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 Why do I get allergic reactions to fruit?

Additional Details
It only happens when the fruit is cut up into large chunks. And it osnt all the time......

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 Itchy skin, no sign of anything, is it allergies?

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Any good cures for gout?
im in so much pain when i wake up in the morning i carnt walk any ideas

First, apply ice pack on the joint which will reduce the pain and inflammation.
If it is an acute attack (means it started suddenly), use a strong NSAIDS like Naproxen or Diclofenac.
After an attack and for long term management, start Allopurinol 100mg once a day for one week and can increase upto 300mg if needed.
Diet also is important.
Check your uric acid level every 6 weeks.

But still check wth your doctor, he will advise you better.

My dad suffered from gout 20 years ago.With a good diet and after following his doctor's advice, he is well today. I m sure you will be ok.

There's no cure for gout. If you've been diagnosed by a physician you already know what gouty arthritis is, what it's caused by and you know there's no cure. And, if you've been diagnosed, anti-gout medications and the proper diet have no doubt been discussed with you. Are you guessing you have gout or do you know for certain? I'd be happy to talk more about this with you.

1,000 mg of Advil or Motrin and at night I suggest Tyenol PM, drink plenty of water and natural juices such as grape, Cranberry and pineapple (no citrus like orange and grapefruit) and eat less sugar and caffeine (chocolate, coffee, tea and cola).

Your best treatment is :

1.TAKE A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION to ban Red meat ALTOGETHER and in whatever form or shape. Stick to chicken and fish .DON'T even look at red meat.

2. avoid pulses altogether e.g.beans ,peas etc in whatever sizes or colour.


Patty W
The chemical makeup of dark cheeries, such as "Black Bing Cheery", is such that is will help counteract the uric acid that deposits in the joints and cause the gout pain. You can eat 6 dark cheeries every day or else what my Dad does for his is go to health food store and buy concentrated dark cheery juice. He takes 2 tablespoons in water everynight . Plus it is very nice tasting! After pain relief is obtained then take same dose every other day to keep pain away.It may take longer for some folks than others--he got relief in just few days...about 7-10 days.
Also there are some prescription meds that do this but this is the natural route and not as hard on your liver etc.

Cathy F

cant remember of hand but if you go to medinfo.com there is lots of info! or even innerbody.net, i think that is right, sorry i am not sure how to do links!! x

black cherries, go to the vitamin store and get you some black cherry juice and add a little to water everyday. It will help My husband does this and watch the processed meats.

Debbie O
Tart cherry juice, low fat low protein diet,do not drink alcohol.

Siouxxi M
See your doctor. I have a friend that has gout flare-ups and takes a prescription of indomethicin for it, but only for when he has major flare-ups. Drink plenty of water and stay away as best as possible from products with a lot of caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

I've also had gout on and off over the years. The only thing that seemed to help was heat. But my friend took 800 mg. of Motrin in the morning and at night. With that being said, be careful with Motrin, as it is hard on the kidneys. I would talk to your doctor for a good medication that isn't hard on the kidneys. However, over the years, I also heard that gout is an allergy to certain foods, with me that was the case. Peanut butter was my allergy. A friend of mine it was oatmeal, and another friend of mine it was carrotts. So you might make a diary of what you eat and see what makes it flare up. (just a suggestion)
At night before going to bed, take 800 mg. of Motrin that you buy over the counter, and then again in the morning.

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