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 How do you get rid of mosquito bites?
I went camping recently and happened to get my legs completely covered in mosquito bites. They swelled up and turned into big red bumps all over. Being summer time, i'd like to be able to wear ...

 Do strawberries make freckles go away.?
I heard they did bt* i dnt know so please try it out and tell me if it works. i think yu have to leave them on for 15 minutes thou....

 whats good for really rough hands.?
My hands are usually rough cracked and they bleed. How do I get that to stop. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Additional Details
i also have add (NOT ADHD!!!) and i take medication ...

 why does my skin turn red when I run?

Additional Details
I notice it on my legs, specifically at the ankles and above my knees....

 What's the fastest way to get rid of a cold sore?
I have one in the center of my lips that is full blown. (WAY past the tingling stage) No needles please!...

 I popped a zit right now?
ok i was annoyed by my zit under my bottom lip. so i popped it with cotton swabs. then i watched my face with hot/warm water then gently wiped my face and applied the oxy alcohol pads. but was this a ...

 i shaved my back .. 2 days later i got these itchy small red bumps?
this is the first time (and last!!) that i shave my back .. 2 days later i got small red bumps and they itch! (not much tho) some of them have white puss ... and they are spread like a rash ..

 How can you get rid of warts?
If I have a couple of warts on my knee then does anyone a way to get rid of them?...

 there is dots on my nose?
there are skin colour dots all over my nose. im sure it isn't pimples because its been there quite a long time. almost 3 years at least. they aren't quite visable but when you go close up ...

 How to get whiter skin?

Yeah, so I'm wondering something. How could I get whiter skin? Please don't tell me to ask Michael Jackson; I don't have his number.
Additional Details

 How many of you have a writing callus or bump of some sort?
I'm just curious, I have had a bump for like 8 years on my right ring finger from writing....

 Why don't asians have acne?

Additional Details
It's just everytime I see someone who is Asian, their skin seems to be pretty clear....
And they even get spicy food and still get no pimples T_T...

 how do you lose black heads on your nose?
what do i do i have black heads on my nose......

 Why don't animals get acne?
Seriously i want to know >_>...

 my lips have been dry for the past two days. what can i do stop it?

 How can I get rid of my acne, I don't have THAT much but it's noticeable and I don't like it?
I am 14 and have acne on my forehead, the side of my forehead, on my nose, chin, and on my cheeks. So pretty much everywhere. I even have found a little around my collar bone. It's not an ...

 i've been getting really bad rashes under my arms....?
my arm pit to be exact... it started with a deodorant that i use all the time.. but i switched any way and its still happening.. some times they will be huge pimples almost like a boil.. i sweat a ...

 how can u get rid of sunburn?

 What's wrong with my face?
So, I noticed something earlier. I keep griping because my face is broke out, I've tried everything, blah blah blah but I just realised. My face isn't broke out with pimples. I mean, they�...

I know many people ask this question but I need some answers. And if you dont know of any none prescriction products, do you think I should just go see a derm.??? Thanks!...

what did you use to clear you your acne?
ive tryed everything and im soo tired of this. i have gone on accutane and everything. it helped but then it came right back again and its worse. i dont want to have to go on it again. any suggestions on what i should use or do? what did you or someone you know do to clear your acne?

i would suggest to you go to dermatologist if you have a money because we all know dat check up for dat are paid not including the suggest medication for your acne treatment..
stop using face wash or anything dat we affect your face worst.
avoid some oil foods and fatty , or malalansa pagkain get my point.
for me too i have using a lot of astrigent for acne too much expensive i say form my highschool life up to college. but not effective.
but i try to avoid some thing like stress, eat a balance diet, exercise and think positive.
it will help to you.now my face is better now than before.maybe you not see me but trust me in my answer.

clyresil (SP)

well pimples comes with growing up!
i tried i think all of those cleaning things.. but just the easy and safe way is just wash your face often and take a good nights rest.. don't stay up too late.

marcus p
I am using the IQ derma acne clear remedy system I have suffered form acne all my life and so far this stuff is working.I even have it on a free trial so effectively it is free to try but I am definately gonna carry on with the course.

