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 how do you get stretch marks?
im jw i just discovered i had stretch marks...how did i get them?

im 15 and 150 5'' 7'
Additional Details
do a lot of people have stretch marks?...

 why are my hands cold and purple?!?
Why are my hands always cold? my girlfriends hands (and pretty much everyone else's) are always warm it seems like. My hands are also always red or purple; they are never white and warm like ...

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 I have had Acne since I was a teenager now I am 26. I am desperate?
Well i have tryed everything from creams, proactive, demitologist, home remedies? I am really tired of having ugly skin. i have scars and black heads white heads acne. They wont go away. there was a ...

 my face looks disguisting?
i have a pet cat who has fleas.
so i imagined that my WHOLE face is covered with flea bites!!
can you help me with it?
and how long do you think it will go away?
what products ...

 I spilled bleach on myself?
I just spilled bleach on myself I emmidetliy put my hand under cold water will I be ok please help I am totally freaking ...

 Wart, on left hand first finger. How to get rid of it?!?
It's one wart, I'm 20 and it came about maybe a year ago. I keep cutting it down with toe nail clippers, some times I get it farther down than normal. But it keeps growing back. What should ...

 Do I have a cold sore?
My roommate has cold sores and I shared some food with her the other day. I'm pretty sure that she didn't have on at the time; at least there weren't any open ones on her face.

 Acne ........................?
I have acne on my forehead, what can I use to get rid of it?...

 if i was taking about a gash, what would you think i was talking about?

 whats the best way to get rid of a hickey?

 sun burn...any ideas?
i went to my granmas yesterday ..i didnt think that she wanted me to help in the garden, but she did and i didnt have any sunscrean so i stayed out of the sun as much as i could but i still got ...

 Does Aloe Vera help take away Acne?

 Am I alergic to this deodorant?
I have this huge cut under neath my armpit and it kills to put deodorant on and it kills to like raise my hand. I think it started happining after i started using High Endurance Smooth Blast deod. ...

 what should I use to get rid of my acne, I've tried basically everything.?

 how do you get a hickey off?
ok so my bf game me a hickey and a tonn of my family is coming in town for xmas and i have a hickey

 im 16 and need help?
im 15 years old and only weigh 100lbs. i need serious help to put on weight. im gonna be starting college in 2 months and want two use the time wisely to put weight on.plzzzzzzzzzzzz help ...

 what to do about a mole?
is there any way to get rid of a mole at home?...

 Is it ok to have a fore skin?

 what are moquito's attracted to? please answer.?
I have these really bad mosquito bites on my legs, and they have really swollen up.

I had lots last year in the summer too.

Just what are they attracted to and how can I prevent ...

uhhh i need help someone please awnser?
ok in my forehead i have 2 bumps next to each other. They dont hurt, they wont move, their rock hard, and they wont pop. kinda scars me does anyone know what they are
Additional Details
One has been their for a year

Bobby J
Maybe a pimple under you skin?
Ask you doctor.

go to the dr. and it may be ???????????????????

spider bite?

Did you forget to take your glasses off???
Or are you by chance part rhinocerous reaching puberty?
Alternativeley do you have a kid brother with a habbit of glueing random paraphanailia to your forhead when you sleep, that happened to me twice?

Julie M
you might have to have them taken out, it sounds very very bad, go and get a check up ok,

uhmmmm no idea
go see a doctor about that
it sounds serious.

You are my sunshine(:
go to a doctor or talk to a schoo lnurse. may be serious if they are rock hard. good luck(:

No idea, but if they don't go away and they're annoying, go see a doctor about it.

Lover Of Edward
probably oncoming pimples


most likely pimples forming under the skin.
or black heads.
or scar tissue.
ask a dermatologist.
there are many possibilities.
and really none of them are that bad.

Ra Ra
Try using acne cream or something and if they change color,get bigger, or start to hurt tell as many adults that you think might help before going to the doctor because doctors are very expensive( it was going to be $60 just for them to LOOK at the bumps i have!)
We got a sample of the medicine i needed and that helped a lot.

just a big pimple maybe. if it grows more and starts feeling painful see a doctor. but just wash your face and put some ointment. you should see it shrink within a few days or a week

Johnny D


Rony Nguyá»…n
I don't know what they are but you should go to the doctor to check it out. Good luck with the outcome.

WoW nerd
can u only feel them? are they visible. could just be bones growin in

Big Mac
If your 11-20 those bumps are probably acne

They are prominent bones,more than likely normal.

I get those sometimes too, there pimples that form under the skin and will eventually go away.

It helps, when you go to bed to put a warm wet cloth on them.

Dont worry okay?! Also dont try too hard to pop them if they wont pop they wont pop.

How long have you had them?

see a doctor asap

if its been there for a year, its most likely a cyst.
its not dangerous, but you might want to see a doctor about getting them removed, which by the way isnt very painful at all, youd probably be given a local anesthetic or something.

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