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ugh, i'm so sick of acne medicines CLAIMING to work. ):?
agh. So, I've had acne for 3 or so years (give or take).
It's so gay. Man, I've tried almost anything you can think of, except accutaine.
I'm not allowed/willing to do accutaine.
So, I started using this new stuff that the spa I go to reccomended me and I thought it was working, but I guess not.
It had gotten better and better and then it just stopped. ):
I know it's stupid, but I cry like every night. I need something that WORKS.

What should i do?
(i've been using the stuff for around 3 or 4 months. it should be working by now)
Additional Details
I've used Proactiv,
and anything neutrogena has.

britt :)
use neutrogena advanced solutions
its the only thing that i find "works"

i have an awsome home remedie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all you need is white paste(toothpaste) all you do is put in on your face for 20 min. then take it off w/ warm water. it works in like 2 days!!!

Kristen K
idk if you have ever tried murad but my brother uses it and he has acne and its helped him.

Andy C
Ok hears the thing, alot of people get it you are not alone!!

Calm down, acne is usaly down to stress, also you must look at your diet (eat healthy and exercise)!

Also don't wash your face every day... you must wash your face every other day to keep all the essential oils in your skin.

Bare in mind you need to use a product made for the skin on your face when washing, I use Clearisel facal scrub and then use nivia mostiouriser after... remember different treatments work for different people.

You should use a mostiouriser after washing your skin. the sun is also a good way to dry out spots, but make sure you use sun lotion.

Hope these tips help


Sandi C
i use a product called "acne free".....buy it at walmart or walgreens. Its a three step system...come with wash....toner and lotion use all three twice a day. it works for me and has for a few years

go see a dermatologist.
they'll give you some options

Sally S
Castor Oil. I know it sounds like exactly opposite of what you need, but it realy works.

Get a washcloth wet with really hot water (don't burn your face though). Gently (don't scrub) your face with it. Then you put castor oil onto your skin (about the size of a silver dollar). Massage it into your skin and allow it to sit for about 5-7 minutes. Then you will use hot water to wipe away the oil.

Then, wet the washcloth again with hot water and GENTLY wipe away the castor oil. Again, don't scrub, this will only irritate your skin and possibly lead to more breakouts. Once you finish wiping it away, use a pea size amount of oil as moisturizer.

Do this two times a day and you will notice a clear up within two weeks.

If you don't have castor oil and can't buy it, olive oil will work as well.

Darren D
why dont u try that stuff that all the celebrities say works? i forget the name right now but theyve had P Diddy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jessica Simpsom in their comercials.

i had the same problem. go to ur primary care physician and adress the problem. he will give you a prescription for a medicine that needs to be used in very light quantities. It does dry out ur skin but it gets rid of the acne

Also, if u don't want to do all that go outside on a sunny day and get some sun. this willl help : )

I had bad skin for awhile, so maybe I can help!

All I did was use Clean and Clear Exfoliating wash twice and day then apply a Clean and Clear Acne Fighting moisturizer afterwards.

If you use coverup and whatnot, try a mineral base like Maybeline's Mineral Power line.

If this fails, consider Proactive!

You can't half @ss it either.

Through out high school i had acne, or at least thats what i think it was. The best cure for acne is age, as you get older your skin will hopefully clear up. Stress causes acne also. Try and not think about it, don't worry about it for awhile and see if that helps and drink lots of water, it helps keep the body clean. Hope that helps

I can identify with you. I usually have a couple of pimples everyday that "pop-up," and it can get annoying and hurt your self-esteem for the day or week.

I've gone as far as to use a Pro-Active knock-off called AcneFree, which they were selling at Costco for a short period of time, but have never really tried Pro-Active itself because it can be expensive.

A few things that I notice about pimples is that it can depend on your stress levels, as well as if you eat a lot of oily foods. Oil in is oil out. Also, sometimes getting some sun really helps reduce pimples redness and dries them out a bit. But just washing your face with a good oil-free facial wash is good, I have been using Aveeno Clear Complexion: Foaming Cleanser, which my girlfriend recommended to me about 4 months ago. It has worked pretty well and I wash my face at morning and at night.

You have to tell yourself that it is not an overnight thing and that it can take a few weeks to completely clear your complexion. Even then, especially for guys, it is impossible not to get a pimple here and there because of our higher testosterone levels.

Hope this helps man, I understand what you're going through and also tell yourself that you're not alone in the problem. People who judge you based on your outward appearance aren't worth your time in the first place.

Ryan M
my friend had THE ABSOLUTE WORST acne a person could have, but he went to the doctors and then a dermatologist and they prescribed him something, and it took almost all of the acne away in a pretty short time

Live Juicy<3
if you have bangs or side bangs keep them away from your face.if you go to a dermatologest ask them for a prescription.i use zaclir face wash at morning and night,inova easy pads morni ng and night and zeona gel at night.it has been working and ive only been using it for a day.u need a prescription for it though u cant by it over the counters

I had acne too so I used this medicine for just a week and it cleared mostly all of it. It is called minocycline. Most doctors prescribe it when you get poisin ivy on your face but it works well for acne.

If you have tried everything, you have probably tried proavctive- I used it in high school (though my acne wasn't THAT bad) and I cleared up right away
My brothers was worse and my mom took him to a dermitologist, and they gave him some other form of medication, not accutaine (becuase my mom knows the side affects are so bad) and it worked within like 3 days.

So try proactive solution if you havn't yet, and maybe see a doctor about another pill treatment.

A dermatologist can give you a really good recommendation for acne medicines.

You've probably tried this but..
I use the pro active line, it seems to work for me. Especially the refining mask
Or, I use Spectro Gel Cleanser and follow with Oxy pads.

Both of those work for me, but I dont know how else to help, sorry :(

Your dad thinks I'm hot
Have you tried Proactiv yet?

I did accutane and it helped me and I am glad to hear you are cautious about it.

A Dematoloogist specialize in the skin and I go with them as opposed to the local spa, or TV add or?

Your best approach, Manage your health. Go online, google, Call Dermatologist in your area, look for one that has a special focus on your needs and work with that person to have the healthiest skin you can.

Best wishes.

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