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Am I there yet?
no silly answers please, but Why do I have Itchy Palms?
I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but my palms are generally very itchy. I notice it most when I'm typing on my keyboard at work, and when I'm driving. It's possible my mind is just otherwise occupied other times and I dont' notice it, but it's REALLY annoying. It's not 'tickly', it's itchy. My skin is not dry, I have no allergies - skin or otherwise.
Please no stupid responses....I'm asking a legitimate question and would really like legitimate responses...whether factual or theoretical. THANK YOU :)
Additional Details
fyi - I'm 30...so I don't think I'm growing ;) It's just the skin, my bones are fine.
re: the money thing...ironically, I was just promoted 3 days ago and got a sizeable raise! Still itchy tho :(

you could be allergic to the hand soap you're using or lotion.

***____ //_ \\_____***
i had the same problem for such a long time n met a doctor she said u have to wash ur hand with cold water and apply too much cream on ur hand ...if u have itchy palms just becoz ur skin is so dry

hotrod luvin princess
I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to as a stupid answer but I hear it's cause you're gonna get money....? You just have to go for it.

sexy lady
your about to get a lot of money.

well may be u use ur hand a lot, or u don't relax them ...

try relaxing them when u go to sleep, by keeping them in mild hot water for some time ....

i hope it works

the old wives tell says that your about to come into money

It's a circulatory disorder.

I have allergies. Sometimes when I'm just thumbing through a book that happens to me and they turn fire engine red. When I'm at my keyboard at work too. I think it's the dust.. So I have to blow out my keys every morning. Maybe you just have really sensitive skin like I do. Any kind of dust particles, some kinds of leather... print in books especially if there's color pictures in it. Try washing your hands more often and keep your keyboard really clean. If you have a leather cover on your steering wheel.. try to get one that's hypo allergenic. Hope that helps.

it could just be the friction between your hands and your computer/your steering wheel/ etc. ... are you using any lotions or cream or anything?? that could be it -- good luck

As the old wives tale goes....you have $ coming to ya. I am serious this is what I have always been told and it's usually true for me!

Well you've ruled out all the posssible reasons that I can think of.

♥ ms. @ ♥
You may have athletes foot on your palms, try those sprays for anti-fungus.

Well, as the old wives tale goes....when your palms itch you are going to get some money.

It may just be that when you are typing and driving, you palms are sweating a little and that is what is making them itch. If it is that annoying, I would suggest you check with your healthcare professional.

old Myth tale of itchy palms -
You will gain lots of money in the near future

wow, what a coincidence, my butt itches too.

Hello, you are probably having a allergic reaction to something you are eating ,or something you are wearing. Take notice to what you eat and wear, in reference to the times your hands itch, keep a record, see if there is a pattern. If you can,t pin it down go see your doctor. God bless.

A few things. Allergy to something you touch or nerves caused by repetitive motion. Think about it.

my grandma (god rest her soul) used to say it means you're coming into money..but if it's constantly itching and it has been going on for awhile..i would go to a dermatologist..

Put your hands under a black light, the glow will be hard to notice, but if there is any glow at all then you have a fungus on your hands.

[email protected]
perhaps, the speed at which you type or the vibration of the car or perhaps your palms get sweaty and you don't notice

Trying to find the source of itchy palms can be a real mystery! Unfortunately, there are a range of possible conditions that people have said produce itchy (and/or red) palms, ranging from liver disease to pregnancy to diabetes. It has also been linked to high estrogen levels.

Fortunately, you sound pretty healthy and it may be none of those. It could be stress. It could be nerves or an underlying skin condition or allergy to something you eat.

But if this is a persistent and chronic condition, I urge you to seek medical attention just to rule out anything serious. See the link below for additional detailed information on conditions that could cause itchy palms.

Meanwhile, congratulations on your promotion!

Hope this helps,

do u take medicines, some times medicines can do that cuz tha happened to my uncle...? hope it helps

Maybe your hands are dry. Ask your doctor.

Typically, such feelings are indicative of exposure to sulfa drugs, or solvents. Are the soles of your feet itchy too? Are there any workers stripping paint in the building?

it happens to me too and the first thing they they say is you're getting alot of money. but never do. i think is just you're hands get dry or something like that.

Repetative use of your hands can cause itching when you are older because your circulation is not as good as it used to be. I'm at the computer a lot and not only do my palms itch but the back side of my fingers as well. Sometimes it absolutely drives me nuts.

hmm..well it could be hormonal changes, or maybe some sort of athletes palm. if it persists, and lotion dosnt help, then see a doctor. maybe you have like a palm fungus.

your growing

well this happens becoz your palms get sweaty, if you have tissues around like kleenex or face wipes, wipe your palms with these. also drink lots of water. that helps as it restores your body water levels and keeps you cool.

Tact is highly overrated
Okay, well, both times that you notice the itchy sensation you are restricting on the carpal tunnel. Maybe this is a predecessor to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a painful condition of the wrists. Make sure that you support your wrists when typing.
Otherwise, are you sure you are not allergic to any cleansing agents used on keyboards and steering wheels?

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