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 how to get rid of scars on legs?
i have scars when i tried to remove the ingrown hairs on my legs! I would scrap skin off to get the hair out and before i knew it, my whole leg is full of little scars!!!

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 tell me about the treatment for piles with out operation?

 i have a boil on my side thigh ?
I AM A VIRGIN so it has nothing to do with diseases.
i just had it today since i started walking after school it was hurting and its like a lump and its a little bit hard and warm when i touch ...

 Why does the sun?
lighten our hair but darken our skin?...

 Does spearmint get rid of acne?
just wondering becuz my mom has spearmint oil and it is real strong.......

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 Does anyone know whether they've found a cure yet for Vitiligo?
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 Does anyone get small clear bumps on their top eyelid?
I get very small clear bumps on my top eyelid next to my eyelashes. They are very itchy. My doctor believes they are allergy related, but I can't find anything about what they are or what they ...

 I have these bumps on ym uper body what is it???
ok yes they are red itchy bumps all over my stumach

its under my arm and starting to pop up on my neck

id say the pumps are the size of the tip of my pointer finger


wwe addict
why does a healing wound get itchy? can anyone suggest a remedy please.?

alcohol, vaseline

it itches because the nerves are reconecting and is a good sign that it`s healing. you might try some anti-biotic creams to speed the healing but i don`t know if it`ll stop the itching you might try an over the counter allergie medicine to help control the itch

I always found that vaseline made it itch more and alcohol really dries it out so it itches more too...
I simply put a little ice on every now and then.. not so that you soak it though.

if you feel that itch again try to hold your hand from scrating it.
just focus your attention on something else.....you'll just forget about the itch....

lots of vitamin E cream !! it really helps!!

that means that the wound is healing if there is no sensation contact your Dr.try putting some neosporin on the wound get the type for pain that should help with the itching. Do Not Scratch it will be over in a couple of days.

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