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when i scratch my scalp i get white stuff in my nails?
its not dandruff cuz i wash my hair really good and i scratch my scalp
the stuff is not flaky its like creamy its gross but idk what it is help me please

ew! maybe just don't scratch your head anymore...

if you use head and shoulders then its just the dandruff that is like smeard on your head.

but it could be head cheese lol

I would look up hair treatments that can help your problem. There are certain shampoos that are better for you hair. Look for shampoo that is spose to help oily hair....you might also be using to muchc conditioner and not rinsing it all out

try this site: ( they have awesome tips)


Roll Tide Roll!
It's just skin, some of it's dead and some of it is too moisturized and your easily peeling it off.

Good Luck:)

i get that sometimes too.

its called cradle crap, babies get it but it is common in adults too.

wanna get rid of it?

when your are in the shower scratch all over when you are shampooing NOT conditioning

make sure if you use conditioner you rinse it all out, it is creamy because you dont rinse it out all the way, it dries and irritates your scalp.

good luck!

if you put stuff in your hair like jel or mouse and stuff like that....that is probably why

tiffany t
i think you should see the doctor

my lil sis has the same problem,it is from to much hair spray.

Brendan Rogers
It could be many things,
It is most likely build up from all the products you use the most frequent problem is moistureizer.
And finally it could be acne.From all the glands on your head it becomes hot and sweaty leaving open pores leading to acne,you could be just scratching away whiteheads.

It could be that you didn't rinse your shampoo/conditioner off completely or you have an overload of hair products on you;otherwise, maybe your scalp is really dry and needs some deep conditioning. Try a deep conditioning hair mask or head and shoulders.

One happy woman
You may have dry scalp or psoriasis.

I detest the troll
Its probaly some type of oil or grease thats in ur scalp

it's fine it may just be dead or dry skin

I had the same problem. DON"T use head and shoulders it will just make it worse!
Like many people have said already, it's an over moisturised scalp caused by a build up of product. Change your shampoo every few months. If that doesn't help try a medicated shampoo from the chemist. I had to use one for about 3 months before i could go back to normal shampoo.
Hope this helps.

Taniqua J
your scalp is very moisturized. when you scratch it your scratching off moist skin. Hope i helped(:

mad max

Cherry Blossom
That's just the natural oils of the scalp that kind of accumulate up there. It's not bad.

*C*P*U* <SpEc>
It starts out creamy and oily until it hardens up ... < dandruff that is.. try mixing your shampoo with selson blue.. get yoursself your herbal essences that im sure you use ;) and mix it with selson blue... you will see that it will go away in a few uses. :)

It could be one of a few things:

1. Dandruff - Even though you wash your hair and you are not dirty, you could have dandruff anyway. Try using Head and Shoulders for a week or 2 and see if it helps. Head and Shoulders is great for your scalp, dandruff or not, and it smells really good.

2. Eczema - Could be hereditary or caused by stress. Try a shampoo called Selsum Blue to help clear it up.

3. A condition called Cradle Cap - It's more typical in babies but can happen in adults. Take a night and rub baby oil on your scalp and let absorb for 5 minutes, then run a comb through your hair concentrating on your scalp and then wash your hair thoroughly.

4. Sunburn - It sounds silly but when you scalp gets sunburned, it can flake off and cause white stuff. You can't do much more for this than waiting it out and using a moisturizing conditioner all over your hair and scalp.

If you don't think it is any of these things, you could try to use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner which will help remove and cut down on the residue build up on your scalp. Also, try not to use any other hair product for a couple of days until it clears up.

Hope this helps!! Good luck!!

Dead skin which is very normal or it can be shampoo that you didnt get out of your hair well

oils collected

haha that happnd to me once.
ur using too much conditioner or not taking a shower often enough.
next shower u take use the shampoo 2 or 3 times and dont use conditioner.

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