Hope that helps

Just read the reviews then click on where it says CLICK HERE FOR FREE TRIAL for more info



did u know pimples start to develop but u dont actually see thme until 1 month later. maybe its something in ur diet ?
i used garnier pure stylo sos pen you get them for bout $15 it works well. buht if u have major acne problems i suggest going to ur local doctor. cas half the products on the market make the acne worse. goodluk !
if u want something major or u have permanent scars from the scabs maybe look into to laser treatments and stuff like tht ?

Stephanie J.
clean, & clear fomin facial wash.

amazin stuff!

Katheryn V
the 3 day apple fast!...google it!

I was on Accutane for two years, it completly cleared up my face for like three years. Its actually normal for it to come back and be worse, I remember my dermatologist telling me this. Just keep using it because its the most powerful acne treatment and usually the last treatment tried because of how powerful it is.

18 years + 10 years = clear skin

I use Clean and Clear Advantage acne clearing astringent. I used to have breakouts on the sides of my face and my skin was oily and the color was splotchy and uneven. I had tried Clinique and proactiv and lots of the more expensive skin care kits, but nothing has worked as well as this. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and my skin has completely cleared up and my skin tone is even and bright.

Best of luck! :o)

u ask, i answer

That one Guy
aside from acne clearing products there's something else too.

quit drinking soda. no joke.

my Uncle used to have bad acne and quit drinking soda and it went away after a while.
he told me about that, and i had it really bad on my forehead, so i quit soda and started drinking water. i still have some, but nowhere near the amount i used to have.

drink alot of water

Anna K
nah none of those answers are good..
try witch hazel


use proactive. or mavy you can get some kind of lazer surgery?

try this site about acne with reviews about products that you can use http://acnedestroyer.blogspot.com/

I used Clinque's Acne 3 step system somewhat faithfully-and drank as much water as I could stand. It has worked for me-really cleared my skin up which was messed up due to pregnacies jacking my hormones up.

Try Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment.

Surprisingly, the best acne stuff I have ever used it store-brand from CVS. It is this green liquid stuff, buy the cotton pad things, use it morning and night and it clears your acne, seriously.

I feel better
My G-son is on Acutane. My Doctor said it is the best. But you also have to use the skin moisture iser with it. It will dry you skin if you don't.
He has it badley but it is getting better. It takes time. Patience.
You will be just fine. It's what IN YOU not what's on you.

I use Dove soap and scrub my face twice daily... with warm water (NOT HOT). Also, I use Proactive twice a day. :) It really works... at first it makes your skin dry and peely, but after that skin peels away, you can really see a difference!!! :)

Good luck!

Proactive has worked the best for me out of anything. It was well worth the investment for me and a little goes a long way.

Tifa L
I use neutrogena. It works well for me. Hope that your acne clears up! :)

Fable Player
age, I hit 19 and it was gone.

If you go to a dermatologist, I promise you they will help you.

Everyone's skin is different. So, somethings that work for one, might not work for another. I've a had a small case of acne since I was 19. I went to a dermo and almost got turned away because it wasn't bad enough but since it left scars she took me. She really helped and answerd every question I had for her. However, she was expensive. I took the advice of her and some others and took up my regimate as well. Don't go to harsh on Salyic acid, it can really irratate your skin. I use all Neutragena products, unless it's bior strips. Do not mix products as this will also irritate your skin and make the acne worse. Moisturize but don't over moisturize. It's a commen mistake. Dry skin can also cause acne, just as much oily. Wash your face at leat 2 times a day. Do you wear makeup? Try not to. I know it's hard esp when you have acne and you want to hide it. What I do is, is use concelar, powder and mascarra only. No foundation. Occasionaly I'll wear foundation for something special, but I find it less and less necessary the better my skin gets. You wouldn't believe how much better your skin will feel and the appearance of your skin will eventually look much better. Wearing makeup is really bad for your skin, not just acne but complexion too. Wear sunscreen, and try not to tan too much. The sun is actually irritating to acne, it does not dry it up as most people seem to think. Be patient, I promise these things work for most. Also keep your hair out of you face as much as possible, esp while sleeping. Oh and always be sure to ash your face before going to bed. I wash my face gently with a wash rag only, no hands, and I put moisterizer on with those little square cotton swaps. Try not to touch your face as much as possible : ) Use only cold or lukewarm water, never hot. Oh and don't listen to Mary Kay :D Also, drinking water and eating greens is surprisingly amazing for your complexion and a healthy complexion usually mean healthy skin! Good luck to you : )

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