me anymore whe i touch my cat.


 I have a bad cough, off and on soar throat, runny nose and bad headache!?
does anyone know what i have?.... well ive been playing soccer alot and outside more and i was jiss wondering!...

 Dairy allergy?
hi-i've just found out that I've got a dairy allergy and was wondering which was the nicest milk substitute?
Thanks! ...

 I have Allergies, an have taken many medicines for them an they dont work , any suggestions ? thank?
any suggestions?? thanks , i have like dust allergies an stuff like that
Additional Details
oh an , to the person who posted the first question, wat bout algeries at work / ...

 Skin test showed "trace" of corn allergy. never had corn trouble b4 now its i my head, what shall i do
corn appears to be in EVERYTHING, but she said its only a trace, whatever that means, and ive never noticed anything b4. anyone else familiar with this allergy or what she means by trace?...

Mark V
How can someone who is allergic to dogs own one without suffering from allergies?

If you take LOCAL honey-a teaspoon a day-you will develop immunity to pet dander. If its in the air, local honey will help your body combat it. I was allergic to cats and pollen. After taking LOCAL honey for a couple of months, it went away. I have no air born allergies now. I have been allergy free for 20 years because of local honey. It has no side effects and will also help with Cold And Flu symptoms-you won't catch colds or flu when you take honey.

I'm allegic to any pet that has hair and I have 2 dogs I keep them outside in the yard, If they are inside their hair will fly all over the place and drive me crazy. When I play with them or after petting them or give them a bath I wash my hands really good (washing them twice works beffer for me)and change my shirt if the dogs touch it. Just cuz your allergic shouldn't stop you from having what you really want(unless it kills you then don't do it...lol j/k)

Yes, Depending on the type of dog. Small dogs (like toy poodles, yorkies) are often Nonallergenic so they wont cause your allergies to rise. Search for nonallergenic dogs on the web, and you'll be able to find some that you are compatible to live with.

Miss Smartypants
Sometimes a short haired dog will not trigger allergies. If possible you could ask a friend to lend you a dog for a few days to see how you react.
Then you would know the results before
investing money and love into a dog you have to get rid of.

If you get skin testing and receive allergy injections, it will minimize the symptoms.
Plus--you can get Zyrtec (soon to be available over the counter) or some other allergy Medication to reduce the suffering.

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