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Angela C
whats good for really rough hands.?
My hands are usually rough cracked and they bleed. How do I get that to stop. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Additional Details
i also have add (NOT ADHD!!!) and i take medication for that.

Harmik D
consult a doctor on something that they'd reccomend or use glysomed hand creme, it works like magic.

im sure you'll fall in luv with it

hope this helps :)

Kayla A
Well I will have to be honest, I make bath and body items and if you have a problem alot you should go to the dr... then if nothing from him seems to fit what you want I make a natural intense moisturizing bar that has done the trick for lots of people that have bought them, my husband fought with his hands for over 2 years with going to the Dr's and specialist and nothing ever worked, and I started my own venture into b&b and I started looking for something for his hands and knees and sure did find the right thing! My little girls friend also has bad eczema and her mom buys my bars alot because that's the only thing that will help!

Try the Mary Kay Satin Hands set....works great!

While your hands are still very moist after washing, apply a moisturizer that has 20% urea in it. This will help bind the moisture into the skin. For the cracked and bleeding fissures, you can apply a very light coating of super glue. This will help them heal quicker. One other thing is to apply moisturizer such as vaseline overnight and wear a pair of gloves or wrap your hands with Saran wrap.

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Neophyte◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
any moisturizing cream twice a day

moisturizer cream

the ocd got nothing to do with the hands get a jar of petroleum jelly can get a 7.5 oz jar for 2.26 at walmart or any drugstore or department store apply this jelly to your hands at nite and put socks on yours hands this keeps the jell on your hands and not on the bedding you can apply during the day too(without the socks) its cheap and its works

My sister has OCD real bad like that - she scrubs several hours a day - but we both know that if you put something on your hands, your going to wash them again to get it off.

I would suggest Vitamin A and D ointment

But I'm going to insist that you see a therapist and psychiatrist about this - there are ways out of that hell y'know - you owe it to yourself, okay?

Xo K8ey Xo
My hands get really dry & crack & bleed this time of the year because it is so cold & the air is dry. What i use is Eucerin. It works wonderfully to keep my hands moist & free from becoming dry,cracked,bleeding skin.

aveeno daily moisturizing lotion works really good ;)

Oyama B
Mink Oil lotion.

It supplies more moistened hands.

whats the answer
There a product i have used for many years called corn huskers hand lotion. I work Outside in construction in very cold conditions, causing my hands to crack and bleed. I use this on a regular basis and the problem has been solved. It is made by the pfizer company. Do a google search on the product, and see if it will work for you

Actually The Hempz Hand lotion is really good. It moisturizes and reinforces the skin!

Belive it or not water touching your skin dries it out. Especially hot water. Don't wash your hands as much and maybe even take shorter showers. Drink more water and the main thing is a moiturizing lotion. You don't need the expensive ones. Any will work great. Justbput that on your hands several times a day

vaseline intensive care with cocoa butter has really good medically proven to work hand moisturizer.. just curious though what does OCD have anything to do with rough hands?

get the lubriderm for extra dry skin. it works great. here is the links for the lotions.

♥ Daisy♥
use jergens that really does work

First of all try a medication for your OCD... Stop the cause not just treat the symptom
for your HANDS try a product called bag balm
at night just before you go to bed slather your hands in lotion then put on thin cotton gloves (like those streachy ones for a dollar) they will keep the moisture in at night. My dad had chemo and it made his skin dry as heck and the doctor told him to do it.

Almond Oil or Vaseline.

i suggest a hand cream twice a day once in the morning after you get out of the shower and one before you go to bed. If your really worried about it i'd try a more expensive cream but a cheap one should work just the same.

You should see your doctor for that since things works so differently for everyone.What works for one person may not work for you.I have a good hand lotion I use sometimes but can't remember it right now.but you really should see a doctor or call the Ask-A-Nurse thing in the phone book.They are sometimes a good resource for such things.

olive oil works, any Arbonne lotion or sea salt scrub works, just nothing with wax or mineral oil it in. It will make it dryer.

Wash your hands with really warm water and let it make your hands nice and soft. Dry your hands with a towel and quickly put on good-quality lotion with coco butter. The lotion traps in the moisture. It help my dry hands, although mine weren't bleeding, and I don't have OCD. You could see a psychiatrist for that if you haven't already.

Bonnie C
Then I don't think the problem lies with your hands.

Use medicated lotion and stop washing hands as often

Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion, day and night.

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