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this is kinda gross, but can you help?
okay.i'll give you all the information possible:
i have been really sick with a sore throat and head cold for the past three days. its finally passing. the palms of my hands have been itching a lot. but i figured it was just from the cool weather change. my hands have been very dry lately.
i was just finishing makeup homework two seconds ago when i noticed my hands are PEELING.
this has never happened before. i have very nice skin (im a very fortunate teenager)
so, i examine my hands, and then think to look at the bottom of my feet. another shock: they're peeling too!!
so, the first thing i think is athletes foot, and i googled it.
my condition is no where near as severe looking...and i don't have it anywhere between my toes or anything.
so, its mild, but i've never had it before.
is it from the head cold? is it seperate? WHAT is it? should i see a doctor? if not, how do i get rid of this? can it spread? should i even worry?

Additional Details
its reallllyy mild. barely peeling, but still. its not even noticable until you look closely. thats why i haven't noticed :)


Get to a doctor i have no idea maybe your shoes are too small lol sorry i dont no. Just go to a doctor


This is a Q&A forum for dermatology.

Its probally just dead skin. i wouldnt worry. Show your mom and see what she thinks.

The real slim shady
u shod go c a doctr. if i wer u id b buggn out! if tha dr dont help u wif nuthn go 2 a dematologist. idk wut u hav but it sounds bad. not 2 scare u or ne thg. hope ths helpd.
- a teen tht sorta knows.. (i gess)

see a doctor who can diagnose the problem and give you treatment- this will probably be a cream.

Spike ( The soothsayer)
Don't worry.peeling is common after a fever.

it might just be dead skin. go to a dermatologist.


Holly Brook
Don't worry, your dead skin is just comming off. It usaully happens if you over shower or under shower. Dont worry, it'll pass, put on some lotion like olay.

hope i helped :)

See a doctor. Until you see one a suggestion is: It could be a reaction to meds, laundry soap, material in cloth you contact, etc. Wash carefully with warm water, use a lotion. Drink lot of clean water. When at school etc. wash ofter with warm not hot water. Avoid touching things that are dirty when you can. Don't panic or worry, relax things go away. See your family Doc or a Dermatologist to I D what it is or what caused it. Good luck. Just stay calm about it.

bob t
Sounds like Athlete's foot fungus. Watch out for dirty rugs, pets, shoes, feet, etc. Keep it clean.

doesnt sound too serious, i think peeling of th hands is to do with your liver, a deffeciency or sumthing

its just dead skin.
if your body changes layers of skin every 1 1/2 weeks.
hence why markers or pens never stay on.
gross huh?
my fingers and especially toes peel all the time. just pull off what you can and put some lotion on it. its not gross or nasty.
its probably from working till your hands were raw, or running a bit too much. or from wearing a rough pair of socks.
don't worry, it'll clear up in a week.
think about it this way:
there are over 60 billion dead skin cells in your bed.
(if you wash your sheets at least twice a week.)

It could be that they are very dry and are peeling as a result. Try using some moisturizing cream like Curel Intense Moisture. The pictures you saw must have been very severe cases, because you can have mild Athletes Foot and peel without the bleeding. It doesnt sound like a serious condition to me, but if it starts to spread and worsen then maybe you should see a doctor.


This won't be much help, but my cousin had the same thing happen to her feet and maybe 3 or 4 months later it went away. So if this is the same thing, it's not life-threatening or anything, it's just annoying.

Well first you should tell your parents. Then if you still cant figure it out go to the doctors and they should have your answer. It could be like dry skin or something. It should be all that bad if you just got it

have you been in the woods at all.. poison oak or ivy... have you moisturized lately? have you asked your parents? I wouldn't run to the doctor right away ti dosnt' sound that bad adn it's nowhere near as gross as I thought your topic would be when I opened it. try using some heavy moisturizer and use a pummel stone to help peal as soon as you can... usually when the weather changes liek this skin and bodies change.. my nose cracks and the heals of my feet get all scaley...

Sounds like eczema it can worsen make your hands dry out and crack. I would keep an eye on it if it gets worse maybe talk to another family member like a aunt or grandmother.

Bob Bobble
you should go to the doctor it sounds like you have flesh eating bacteria, it can be fatal if not treated

Sarah Townen
i think you should see a doctor for sure
this doesn't sound good

i don't want to scare you, but at the same time i don't want you to take it lightly

if it was just on your feet or hands that's one thing
but to have it on both?

something your doc may ask you (so be prepared and think about this now)

* have you eaten any new foods?
* when was the onset of this (when did it start)
* any new products like detergent or creams?

good luck

Relax! I used to get that so bad my hands would BLEED because of the cold weather! Try using lotion, or gloves.
PS- my feet never got that though, I guess because I always wore shoes LOL

hmm this happens to me when i go to ny for the holidays then return to florida... it's probably just from the dry weather, i also have very nice soft skin and it's annoying when my hands peel... it starts with my fingers usually, the pads of my fingers and spreads throughout my hand... if it keeps itching and doesn't subside in a couple of days i'd suggest going to a doctor... don't google it, skin problems through google and webmd will make you think your condition is much worse than it probably is!

good luck :o)

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