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Jenna C
microdermabrasion at home kits?
are the results noticeable? my skin has been damaged by the sun, also i have chicken pox marks... will it help?

The one by Susan Lucci is great. Try it.

The clinique kind is pretty good.

Joanna S.
Yes, microderma will help with sun spots and chicken pox marks, but professional is more effective than at home kits.
if you dont have the money for the in office procedure, then you must choose an at home kit that works on your skin... bets kits come from Neutrogena, Susan Lucci, dermanew and L'oreal, but there are hundreds of others that might work on you. my advice is to try and obtain some free samples online or from gift bags and try them on your face and than decide what to buy, because many kits may work on others but to you may cause irritations and breakouts.
hope this helps.

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