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It was extremely small solid brown and it stings/itchs like an ant bite, I live in Ga, any clue if this is potentially serious??...

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going [[nowhere]] fast
what would happen if i put wart remover on a zit?
just wondering

Probably nothing, just pop it like you're supposed to.

your face will fall off...

good question!!

don't do it. Use toothpaste. Have any of that lying around?

actually....most wart removals that you can buy over the counter contain salicylic acid (acne medicine) at a much higher strength...acne med is 2% and wart meds are usually 16% something like that....it may scar, it may cause a burn that will scar, i have actually done this just using a very small dab and it burned like crazy!!! I almost couldn't sleep...i ended up washing it off in the middle of the night.....it caused my zit to be more noticeable because of the redness from it irritating my skin....and the zit remained....Good Luck.

nothing but make it sting

James F
you turn into a wearwolf...i've seen it happen a bunch of times

My cat drinks bong water
um probably help it go away. Some wart removers are nothing more than salicyclic acid which is in most face washes.

You would have a zit with a bit blister on top of it, or with the top burned off.

Wondering and answering
it may sting, but really nothing. The medication on wart remover is different than acne remover. Try toothpaste (i know it's weird but I have heard it dries it up bc of the mix of baking soda and sodium)

aybike a
nothing really happens but dont try it b/c if the zit is on your face (which it most likely is) it might leave a bigger mark that's harder to remove. if you want to get rid of the pimple fast, just dab some toothpaste on it and let it dry over night. in the morning it'll be noticably smaller and less red =]

Dentist H since 2001
a wart us caused by a virus
a zit is caused by a bacteria or hormones.

wrong medicine.
see a dermatologist or your medical doctor.

Bottom Contributor
It will explode - don't do it!

cold acne?

nothing. warts and zits don't happen for the same reasons.

jungle j
It would burn your skin...don't do it.That is wht they say to put vaseline around your wart so the stuff does not go on your skin,only on your wart,as it kill's your skin.

It would dry on the pimple, thenhurt like hell if you trried to pull it off, it's alot like super glue. unless you use the freeze stuff. then you will probably have frost bite on the site, but it will kill the pimple.

it would probably burn and leave a scar

Vicki O
warts have a root and zits don't. I thinik you should leave the zit alone and let it go away on it's own. Why take a risk of ruining your skin.

wrong move

The Prophet
Perhaps a scar or permanent darkening of the skin?

Probably nothing.

just a little trick for ya... if you have a zit try putting flouride toothpaste on before you go to bed...

Also if you ever have one that has been popped or is just dry,,, put medicated chapstick on it a few times a day ...
It will go away alot faster,.,,, and help it heal

Brian E
You're zit would smack you for being stupid.

A 'wart-free Zit'

Ricky J.
A wart free zit!

Munya Says: DUH!
It would burn like a mo-fo!

Wart remover is an acid,it's designed to cover and then lift layers of the wart---don't put it on your zit, it'll really mess up your skin.
Better to do this---put a hot washcloth on your zit (dont burn yourself, just run some hot water from the sink), then dab it with some rubbing alcohol, then hit it with an ice cube--10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for a minute total.
Should be almost gone by tomorrow.

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