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 Does anyone have any home remedies for sinus/allergy problems?
I already use a prescribed nasal spray, allergy pill and I do a sinus rinse everyday. I'm looking for possible home remedies and/or homeopathic remedies. Or just about anything that might help ...

 Help... my 1yr old may be lactose intolerent or allergic to milk???
my daughter has had eczema since she was 3 months old (the time we started her on whole milk formula my doctor never told me that the eczema could be there because of the milk formula now she is 1 yr ...

 What side of yo nose to pic on a rainy day ?

 Why do my eyes itch and water?
Every now and then, my eyes start itching a lot, and watering. (The watering might just be because I rub them when they itch, I don't know). It's really, really uncomfortable, and I think I&...

 What are some good ways to deal with Exema, I've developed it as an allergic reaction.?

 Is there anything else I do about my allergies other than Zyrtec, Sudafed and Flonase?????
I have SEVERE SEVERE allergies too Perfume, Dust, Pollen and normal seasonal allergies. I never had them when I lived in Seattle but since moving to Texas I have them SEVERE to the point that it ...

 My ears are clogged. How can i unclog them without medication or doctors help. theyre clogged cuz i had a cold
My ears are clogged because i just got over a cold. i took allergy medication and it cleared up my plugged nose, but now my ears are clogged and I have a pageant tomorrow and I have to speak and ...

 Why am I breaking out in Hives?
It's all over me. It's just spots that get very very itchy and then get raised and then after awhile go away, and then they leave these little red dots all in the area, which disappear in a ...

 What is the procedure for getting tested for allergies?
Does the doctor take a blood sample, skin tissue, etc...? How long does it take to determine what the person is allergic to? does it take several doctor visits to find out? I would appreciate some ...

 Do you ever have a constant dull migraine?
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 What do you take for your seaonal/outdoor allergies?
I have insane, dehabilitating allergies. I've missed three or four days of school because of they, as well as several night's sleep. When it first came out, I took Claratin. I got used to ...

 Allergic to cheese, can anyone help?
I'm not sure if this is classed as a proper allergy however when i eat some cheese such as mozzarella or feta, a few hours later i get bad stomach cramps and sometimes diarrhoea
however i ...

 I'm having issues with my allergies and contact wearing?
Well actually just allergies period. I've had the sniffles almost all day for like 3 days, my eyes itch, and i sneeze sometimes.

I'm mostly bothered by the itchy eyes because I ...

 What do these sound like symptoms of?
- Acute Post-nasal drip
- Runny nose (clear mucus)
- Bad breath
- Slightly weakened voice
- Dry ...

 How can i stop eating chocolates????? please Help?
i am alergic to chocolate it makes my skin peal and it itches how can i eat a type of chocolate that im not alergic to and when i eat the chocolate with coco beens inside the pealing stops but ...

 Why do my breast itch all the time?

 What does dust-mite allergy do.?
what kind of problem does dust mites give....

 Is it possible to develop lactose intolerance in your 20s?

 What are the best cities in the US to avoid allergies?
I currently live in San Antonio, TX, which is the 4th worst city for allergies; I am strongly considering moving, but warm climate, not hot, is also a consideration.
Thanks in advance for any ...

 Help. . I'm getting a scratchy throat. . .?
Well, you all know us Floridians aren't used to the colder weather, so as soon as it started getting chilly, my throat is starting to get scratchy and I'm coughing a bit. I want to try and ...

Allergies and Hives?
My fiance is always getting allergies and he gets hives all over his body, and it is always itching. What is good for these hives and the itch


not to be mwean but nothing. i think he may be stressed so after the wedding he shouldbe fine

hydrocortisone 0.5% is the best topical treatment, but if he has severe allergies he may need to take an anti-Histamine daily (Loratidine for example) as well. He should be assessed by an allergist to see if he needs other forms of treatment.

Severe allergies can easily become anaphylactic reactions, which are life threatening.

Until he goes to see his Doctor, try Antihistamines..

I luv E's
Please have him take some Benadryl.....hives should go away. You do have to find out what he is allergic to. Since it is all over his body....it could be some food allergy. It could also be the detergent. My son is 1 year old and he is allergic to milk (not lactose intolerant) and fragrances. If he consumes milk or anything with milk, his whole body swells up and gets hives all over. He will also react the same way if somebody with perfume or a fragrance touches him. I would recommend keeping a food diary, and also washing everything in a fragrance free detergent. I use Purex white. There are more out there, but nothing else seems to work for my child. That is a plus because Purex is cheap. "All" clear did not work for him either. Hope this helps!

Benadryl and he should see an allergist to see what he is allergic to so he Can try avoiding the allergen and/or take medications to control the effects.This is very dangerous because he can get his airway blocked and suffocate if it gets out of hand.he might have to be given a prescription for an Epinephrine Pen.

He really should see a doctor, because if it is a food allergy, there is a chance he could go into anaphylactic shock--a potentially fatal reaction. He needs to be tested for the top eight allergens, including shellfish, fish, and peanut (which account for most deaths), and also dairy, Soy, wheat, and tree nuts. For now, have him keep a list of all the foods he eats and when he eats them. Hives usually show up within minutes, or up to an hour, after eating a food.

Hives are a pretty serious allergic reaction, and he needs to have a doctor tell him how to figure out how to either avoid the allergen or get on some medication to make the hives stop happening. If you, try a public health clinic. This isn't something you want to blow off. Until you get to the doctor, try oral Benadryl, and DON'T double up with the skin Benadryl and the oral. You can also try Aveeno Oatmeal Baths (actually, buy the Walgreen's brand which is a lot cheaper), which really soothe away the hives.

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