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No stupid answers. Like really GET A LIFE....

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why does my skin turn red when I run?

Additional Details
I notice it on my legs, specifically at the ankles and above my knees.

Angelacia baybeeeeee
your body temperature heats up so the blood rushes to just underneath the skin to cool off. the blood is red. lol!

Increased blood flow

becuase your hurt is pumping your blood faster and it comes closer to your skin.

mine does too! i'm not sure why though, its kind of annoying. sorry I couldnt help, just wanted to let u know u werent alone!

the hart is pumping blood faster and it goes closer to your skin and makes it red!!!lol!!!

lack of oxygen. just like when your face turns red when you're holding your breath. energy used for exercise takes more oxygen than normal...therefore constricting the amounts going to other places, like your skin.

You may not be breathing correctly, or running too hard. When there isn't enough oxygen in your lungs, the heart starts to recycle blood more frequently, which gives you your hue. Try a cooling cream if you go running during lunch. Otherwise, just wash your face with cold water and it should be gone in 10 minutes.

there are blood vessels in the skin and when you exert yourself you blood rushes to the extremities. Your face, arms, legs all have blood vessels close to the skin and cause the flushed appearance.

Because when you run, you need energy all over your body. In order for your body to make energy(ATP), you need oxygen to perform cellular respiration, which makes the energy. Blood is just like a vehicle that transports oxygen to other parts of the body. You see the oxygen is attached to blood via hemoglobin. The blood is just rushing to other parts of the body where oxygen is needed to make ATP/energy so that you can continue running. Get it.

Chaza Pender
You are getting a littel flushed they call it I think. Your body temp is heating up

Your body temperature increases and your blood flow increases which causes your skin to turn red. Notice the hotter you get the redder your skin turns and also your heart rate increases as this happens.

Jacklyn B
Your skin turns red because your blood pressure raises when you get more active and the heat of your body would also show that way. They are many reasons if you get real sick after wards or you start getting real bad headaches I would discuss it with your Doc.

The sam thing happens to me...not sure why though. And my skin itches and I break out in hives, so you don't have it that bad dude!

My mom had this problem. It turned out a medication she was on caused her not to sweat very much. It could mean you need to drink more water, or perhaps you take something that causes you to sweat less than normal. Either way, it is not exactly healthy. It is normal to be a little flush with exercise, but not beet red.

the blood is rushing to your skin, provididng you with the ability to better use oxygen.

Your body is under stress and is heating up. It's just a natural flush.

ஐ♥P u S s y CaT♥ஐ♥is a mummy!!!
bcs the blood move all over ur body

Because you are running, you get sweaty and over heated. So your skin will become flushed. Especially if out in hot weather.

cuz ur light skinned

its normal b/c of the heat

Katie K
because you get hot, and the blood is closer to the skin

•☆•エドウイン•☆• (BACK UP)

Felicia M
because your getting got, your blood is flowing faster than normal and and you are having a harder time breathing whitch is all afecting your skin.

im not exactly sure why...but that happens to me too, or if its hot outside my toes get all red its soo annoying! lol But since i started tanning it hans been as noticeable.....its prob just your blood flowing from the heart pumping faster or something...i dont know :)

Craig C
your body is pumping more blood through your vessels and the tissue of your skin is absorbing more blood as your body temperture increases

john s
your body temperature changes and your body needs to get rid of the excess heat. Your capillaries in your blood dialate and get bigger so that more blood flows through them and it comes in closer contact with the skin so that it transfers the heat away from the body. That is why you are red, is because the blood basically is closer to the skin.

Your blood vessels dilate (open up) near to the skin to help loose heat generated by your exercise. A mechanism to export heat and maintain core temperature, thus the skin flushes!!!! Spray water on your skin if you run all the time and the skin will cool ...(and so will you) faster due to evaporative cooling....water draws heat from body and the water then evaporates and leaves the body cooler.

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