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 What's the best way to treat canker sores?

 A dry, hard spot/lump on my upper thigh? Is it anything serious?
It's about 1cm in diameter, and is 2 inches from the top of my leg. It started off as a normal spot, just red, but has grown and is itchy. If I pick it by accident, then it hurts for a long ...

 Do I spend to much time in the sun?
I go to my local boat club everyday, I live in nova scotia canada and I'm scared that I spend to much time in the sun, but honestly we only have like 2 nice days a week here but when there is I ...

 I have big (open) pores on my face. I know u cant shrink them but is there a makeup to make em LOOK smaller?
I know there's nothing that will actually make them smaller, but I was just wondering if u guys know any kind of makeup that will at least make them appear smaller. thanks....

 How can I get rid of my acne?
Hello friends
I have light acne. i just have pimples that are on my cheeks, and they blend in with my skin. I don't know what type exactly, of acne I have, but can you recommend a good ...

 My friend noticed that I have some excema on my right hand. He said that I should try peeing on my hand. Does?
this work? I know on the discovery channel you should from a jelly fish sting but what about this? Or is my friend being weird....

 can someone give me a good hand cream?I'll give u 10 points?
my hands are always dry.i need it to soft....

 I have LOTS of little red dry patches on my skin... I'm using the "fungus cream" but its still spreading!
It started with a fairly large dry red patch on my lower back, then on my arm, then on the skin opposite the arm (Which suggests it spread onto it from the contact) then I got about 10 more all over ...

 hi, i have really sweaty hands and i dont know how to prevent my hands from sweating. any advice?

 Does shaving cream cause acne?

 Can you get cancer from putting lotion in between your toes?
My friend told me that about a year ago...just wondering....

 It feels like bugs are crawling and biting my skin?
Hey people

I'm 13 and I've been feeling like bugs are crawling on me and they aren't. I've been getting rashes and bumps in some places of my body.

This ...

 what does it mean when you have an itchy anus?

 cuts on corner of lips??
i have cuts or sores on each side of my mouth right in the corners of my lips. its like a cut from dry lips but it seems like the wont heal. i have been using chap stick cause my lips are dry. i ...

 Is waxing your legs or under arms painful?
What are the pros and cons of waxing?...

 SUNBURN!? Problem!?
I am always outside playing tennis and I am fair skinned. I have a really weird tan line from my tennis outfit and sun burn on my shoulders. It doesn't hurt to bad, but what would make it less ...

 mosquito bites on my face HELP?
i have to mosquito bites on my cheek and i have school photos in two days how should i get ride of them please help me i really need to get rid of them!!!!...

 after applying nail polish remover do u wash it off cuz i didnt was that harmful?

 Can smoking cause dry lips?
I'm 35 and have smoked a pack per day for 15 years. I have to apply lots of lipstick to mask it....

 What do iI use for my acne !!I've tryed every thing!?
I've tryed everyhing!!ineed some help from someone who is n the same situation as me.where your face isn't that bad but it still has acne and you what a clear complextion..plz help me

to young for a bellybutton ring?
i'm 14 and want a bellybutton ring. my mom thinks it will look really cute but, my dad doesn't want me to get one. I'm a really skinny person and all my friends also think it would be cute. should my dad change his mind about letting me get one? do you think i'm too young?

momma of jude
no i got mine at 12 now im 15

Nicole Sdkhfks
Dads are stupid sometimes your not to young i know people who have had it done when thier 11

Grace T
No you arent too young, i got mine done when i was 14. No dad would want their daughter to get their belly button pierced lol. Do what you want, it will look great! x

I know that the majority of the girls at my middle school got their belly buttons pierced for their 14th birthday...
And also, unlike a tattoo, a piercing can be removed. I think that as long as youshow that you are responsible, (etc.), then you should be allowed to have one. However, your parents could always make you remove it if they deem it nessicary.

Kaitlan H
I got mine done when I was 13 years old, and it should be fine, your daddy just wants to keep thinking of you as his baby and so he will prob never be happy with anything you do lol

1 you are not to young
2 why would you want a small hole in your stomach
3 who is going to see it? your 14 i don't think there will be many oppertunities to "show it off"
4 unless you are nudist i don't think anyone but your friends will see it
if you are then whatever good for you i guess
if you are not then that was the stupidest comment ever

i was 18 before i got mine done.... i would say 16 is about the age... 14 is still too young

Sandy Sandals
14 is too young. You can wait til you're 18.

Blue Haired Old Lady
14 is too young.

how about waiting until you can get it without having to get your parents' permission

Life is not a race...you'll have plenty time down the road to be insubordinate

I Am Me
Wait atleast till your 15/16

I think your dad is right

yeah. i think that getting one at 14 is WAY to young.

Bare B
Yes, you are too young. Wait til your 18, in your own house, and making your own decisions. Until you do that, your parents call the shots because they have lot's more life experience than you do.

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