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mouse kitty ♥
♥Does this sound sinus-related?
Here's my symptoms:

-woke up with eye really red on left side.
-nose has been stuffed up in right nostril.
-head hurts in temple area, neck, and forhead, under
eyes, and nose area.
-pain goes away when the area is pressed.
-ears are clogged [underwater feeling]
-feel foggy, and really tired.

My doctors gave me Flonase and it works, but
I don't know if I do it correctly, because I'm afaraid
to put stuff in my nose, ears, etc. :)
So, does this sound like sinus issues?
I've applied heating pad, taken aspirin, my Flonase,
and a Claritin. They're not helping! I also took a shower
with a Sudafed Shower Soother!

Also, I have a puppy and she's in my face pretty often.
Can this trigger allergies in a person who was not diagnosed
with allergies/allergic reactions.?

Of course you could be allergic to the puppy, but probably just the air pollution. It takes about 10 days to get over a sinus infection and all the symptoms you describe. My husband and I are both suffering along with you right now. So let's just commiserate together and wish for the next few days to fly by. Eat chicken soup, drink lots of liquids, stay warm and get plenty of rest.

Sounds sinus related. don't put Flonase in your ears! I actually learned a really useful trick from a doctor about how to put nasal sprays in your nose. Use your left hand to spray into your right nostril and your right hand to spray into your left nostil. This gets the spray in on an angle which shoots it right up to your sinuses (there are sinus cavities above your cheek and that is the best way to get the spray there).

Why don't you ask your doctor about Allegra-12 or Allegra-24. I think they are REALLY useful in subsiding allergies and I find it works best for me (its precription)

Puppy could also trigger allergies.

bee p
sinus infection.
probably not allergic.
maybe pink-eye though. really bad pink-eye.

it would seem sinus related to me.
if your not allergic to dogs i'd think it wasn't the puppy.
use the spray as directed. what good does it do to go to the doctor THEN NOT FOLLOW their advice?
get with it.
good luck to ya

I went though some tough sinus problems a few years ago. I went to an Ear-Nose-Throat Doctor and here is what he recommended to encourage my sinuses to clear out:

One Sudafed a day. (just one little red pill. The old stuff, not Sudafed PE. You will have to get it from the pharmacist)

One dose of allergy medicine ( if you think it is allergy related)

and one dose of steriod nose Spray. I used Nasacourt but Flonase will work as well. Flonase is most effective if used for a period of time. When you go to bed at night, lay down and put a squirt in each nostril. Then just lay there and go to sleep. By laying down, you are letting the Flonase seep into the sinuses where it will do the most good.

For a day or two I felt like I was choking from all the stuff draining out and by the end of the week I felt a lot better.

If you don't improve after a week, I would see a doctor and get some antibiotics for a sinus infection.

Hope you feel better soon!

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