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[email protected]
why do people cut themselves to make scars?
Its for a powerpoint

Stephen T
It is an OCD disorder.

Sometimes people will cut their fingers to change their fingerprint so that they can't be recognized through fingerprints they leave behind, possibly at a crime scene. Or they just want to look intimidating.

Jose H
Some people might find the scars soothing because it indicates that their
pain is now in the past.Or,it could be some stupid fashion trend going

For attention and sympathy.

Jonathan S
um i thought people cut themselves cuz it makes them feel good....cuz it releases endorphins....which is like....the equivalent of how running makes you feel good

Some are fascinated by this because they have full control over the situation

Some think they are cool.

Todd S
because they are pissed off at the world or people and they think its the only way to help or some people do it to be cool and fit in i think its dumb

Sometimes to try to commit suicide...

to kill themselves
or to get attention
or their life is really messed up and they want to get out of it

People who are labelled "cutters" are not doing it to make scars, they are doing it to feel the pain brought from the action of cutting. Some cultures do create scars as part of body decorating. They will make a series of lines and dots across expanses of a person's skin, often in correlation to maturation rights.

okay some answers on here made me mad >.<
first off emo/goth etc is a label and self harm is totally different.it has to do with depression.its like saying that not all muslims are terrorist but all terrorists are muslims.
well actually. people cut themselves to either make the pain on the inside that they feel be directed on the outside or to feel okay,if only just for a moment.
when i used to cut i wasnt trying to committ suicide,even though at time i wanted to
it was the opposite.i wanted to know that i was still there.not just numb.i did it just to feel.
and they dont just cut to make scars.each scar has its own story and reason behind it.
and for the people saying that people that cut themselves is stupid,way to go!you could have just made the population decrease due to your cruelty.thanks alot!

Terry O
It is usually becuase their life isn't going to well and they may be in abusive relationships either physically or mentally and they believe that when they cut themselves, they are replacing their mental anguish with actual physical pain. It temporarily gets rid of their problems.

truly i think its pure insanity, but otherwise i think others believe it relieves stress and anger...most say it helps deal with difficult situations and problems in their lives..

Ignore Abbie the bimbo, she obviously has a very tragic and shallow mind, i used to cut myself, not through anger, but from a need to cry out, i had nothing to be angry about, i was very aware what i was doing to myself, but i didn't care at the time, i am social phobic (never speak to anyone) and Agoraphobic (never go out the front door) the scars healed i get help, and now i just get on with my life the best i can. NOT everyone who hurts themselves are angry.

roberto o
its a rush not just 2 make scars

Well I guess some people think it looks cool, or good.
But I also heard people cut themselves because the pain they are feeling emotionally gets drained out by the pain they are causing on them. Personally I can't hurt myself lol unless it was an accident, so I can't relate but thats just what I heard. :]

its a compulsion,,i went through it when i was having problems with bulemia. it wasnt to make a scar, it was becuase i hated myself so much, it seemed like i had to.

I don't think anybody actually cuts them self for the sole purpose of getting a scar as a result. It's a pain release.

well come people do it to make "dry tattoos" but people who cut because they are sad or angry at them selves and it is just another way to escape pain (emotional)

Hn D
to feel good

They cut themselves because they're frustrated and depressed at what has/had happened to their lives. Pain makes them forget the "pain." So they just want to fight it with pain, kinda like fire with fire.

I guess because people cant see their pain on the inside so they have to make visable pain. So their body matches what they feel inside.

i dont think people cut themselves to make scars, i think they cut themselves to feel good or emotion i guess. like emos! they cut themselves cause they are depressed and what not...

I had to deal with this quite a bit when I was younger, so I can pretty much disregard the vast majority of peoples responses.

You don't cut yourself to feel good, and you don't cut yourself to make scars...all of that occurs , merely secondary.

You go through so much pain in life, that your mind sometimes can't take it...you shut down, and want to stop caring, to stop feeling.
Sometimes, you can make yourself feel dead inside by sheer will alone.
The cut isn't to make yourself feel good, feel bad, sad, angry, or anything like that...it's merely to make you FEEL...at all...to see if you still can. To remind yourself of your humanity, to know that even you too, no matter how dead inside you might be, can still feel.

people dont cut them selves just to make scars.
they cut them selves because it is a form of releasing anger and desperation built up inside

Lil D
for the adrenaline

Bob H
Well some people think scars are cool, and some people think cutting themselves feels good.

Because physical pain relieves mental pain.

i think its to focus their energy of pain onto something else. To try to remember what it felt like to feel again. To realize that you're not numb.

to heal inner pains

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