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Amy F
Help... my 1yr old may be lactose intolerent or allergic to milk???
my daughter has had eczema since she was 3 months old (the time we started her on whole milk formula my doctor never told me that the eczema could be there because of the milk formula now she is 1 yr old and i started her on whole milk 2 weeks ago ever since she has had restless nights (more then usual) and her eczema has become a little worse but has started getting a rash on her cheeks which she has never had she gets a little constipated on days where she has more milk. my doctor has sent a referral to a allergist who i rang and they said it will be a long wait (GREAT i thought) and she also had a couple of days where she vomited a lot but then stopped ( she hasn't vomited in months) i don't know what to do my doctor isn't helping i think i will try to put her on lactose free whole milk, hopefully that helps but anyone who thinks they know what could be the problem please let me know

Im lactose intolerent, and with that usually ppl get diareah (sp), gas, maybe vomitting, and stomach cramps. Being Lactose Intolerent is just your body not being able to break down the sugar protein in the milk. Your body just doesn't have the right enzymes for it. I don't really know if having an allergy to milk is different, but i got tested by going to a specialist and drinking this orange flavored drink that is of lactose. They check on you every 30-45 for a total of three hours to see how your body reacts, you also have to blow into this device to test something in your body. Try asking around or using a new doctor. It took awhile before they tested me for it, i had a camera stuck down me before they tested my for and intolerent. Good Luck.

Managing Lactose Intolerance
Although there is no "cure," Lactose Intolerance can be managed quite well by keeping a close eye on your child's diet. If the condition is mild, your child may be able to tolerate moderate amounts of dairy foods, but for those with severe symptoms, a diet completely free of lactose containing foods may be necessary. Soy baby formula and Soy milk are widely available and make nutritious substitutions for cow's milk. There are also enzyme drops available at the pharmacy that, when added to milk or other foods containing lactose, will make them easier to digest. The enzymes are available in chewable tablet form for older kids and adults. A pediatric dietician may be consulted for menu ideas and advice on finding nutritious foods while avoiding lactose.

Foods Containing Lactose
In order to be sure about what you are feeding your child, be sure to read labels carefully. In addition to milk, yoghurt, ice cream, cheese, butter, and other dairy products, lactose can also be found in some surprising places. Bread, baked goods, and even chocolate contain lactose. Also, look for Whey or Whey solids on product labels, as this indicates the presence of lactose.

A Lactose Free Diet
In place of cow's milk, try substituting Soy, rice, or almond milk. Although there are flavor variances, once your child becomes accustomed to the taste of these alternatives, they will do quite well with them. Margarine without milk or butter should be substituted for dairy butter, and many health food stores sell vegan sweets, which will not contain lactose, as is found in chocolate.

There are three main methods of diagnosing Lactose Intolerance:

At home preliminary testing: simply avoid foods that contain lactose for several days and watch to see if your child's digestive symptoms improve. Offer a glass of milk to see if symptoms return. If this method seems to indicate Lactose Intolerance, a check up with the GP is in order to confirm the findings.
Your GP can do a breath test to measure the hydrogen level of your child's breath after the consumption of lactose. If hydrogen is present, it is probably the result of fermentation, indicating Lactose Intolerance.
A simple blood sugar test, taken before and after the consumption of lactose, will give the GP a good indication of Lactose Intolerance. If the blood sugar level remains unchanged after drinking milk, the child is probably lactose intolerant


my boy was lactose intolerant. so severe he couldnt even take breast milk. he had formula from drs on perscription. luckly he out grew it by age of 5

the first thing you need to do is find another dr. he is hurting your daughter by keeping her on something that is making her sick. then try goat's milk. i am not going to say anything other than this find another dr. good luck. let us know what happens. you also need this web page www.savorypalate.com i think they can help you.

Find a different doctor: This one is more interested in lining his pockets than in your daughter's health.

Since she seems to be reacting to the milk, find something to replace it and see if that helps. By all means, try the lactose-free milk you're looking at!

Good luck, and I hope she feels better!

Dr. J
Sounds like your baby is allergic to milk, eczema, constipation, and distress (causing the restless nights) and vomiting are classic symptoms of milk allergy. Eczema and constipation doesn't occur with Lactose Intolerance, it will occur in allergies. Your child is allergic to casein a milk protein. Keep your child on a milk product free diet and she will be fine. She will most likely outgrow her allergy to milk before kindergarten.

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