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sarah the cat's mummy
Help !! cats owner with asthma?
is there anybody here that owns a cat but have asthma?

i'm an allergic person. i have eczema, but over the years my eczema does not attack me anymore whe i touch my cat.

however, my doctor said he thinks i have a little bit of asthma. i never had asthma before.

how do you cope with this situation? how do you keep the pet and not being affected that much?

My nephew has asthma and was raised around two dogs and 4 cats. He has his inhalers and nebulizer treatments if he gets to bad, but he's out growing it.

Just see how it goes. There is stuff you can put in the cats water to help with the dander in their fur, which is the cause of allergies.

You can also pay to have your cat bathed every other week, because you don't want to do that. It's not fun. But if you can't afford to have the cat groomed professionally ask the vet for a sedative for the cat when you bath him/her. Cats can take Valium if you have it but only start with .25 or 1/4 of a milligram to start that should snow your cat for a bit. Just maintain the cats airway and make sure that kitty swallows no water at all.

If 1/4 mg snows the cat to much wait for kitty to start coming around before bathing. Which would be about an hour after the med is given.

But it's possible to live with pets and have asthma


I don't think you can keep the pet. I have eczema as well, and I developed some serious allergies as well when my roommate had a cat. There was absolutely no way I could live with it, so we had to get rid of it. It was not worth it-living taking Claritin after Claritin.

there are some medications that may be out already that help cat allergies, also try regular antihistimines, they might work, also just try to stay away from the dander

Take a teaspoon of LOCAL honey each day to help your body develop immunities to all the air born irritants around you-like, mold, pollen, pet dander, smog, dust and any other thing that floats in the air. You will be CURED of the pet allergy and get less Cold And Flu symptoms as well. Like all herbal remedies, it will take a while to become effective but it will be worth it. Local honey doesn't have any side effects like medication. Most allergy meds will dry out your body causing damage to the organs over time. People think their doctor is God. They will steer you to prescriptions that will mask your symptoms but damage your body. The primary concern of doctors is to keep you alive. They quality of your life is not important to them. You only get one body-treat it with respect and you will have a long and health life.

Both my sister in law and mother in law have asthma and cats. My sister in law has 4. They do flare up her asthma but she refuses to get rid of the cats. She also vacuums a lots.

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