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what is the best face wash for acne?
i dont want something too strong, just something that will make a few pimples here and there go away.

Call me crazy, but the thing that worked / works the best for me is Axe snake peel body wash. I know, it's coming out of left field, but it works spectacularly.

I use johnsons foaming facial wash and never ever get pimples so try it!

heres a pic of it!

I use Clinique face soap, toner, and lotion. it's great. it lasts forever, and really isn't any more expensive than stuff you would buy at the drug store. they sell it at the mall usually.

Mandi (:
benzoyl peroxide,
but its better perscribed, but there is some in stores.

go to the doctor they will give you certain acne treatments that are perscribed and they always work(:

cetaphil... its great.... ^_^ i use it and i have noticed that it works better than other expensive stuff

anna bannana lol

they call me that too...thay also call me annie bananie because my nick name is annie..lol

Kathy Y
neutrogena soap
its awesome, works
and its like $2
it comes in a box
white and orange
really it does work try it

Definately not Proactive...
Try Clean & Clear

you should totally go with Clean & Clear!! it really works!! i noticed a difference by at least 2 days. i could tell my face was already clearing up.

none. all are crappy.

Miss M
Anything from Neutrogena. :)

I really love Garnier. I tried Clean and Clear, and a bunch of other brands but I've stuck with Garnier.

like omg :)
anything nutregeana (i think thats how u spell it)
like foam face wash

Quentin R
ACNE FREE! I used proactive and it never worked. I used some perscription stuff that didnt work. Now I have Acne Free and my face is completely clear.

Dina P
use the clean and clear lotion thing.. it works O_O
but afterr a longg time.. mine is like almost gone.. but i just have
THAT one, on my forehead.. O_o

Morgan R
skin i.d you get it down to a science with exactly what type your skin is and what kind of pimples you have. i don't have pimples myself but around 8 of my friends have really bad acne and they just got it and it works wonders now they're skin is clearer then mine.

Melissa M
(sorry spelling is wrong)

answer mine?

Unfortunately really none are that great I found that if I switched between a few mine would go away slowly but it stayed away. I would switch between an apricot scrub, mary kay facial mask and clean and clear but whatever you like just switch it up :)

Acne is a bundle of skin rashes formed over skin due to the action of hormones on the sebaceous glands. You can get rid of these acne from any of the natural acne remedies listed on the below site. Check it out for yourself as it worked for all that i personally know. The site address is beauticianworld.com

Go to a dermatologist, they will give your something designed for your skin. Or you can go to the skin id website, take the quiz, and get a system custom for you.

omg i just tried this clean and clear morning burst detoxifying facial scrub, and its clearing my face real good. like i only have one or two pimples now. tryy it. : ) it works for me. and trust me, ive tried sooooo many things in the past.

The Slayer
in my experience anything that has benzol peroxide init including pro active because beleive it or not it does actually work you just got to follow the instructions coz thy're not just there for looks. also drink lots of water coz it flushes all the crap out of your system

p j
wash face with face towel n soap then Wet face towel with Hottest pipe water in your bathroom. Squeeze the water out, just wipe your face once, n put vicks vapor rub or other forms of ointments on the acne. It opens your pores. If u dare, u can do this at night but rub the vicks all over your face. Only If u are ready to sleep, cuz u wont be able to keep your eyes open. Surely U wont do this, but just a suggestion.
What can i say People especially Many of us Americans love easy fixes that taste like candy, not realzing that The best cures, R those that dont taste or feel good. Good luck.

scent-less, die-less soap and water! gets rid of acne and leaves your skin silky smooth(and its cheap!)Pro-active and other programs are expensivee and don't work.

Brandon K
I personally believe there is no "best" facial wash. You could try eating healthier, drinking more water, and exercising more often. You'd be surprised the effect it would have on your acne. Your skin needs to stay hydrated. Water will help you out greatly.

I use arbone. Its a light weight face wash that is not strong at all. After you wash your face it feels very clean and soft. But if i were you i would go to your dermatoligst. He will tell you what face wash is good for you. Another good brand that is in a good price range is neutragena. All of their products are very good. They are not to strong and they really help make acne go away. Plus they are not expensive.

Good Luck,

Crystal G
Don't Listen to people that say proactive is crap.

I have suffered bad acne when i was a teenager. (im 21 now)

but I tried everything, until i was sitting at home one day and i decided to order a bottle of PROACTIVE!

You have to use it, It will change you face like nothing else. Someone said I was gorgeous in just a few days!

Hope this helps you.

From Crystal

This works and I laughed when I learned about it but my face not only cleared up but it seemed my pores got much better. Wash your face however you like. Rinse really good. Take a piece of lemon and use it like an astringent. . .rub it all over your face. It may burn so keep it out of your eyes. Rinse really good. It's so cheap and so good. I thought maybe my face cleared up because of all the rinsing and extra care but just recently I saw it on Oprah and this woman was telling the story I'm telling you. If you don't trust me, surely you trust Oprah. If your face is oily, use moisturizer and eventually the oil will lessen but it will take a long time to correct itself. You will be delighted with the result. Keep your face and hair really clean. This is the fourth or so time I've typed this here. Try it and when it works, you may take over telling people about lemons. . .

Almost every person comes to face-to-face with skin flare-ups at some time. But you don't have to lose your head over them. Zits! Blackheads! Whiteheads! All of these bumps and blemishes are part of the package known as acne. Acne can appear for several reasons. During puberty, your body produces more oil, which combines with bacteria and dead skin cells to clog your pores-and that causes pimples. Family history also makes some people more likely to get acne. If you feel like pimples are picking on you, you're not alone. Almost every girl and boy in your school will have a battle with skin blemishes at one time or another.

While occasional bouts of acne are practically unavoidable, you may be able to prevent a few blemishes from becoming a full-blown breakout.

Keep your face clean. Wash your face daily with mild soap or cleanser, but don't overdo it. Harsh scrubbing and rubbing can irritate already bothered skin.

Don't pick at or pop pimples. The oils and dirt on your fingers will only fan the flames of a flare-up. Plus, you can cause a permant scar on your skin.

Check out a drugstore. Acne products can provide some relief for mild breakouts. Cruise the skin-care aisle at the drugstore, and read the labels carefully. Products that contain benzoyl peroxide are your best bet. They help reduce oil and get rid of dead skin.

Talk to your doctor. Severe, out-of-control acne may call for medical attention. Your doctor can prescribe special creams or pill that are stronger than products available without a prescription.

~Future Doctor

Biore Ice cleanser (i think its called). Its not harsh its for all skin types. You literally feel your pores open up and your face all cool & feel your face 'breath'. It works on me and my sister has bad acne and it helped her acne a lot.

I hope this helps xoxo ♥

cameron D
use soap and water

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