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roxy g
what do the white spots on your finger nails mean?
the little white spots you have on your finger nails. they kind of look like blobs of white paint under your nail.

Tourettes Guy
you have cancer

show no mercy, maul em, haul em
its DEAD SKIN CELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

its normal.. dont worry about it... (they come and go away on their own) eat healthy

katie b
it means your not getting enough calcium.



Tiitchy Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
I think its because your not getting enough calcium in your diet..
Drink lots of milk =]


uncrustables mend a broken heart
it means that you dont have enough calcium in your body

Morales Familee
Liar liar pants on fire

that is the old wives tale the more white spots the more you have lied

Either you are dehydrated, you don't have enough calcium, or you have thin nails, so they get scratched easily.

they are supposed to mean the # of guys that have a crush on you

it means that you need MORE calcium in your body.

Im not sure but i have those and my mom used to tell me that it was from chewing my nails. I've also heard its from not having enough calcium. I chew my nails and im not to fond of milk so both would apply to me. When you figure it out let me know(:

Its a lack of calcium in your body, you just need to drink more milk or eat more cheese etc.. things that contain calcium or take correct vitamins theyre isnt much harm about having a lack of calcium but you have healthier hair, nails and bones so get eating some cheese strings if you like them haha :)

Zinc deficiency

Mike Beech

Raymond K
your turning into a zebra

answer mine


Donald Rumsfeld
calcium buildups

I've been led to believe that the lack of calcium can leave white spots on your nails. Maybe a vitamin suppliment - and let the spots grow out.

It's where you have smashed it a little bit on something...

She's not talking about the white part of your nail when it grows long...

Crypto from Destroy All Humans
the white half circles? means about u being healthy

Zinc deficiency

If you notice white spots, also known as eukonychia, on your nails, they unlikely to have been caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency. In a few cases, white spots on fingernails can indicate an underlying infection, but much more commonly, they are the result of injury. Similar to bruising, white spots on fingernails do not show up immediately. It may take several days or weeks before you notice the spots. Because they are generally the result of a minor injury you are likely to have forgotten all about banging your fingernail against the car door.

Some of the common myths associated with spots on fingernails claim they are the result of a calcium deficiency or eating too much mayonnaise. While these white spots may be the result of a zinc deficency, it is likely that other signs of zinc deficiency, such as hair loss or a slow immune system, would be present as well. Occasionally, a few white spots on fingernails may indicate an allergic reaction to a product used on the nail, such as nail polish, hardener used on the nail, such as nail polish, hardener or polish remover.

you crushed it sometime in the past. nothin bad.

It's a myth that the white spots on your fingers mean you have a certain amount of calcium in your body. They are caused from getting hit on the finger or some type of injury that is like a bruise under the surface.

I get those all the time, It happens when something hits your nail really hard, so its like a fingernail bruise.

I believe its a bruise to the nail

ѕwεετ ηστнιηgѕ
Uh, ignore the kid who said it's glue.

When you put an amount of pressure on your finger (i.e. hitting your hand against a piece of furniture), similar to a bruise. It takes a long time for them to show up, so once you see them you probably don't remember hurting yourself.
They grow out with your fingernail, but sometimes they fade even before then (fingernails grow about a half inch a month).
It's definitely normal and lots of people get them.

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